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MARCH  2007

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by Toneeke Henderson

Did you notice that the holiday items  are beginning to fall around the time the holiday actually is… most of the time they are serving a turkey at Easter while the leprechauns are still dancing, what a hoot!

But really this month I am writing about Happiness. What is happiness? Let's see, it could be that income tax check that comes in at just the right time, or perhaps a better car than the one that fell apart piece by piece last year. Then again, it might be that little bit of magic you hold inside.

My friend Webster, the dictionary, says it is a noun; it stems from happy an adjective all of its own. It says it is: Enjoying contentment and well being; glad, joyous, satisfied or

pleased. So where does the suffix "ness" come in?

As it turns out it seems to be a noun that means: a state of elated bliss. In the thesaurus there are 25 words describing happiness.

I believe we can all sum it up in one if we wanted to.

What makes a person happy? A contented soul.  Oreo cookies, that faint sound of snoring that tells you, your husband is nearby? Maybe it's that new hair cut, your new born babies first cry, or that giant veggie sub with extra vinegar and oil.

Perhaps it's the fragrant smell of wild flowers, fresh cut grass, or laundry hanging on the

Toneeke Henderson


Where do we find that sense of happiness; that feeling of excitement so enchanting to ones soul.

Well dear friends we can only find it deep within our inner self. Never thought to look there? I always do.

That is where it begins. We are each born of this world with a purpose. It's in the task of living that we find it, and sadly, there are some who never do find it.

Why are there some who have lost that inner fire that brought such joy to there birth?

Fate must have stepped in some how and drained them of the very essence that gave them light.

I find that those souls who have become lost or trodden down, or perhaps even on a destructive road are there for us as part of our purpose.

You see it takes a kind and generous heart to evaluate the lost ones, analyze their needs, assess the proper course of action, giving them a ray of hope, a hand to help them find happiness or at least a direction in which

they may follow to find it.

To put it simply: if I saw a falling star and had that chance to make a wish, I'd give it to someone else so they could find their happiness and mine would follow by rejoicing at their fulfillment.

It is not what you get out of life that brings you happiness, it is the energy and unselfish acts of kindness put into life by each of us that create the nine letter word that defines the inner self.

So in the pursuit of happiness may you all fly with the bluebirds,
Or a broomstick if you desire,
Dance in a Fairy ring,
Walk with Angel's,
Talk to God,
Give Thanks,
And share,

So with that I light my candles to you.... and wish you all a Happy Forever Young.

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You can e-mail Toneeke at: