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Tunes 4 the Troops need your help

Cleveland High School student Kaylee Radzyminski,
holds fundraiser to help with shipping costs.

By Alexandra Edwards

Cleveland, Tennessee. --Kaylee Marie Radzyminski, well known in Cleveland,

Tennessee as the teenager that created Tunes 4 the Troops, recently held a fund raiser to help with the cost of shipping unwanted CD's and DVD's to US troops abroad. Kaylee, 15  decided in the summer of 2005 that she wanted to do something to help the troops. She learned in the United States Navel Sea Cadet Corp. where she mixed with military personnel who had just returned from overseas,  that although U.S troops such as those stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan had access to computers, they were craving American entertainment. Having had a few CD's of her own that she no longer listened to, she decided she would mail them to the troops. Then the idea came to her that other people may also have CD's they no





longer listen to, as well as DVD's or books on CD. Word soon went through her school and throughout the community that it was not long before discs were coming in by the dozen. Local politicians and businessmen heard about the the good cause and offered their support and soon drop-off locations around Cleveland were announced in the local media.

As of February 2007, Kaylee has sent through her Tunes 4 The Troops program over 15,000 CD's and DVD's to our Troops serving primarily in combat zones. The value of the sent items total over $225,000.

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The response was overwhelming with citizens bringing both new and used audio and video CD's to the drop off stations.

Kaylee, a straight "A" student of Cleveland High School has received much publicity for her generous gesture which has been so greatly appreciated by our troops. Tunes for the Troops is now a nationwide effort and has its own website
.  Citizens are sending discs to Tunes 4 the Troops from all over the nation.

In January Kaylee attended the National Cheer Star Competition held in Biltmore N.C. where she was invited to collect discs for Tunes 4 the Troops. "Over 2,500 CD's and DVD's were collected," Kaylee said, "N.C.S. made the collection drive a contest between all the cheer teams attending. And let me tell you the teams really came through. Carolina Galaxy won the contest drive with their cheerleaders and dance squads bringing 1026 CD's and DVDs.  Elite All Stars were runners up. Both teams are joining the Tunes 4 the Troops family and collecting for our Troops under the Tunes 4 the Troops name." Tunes 4 the Troops will be at the next National Stars Competition in Augusta Georgia on March 10th, where Kaylee is hoping to collect 5000 discs for the brave men and women of our military.

As the support of Tunes 4 the Troops grows around the nation, more and more

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groups are sending their CD's and DVD's to Cleveland to be sent to the troops overseas. Kaylee, realizing that shipping costs are having to be paid  twice, decided to set up satellite locations  across the country under the name of  Tunes 4 the Troops in order to eliminate double shipping costs. So far  24 locations have been set up and by June 1st, 2007  Kaylee hopes to have sent out 50,000 CD's.

Kaylee's mother, Stephanie Radzyminski said the reason for the fund-raiser event which was held at the Outback Steak House in Cleveland on Feb 24th, was to raise money to cover the cost of shipping the CD's and DVD's to our troops.

Tickets for the fundraiser were $20.00. Proprietor of the Cleveland Outback restaurant, Mike Gray, a former Marine, donated the meals and his staff to help Kaylee and our troops. Radzyminski said  that a total of  225 tickets were sold and many diners unaware of the fund-raiser, also wished to contribute after witnessing such a worthy cause. Over  $5,000 was raised with all proceeds going to Tune 4 The Troops. The event also featured an auction which included 2 tickets to the March 25th NASCAR race in Bristol, and there was an American flag, that Congressman Zach Wamp will have flown over the Capitol for the winner, two Tennessee State flags from Rep. Eric Watson and Kevin Brooks also to be flown over the capitol for the winners. Also included in the auction was a donation of  "your own day in Cleveland and your own day in Bradley County, where Mayors Tom Rowland and Gary Davis agreed to let the winning bidder choose their own special day by proclamation with all the pomp and ceremony that goes along with it. Stephanie said in a press release,  "Kaylee is hoping to raise money to cover shipping costs, as well as the supplies needed to send the CD's. Stickers, tape, boxes, replace broken jewel cases etc."

When friends ask why she expends so much effort and what is in it for her, Kaylee said, "I look them in the eyes and with a smile explain to them that this is where my heart is. I have so much respect for the men and women who serve this great country. My goal is to attend The United States Naval Academy and serve in the Navy myself. Twenty years from now my generation will be the ones who will be calling all the shots and basically running this country. I look at this as an opportunity to better prepare myself for what is to come. No matter how young you are you can still make a difference."

Kaylee's goal for Tunes 4 The Troops is to gather half a million CD's DVD's and books on CD by Christmas of 2008 and get them to the men and women serving our country all around the world.

Kaylee said she wants to continue spreading the word for the troops and stresses that the CD's do not have to be new, they can be used, also when they download the music to their Ipods, send them to Tunes 4 the Troops.

"Remember," she says, "it's not about whether you support the war or oppose the war, but it is all about supporting the troops!" Anyone interested in more information about  Tunes 4 The Troops can visit the web site
or you can call 423-331-2307

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