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NOVEMBER    2006

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New Paradigms

by JC Bowman

There has been vigorous and spirited debate on issues, as well as candidates the last few months as we conclude the 2006 political season. The pundits have all expressed their opinions spewing forth verbiage at regular intervals. Polls have been taken, evaluated then interpreted, reinterpreted and misinterpreted. The media has analyzed and oversaturated the senses of most citizens. Now the American electorate will speak, at least those across the nation that care enough to exercise this vital freedom of voting.

Voters will cast their ballot in a direction that may or may not bring sweeping changes on everything from policy to politics. The truth is we may never understand the root causes of our actions, but it is certain we will experience the consequences--both good and bad. The 2006 election will have a lasting impact economically and politically which will bring changes here and abroad. To that I say no matter what the outcome--no matter if it is good or bad depending upon your perspective--do not be discouraged, there is still too much work left to do. Is anything really taboo in politics anymore? Can we openly challenge controversial issues?

We have entered into a new paradigm where there is no longer a third rail for any politician or public official, and I also sense that partisan politics has been irreversibly damaged. The phrase third rail is a metaphor in politics to denote the concept that is supposedly "untouchable." Any politician or public official who dares to broach the supposed "third rail" would invariably suffer politically. I am beginning to see some politicians who discuss raising taxes rather than cutting funding or cutting funding rather than raising taxes, eliminating or radically reducing the scope of major social programs, like Social Security, Welfare, or perhaps finally shocking the healthcare system to the point where it becomes affordable and no longer a concern for the average person.

We have to do something about immigration. The lip service paid so far by both parties has been unacceptable to most Americans. Will we see some type of National Identity Card? Even when we have the ACLU and the special interest groups screaming when we simply want to ensure that the people voting are actual citizens of the country, state or district. So I ask again, will either party address immigration? Should immigration not be tied to a greater war on terror? What is a war on terror, are terror and war not the same side

J C Bowman

-J. C. Bowman, a native of Cleveland, is a well informed and outspoken conservative educator. Is a freelance public policy analyst who resides in Cleveland, TN. Prior to this, he was Director for the Center for Education Innovation at Florida State University.  He served as the Director for the Florida Department of Education Choice Office and as the Chief Policy Analyst of the Education Policy Unit for Florida Governor Jeb Bush.



of the same coin? One side said "mission accomplished" and they were ridiculed and the other side said the "war on terror" is a failure. Was WWII a failure because we were unsuccessful in our efforts to capture Hitler and Mussolini?

Will we still see champions speak out about lax criminal standards and criminal-coddling proclivity when citizens are in persistent danger? I was appalled seeing Bradley County Deputy Sgt. Bill Coultry shot here in our community. We need to step up as a society and protect those who protect us. I look forward to seeing the new District Attorney Steve Bebb in action, and I hope his office sends a strong message to the criminal element in our community. The rampant rumors of meth labs being prevalent in our neighborhoods need to also be addressed. We must also invest in new technologies to help reduce crime, but we should not have to sacrifice our civil liberties in these efforts.

The disillusioned majority of voters are correct that politics have become too nasty for the average citizens. You must be cruel to be successful, or so it seems. Americans have cast their eyes on the Harold Ford Jr. versus Bob Corker US Senate race. No member of either political party can feel good about themselves after this race. My opinion is these candidates are more similar than they are different, and both have been true public servants for the citizens of this state. Yet we have allowed them to be demonized, and often unfairly.

History tells us we have always been as cruel toward one another. The history of slavery, colonization, religious persecution, concentration camps, genocides, military occupation, atrocities resulting from caste structures, physical and psychological torture, the killing of children, sexual violence, together with forms of both terrorism and counter-terrorism: all these instances portray the ugly face of humanity. We cannot afford not to notice the processes, cultures, traditions as well as social, economic and political structures toward other people or communities creating the environment that allows this bitter philosophy to flourish. Political ads

are simply the outgrowth, and have been part of the process since the Adams-Jefferson campaign.

I have no idea how the 2006 elections will turn out. I do know citizens must do their part by voting for the candidate that best reflects their worldview. I believe we must be more diligent in holding elected officials accountable. It is time for greater transparency in government. We must have less secrecy by government, put in the hands of the American citizens. So that they have the information that they need to make their families safe in order to secure the country, strengthen democracy and develop the courage to tackle the hard issues facing our country. United America stands, divided America falls. Let's try a little more civility towards each other and finally address some real issues. Your future depends on it.

--J. C. Bowman is a public policy analyst who resides in Cleveland, TN..
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