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Alzheimer's disease

by B.J. Armstrong

Alzheimer's is a disease that sneaks up slowly. It steals a person's memory and personality. Eventually stealing one's ability to take care of oneself.

A cure is probably decades away. Doctors are studying a couple of nutrients for treatment. Thiamin and Vitamin E have been used in a very preliminary research.

A look at what's going on in the brain of someone with Alzheimer's disease makes the memory loss and other personality problems at least

B J Armstrong

understandable. Once healthy cells get tangled into knots the cells die off.

"During studies in the 1960's, animals injected with aluminum developed tangles similar to those found in people with Alzheimer's. Since then, studies using advanced measuring devices have found increased concentrations of

aluminum in brain tissue obtained from people who had died from Alzheimer's disease." This statement comes from Daniel Perl, MD. Director of the Neuropathology division at Mount Sinai of Medicine in New York City.

Take the following test to find out how much you know about Alzheimer's disease.........

1. Which example of memory loss may be a sign of Alzheimer's disease?
a. forgetting where your keys are
b. forgetting what month and year it is

2. British researchers have recently learned that drinking this beverage can

inhibit enzymes associated with the development of Alzheimer's
a. tea

b. coffee

3. Which one may be an early warning sign of Alzheimer's?
a. losing sense of balance or experiencing vertigo
b. getting lost in familiar places

4. Which health condition is suspected of increasing the risk of Alzheimer's?
a. yo-yo dieting
b. high blood pressure

5. Which is the most misdiagnosed mental disorder in older adults?

a. insomnia
b. Alzheimer's disease

Answers... 1b  2a  3a  4b  5b

Now..go and read each question and the correct answer to grasp the full question and answer in your mind.

The following statements are early warning signs of Alzheimer's disease........

Speaking in jumbled sentences

Getting lost in familiar places

Having rapid mood swings for no apparent reason

High blood pressure

Forgetting the month and year

Excessive tea drinkers

Does this Mean if you show any of the above symptoms that you are on the verge of developing Alzheimer's disease? Certainly not!! Just be aware and know some of the warning signs.

Ten percent of people ages 65 and older have Alzheimer's, twenty percent of those over age 75 have the disease, and forty percent of those over age 85 have it. So, find your age bracket.

No matter the age or the cause of Alzheimer's disease, some researchers are convinced that damage to your brain over a lifetime plays a role in the development of the disease. All kinds of cures for all kinds of diseases are discovered each year. This may be the year that researchers find the cure for Alzheimer's disease.

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you can waste it or you can use it for good."