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OCTOBER    2006

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by Toneeke Henderson

Along an old dusty road sits a rickety little bungalow in the middle of nowhere. One tree exists inside the weathered picket fence surrounding the yard. In the tree hang Colored glass, pretty streams of ribbons, and old spat shoe boots with no partners. Maybe that's where they get the shoe fly pie.

This is the House that Broomhilda built.

On the fence sit seven colorful cats in a row, I am sure they all depict a day of the week, or perhaps just lead you to believe so. A bird perches outside it's cage as if to welcome passer- bys.

There are three widows facing the east and three facing the west, there are three doors, one facing to the north and one facing to the south and one in the floor. There are three chimneys to this house all in the center.

Next to the doors of the north and south hanging are four colorful brooms each. One for the past, one for today, one for tomarrow, and well, one, just in case. Four more stand guard by the door in the floor.

There in each window are jars of herbs and oils infusing together what will soon be wonderful fragrances not smelled of before and only made in secret by Broomhilda herself.

Toneeke Henderson

There is a cute little barn sitting towards the rear of the house that allows for much hanging room of the beautiful and fragrant flowers and bundled herbs grown in the garden of delights that exists in the space that Broomhilda spent months tending to fruition.

In her stable and coral stand a painted pony, a cow and a crow we will call Bob. In the fields are three pigs, two mice and a rabbit, we will call them friends.

In the courtyard were three big cauldrons just bubbling and steaming right hot. And last but not least there was the magic water well.

I bet you are wondering right about now if I have lost my mind, smoked some extra curricular cigarettes, or been somewhere I never told anyone existed.

In all actuality, who really knows, maybe it is all three… (snickering loudly)

Twas on the night of all nocturnal embodiments that things began to strike a pose. As the evening began to usher it's darkness upon the sky, mother moon showed up in full bloom and cast a glow upon Broomhilda's home.

The katydid's were beginning their songs, so the crow sat on a bucket tapping a great mellow tune, the cow joined with it's neck bell tinkling right in, the painted pony patted it's hoof upon the ground keeping in time with the sounds all around.

Before we knew it the mice were using their tails like a fiddle bow and the cats helped by holding taunt their whiskers to play the dancing melodies.

Wow, we were having a jamboree Broomhilda shouted. There were critters and spooks and goblins everywhere lining up for that shoe fly pie cooking in the kettles seasoned with herbs and oils made the old fashion way.

The brooms all joined in dancing and prancing their bristles fair, and the ones for just in case had found the magic water in the well. Oh hell !!!

Frogs danced with water spiders, crickets danced with bats, everyone was happy and laughing as Broomhilda danced with an ol' stray cat.

Globs of molasses were dropped into the pots, the sweet corn turned to candy, the figs into cookies, and apples carameled themselves. What a feast Mrs. Owl screeched. With thistles and thickets tossed into the fires of night keeping warm all the creatures and critters who shared in the nocturnal delights. The Jamboree continued till all fell asleep.

Then in the silence of the night without a witness in sight, Broomhilda did it, you guessed it …. That's right, she climbed high upon that platform ready to ride, Dawned her head with her nice black hat, Crawled into position and started it right up, revved it into a loud roar scaring everyone into glow worm condition, I am here to tell you, you have never heard such a varrrrroooomm sound.

This was a classic event, even the everyday house brooms who wish they were super models never sounded this exciting, there she, Broomhilda, sat in all her glory as she ruffled the broomsticks of every green blooded, hat wearing, shoe buckled, stripped socked, female like her by being the first to ride the one and only famous Harley-Davidson F-150 SuperCrew … that is a truck with attitude that has the best of both worlds. (mine and mine ).
Ahhh geeze, bet you thought I was gonna say a broom didn't ya. (Laughing out loud)

Ok I need to sum this up… well lets see where do I begin… there is a house, there is yard, a tree, critters, dancing brooms, a jamboree, and oh yeah, magic well water that could send  you to hell… ok I am only kidding that's next year.

In reality life is just a simple piece of pie, what you think you see isn't always what is there, what you listen to isn't always what you hear. Get my drift or draft if you are like me and dance naked under the moonlight because that is what I do or perhaps I just sit chuckling at all those who believe that a cardboard box is just that, a container, but forget to envision it once was a tree.

Happy Halloween to all who choose to believe and better yet, know that what they believe is believable.

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