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Rules for School

by B.J. Armstrong

A bus station is where buses stop. A train station is where trains stop. At school... a desk is a work station. - Any school teacher

Yep, it's September and school is in session already. Summer vacation is over. Time to hit the books. Mom, you do want your child to get there safely, don't you? OK, lets sit Junior and Susie down and go over some rules.

Bus riders:

- Line up facing the bus.
- Don't be playing around while waiting on the bus.
- If something rolls under the bus, tell the bus driver.
- Stay in your seat after you get on the bus.
- Walk in front of the bus whenever you get off of the bus.
- It would be good for parents to take turns staying at the bus stop until the bus comes.

"I've always thought it would be a good idea if a parent could ride on the bus (in the back) to help the bus driver keep students in their seats until the bus stops."


- Always walk with a friend or friends.
- Only cross the street at a crosswalk.
- Do not be talking on the phone or listening to a radio.
- Do not get into cars with strangers.
- Don't be playing around or running... just walk.
- Know the meaning of traffic lights.

Car drivers:

If your teenager is responsible enough to drive and have a car, then he or she is old enough to be held accountable. Parents should set up rules for them to follow. Go over these dangerous driving mistakes with the teen.

B J Armstrong

- Failing to pay attention.
- Distractions.
- Failure to adjust to weather conditions.
- Speeding.
- Driving when angry or upset.
- Driving when drowsy.

After school snacks are needed after a long day of studying. Store healthy snacks like the following in a clear easy-to-see and find container:

- Pre-washed vegetables.
- Applesauce.
- Fresh fruit.
- Trail mix.
- Popcorn.
- Jello.
- Cereal

Most kids are involved in some type of sport during their school years. Make sure the team sports are safe, as well as fun, by checking your safety standards.

- Coaches are certified in first aid and CPR.
- Contact names and phone numbers for all kids.
- Background checks are done on all coaches.
- Players are fully recovered from old injuries.
- A first-aid kit and ice is on site.
- The activity level is appropriate for the growing body.

September is a Fall month and it brings on fall allergies. Cooler temperatures, mold, and wet leaves can make Autumn just as troublesome as Spring with allergies. Reduce the sneezing and increased sinus infections associated with Fall allergies with these suggestions:

- Wear a mask when you mow the lawn, rake leaves, or work outside.
- Do a "fall cleaning" just like you do a "spring cleaning."
- Clean furnace and filters before starting heating.
- Use a dehumidifier for mold.
- Shower and wash your hair before you go to bed if you have been outside for any length of time.

This article seems to have been just a list of things to do. I do hope some of it has been helpful. September is the 9th month and a wonderful time of year for pleasant weather. We can put away our summer clothes and get out heavier things. We may get to go shopping for some new clothes (maybe). Labor Day is the last holiday for a while. We are beginning a new season. Think of it as a new season in your life, because that's what our life is... seasons. Make this the "best" season so far.

The morning glory is the flower for September.

30 days has September... April, June, and November. All the rest have 31. Except February, which has 28. This is fine, but then Leap Year gives it 29.