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OCTOBER    2006

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Editorial for THE PEOPLE

What do you think?

editorial for The People by Pete Edwards

The loss of a family

I have not always been the editor of a newspaper. In fact I am a relative newcomer, just nine years, but never have I fretted about doing the job. It hasn't come easy but it has never been worrying either. I am like a fish out of water that quickly grew legs. Ordinarily it is not necessary for me to be an accomplished writer as my main function is in a support role for the real talent, this paper's featured columnists. The writing I do attempt has no need to be great literature either, I inform the readers in as an effective a way possible for me, and it usually suffices. This last week or so has been different, as  my personal need to express myself  has been a worry for me because for the first time I feel so desperately lacking. For the first time I am completely unable to find the words to adequately describe my feelings to do a very courageous man and his family justice. Tribute is no substitute for emotion but it is the best a community can do to show respect. Individually we grieve.

I did not know Sgt. David  Weir and have never met to my knowledge any member of his family, but as a father I feel the need to simply hug them tightly and let my tears do the speaking. Oddly, I am completely at a loss for words to describe my sadness for David's family but could without hesitation describe the anger I feel inside. Many good and accomplished writers have tried to describe grief but always seem to come up lacking because it is indescribable, so I pray David's family and David from his vantage point in Heaven will forgive my inadequacy. To me, losing David was not just a community loss but a personal one for which I have no words.

As a father my heart grieves for family members.

David, I salute you.

Solving illegal immigration

Several years ago I met a man called Edward Choate. Over the years our paths have crossed during my work for the newspaper. I found him to be a likable and intelligent man with a love for this country matched only by my own. He believes in the simple concept of right and wrong and is prepared to work to ensure that right triumphs. He is not a politician or a man with political ambitions but he believes he needs to try to help this great country tread the right path, that is why he is running for US Senate. This "what

Pete Edwards
Editor - Publisher

"What do you think" Continued

do you think" may sound like a political  endorsement but it is not. I try to inform our readers  not guide their voting habits. I am however endorsing a proposal he has for a solution to the illegal immigration problem currently plaguing the US.

Choate has used a simple premise to formulate his plan - illegal immigration must stop - US borders must be secured - US taxpayers should not be burdened with all the cost and it should be accomplished sooner rather than later.

His proposal is not some hastily thought up plan to aid his election chances but a reasonable, workable and cost effective way to solve a problem that Washington is deadlocked over.

His plan is too extensive to be printed here but I recommend anyone who is interested in solving the immigration dilemma to visit Choate's personally financed website;
(you will need to scan down some to get to the meat), I encourage immigrants, illegal or otherwise to take a look. In fact I encourage anyone close to President Bush who stumbles across this proposal online to bring it to the President's attention.

He asked me for input from our readers -  Choate said, "I would love to have ideas from the readers of your paper. Do you think that  is possible in the October edition to ask them what would they do about immigration,  how and when? My plan demands we do something now. I am tired of waiting for  the government to do something 5 years from now."

Choate will be the first to admit that the plan is not perfect and genuinely solicits advice on improvement, so be part of the plan and offer input, it is my opinion it really is worth considering.

That's what I think. What do you think?

Serving time in a tent

Most people are now familiar with the progressive Arizona sheriff who houses all non-violent prisoners in a tent jail erected on land next to the Maricopa County land fill and waste disposal plant. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has become a legend to overburdened Arizona taxpayers but here in Tennessee the leading jail oversight agency is not concerned with trivialities like taxes - they publicly frown on the idea. The Tennessee Corrections Institute, who decertified the Bradley County jail requiring a $14 million replacement has now decertified Hamilton County jail because of overcrowding and wants similar action.

General Sessions Judge David Bales suggested a tent city for prisoners during a discussion by the Hamilton County Commission Public Safety Committee but the Corrections Institute quickly rebuffed the idea. TCI spokeswoman Peggy Sawyer said the institute would not recommend putting prisoners in tents and Hamilton County would not meet standards by doing that.

The Tennessee Corrections Institute seem to be out of control. Instead of reflecting humane standards expected by the citizens of Tennessee the institute wants to mollycoddle prisoners with new air conditioning and lavish amenities by continually forcing communities to build new jails.

It may be overdue for the Tennessee legislature to rein in the TCI,  replace upper management and redesign incarceration requirements in line with public sentiment. It is a disgrace when properly elected officials are dictated to by the people who serve them.

We need more people like Judge Bales and Sheriff Arpaio and fewer like Peggy Sawyer.

That's what I think. What do you think?

"What do you think?" Continued