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NOVEMBER    2006

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Editorial for THE PEOPLE

What do you think?

editorial for The People by Pete Edwards

Merry Christmas

December is just around the corner and with it the Christmas holidays, a time dedicated to celebrate the birth of Jesus 20 centuries ago. 2,000 years is a long time to remember the birth of one little baby in an outbuilding in a place most people could not point to on a map. This little baby was so important to mankind that His birth changed the course of history and the human race. As a man, Jesus' teachings begun a new morality that even today people all over the globe adhere to on a daily basis. A morality from which most civil and criminal legal systems and governments draw their wisdom.

Until recently, December 25th to Christians everywhere was a day to rejoice the birth of Christ, but alas there is an effort underway by the politically correct among us to erase this fact from public life. Remember just a few short years ago during the run-up to Christmas, national syndicated radio stations would play carols and Christmas music almost constantly - now it's hard to find one that does at any time. Most chain stores will not display the word Christmas on their advertising, preferring to refer to it as the "holidays' or the "season." It is even more difficult to find a greetings card with the word Christmas on the cover let alone one depicting Jesus or a Christian scene.

Everyone almost without exception complains about this, so why are we slowly being indoctrinated into accepting a Christ-less Christmas? Who is responsible for the removal of our religious traditions and Christian heritage from everyday life?

The answer is you and I. We are the ones allowing it to happen. It is not about respecting people of other religions, they are not complaining - it is an attack on Christianity plain and simple. After Christianity is destroyed then the other religion will fall one by one. It always works that way when it comes to freedoms.

To realize a truly global society requires that all allegiances be to the system, all loyalty to the system and all faith in the system. This cannot happen with people having allegiance to a country, loyalty to family and faith in their religion. That is why all these things are slowly being destroyed. (Remember, it is our fault this is happening.)

Consider that the Soviet Union, spanning most of Eastern Europe was unto itself a mini global community. To control the people it was necessary to remove all external influences and render total reliability on the system. There was no room for religious

Pete Edwards
Editor - Publisher

"What do you think" Continued

traditions or faith - other than in the hermetically sealed system. It didn't work because there were countries like the United States where people could escape to find freedom of religion and self-determination. But what if there were nowhere to escape to?

It is my opinion that it is the politically correct international/global companies and the political correct politicians and media industry that they control that are quietly changing the world through subtle propaganda. They control what we are exposed to and the way we view the world, so we will accept the one-world system they vision as a global marketplace in which to make money and take ultimate political power over the entire globe.

There is no room in their vision for a little baby born 20 centuries ago or the celebration of His birthday.

One world government makes sense to them but they can't realize their dream without our support and patronage. It is our option if we let it happen.

Will you have enough religious fortitude to resist and withdraw your support of these companies in the name of Jesus Christ or will you visit Wal-Mart on the way home from church? It is your choice.

That's what I think. What do you think?


Sgt. Bill Coultry of the Bradley County Sheriff's Department was wounded in the line of duty today (October 28) at a gas station on APD40. I don't have much information on exactly what happened except that he was fired upon without warning and managed to return fire. Although seriously injured, Sgt. Coultry also managed to call for help and relay the description of his assailant who was quickly apprehended by other law enforcement personnel.

As I have said, I don't have much more info and it is the deadline to publish this edition, but in the coming hours radio, television and newsprint will carry up-to-date coverage, so it is not important The People News give the full story at this time. What is important is that I commend Sgt. Coultry's courage and sacrifice for the people of Bradley County and pray he may recover quickly and completely from his injuries. It is also important for us to remember that without police officers like Sgt. Coultry who are willing to face vicious gun toting criminals at the risk of death, none of us would be able to sleep and move about safely. Write and tell him how much you appreciate his sacrifice, and how lucky we are to have him to protect us.

Multicultural what!!

Whenever I criticize or make comment on the actions of a person or group from a non-white section of the community I am quickly labeled a racist. This seems to be the preferred way to attempt to silence criticism - any criticism by a white person - but as anyone who knows me will attest, name calling doesn't impress me, the truth does. The truth is that what these people are practicing is a vulgar racial prejudice against white people the like of which would not be tolerated if it were reversed.

Now to the criticism. Cleveland and Bradley County has recently opened an Ocoee Region Multicultural Services office located at Family Support Center on Blythe Avenue and it has citizens hopping mad. Illegal immigration is on everyone's lips nowadays and citizens, at least from the feedback I'm getting, are concerned that tax dollars are being spent to support people that are in this country illegally. And whether our leaders are aware of it or not, citizens have had enough of paying for these services when they can't receive them themselves. It is plain stupidity for officials to ignore this protest and by doing so is likely to intensify the conflict between races. Unnecessary and counterproductive.

It is my belief that Clevelanders in general do not resent Hispanic people or wish to be unfriendly to them but when these type of programs are thrust upon them, resentment is bound to occur. It is madness to offer Multicultural services while at the same time it is not permitted to ascertain the legal status of the person requesting help.

Another action that is sure to fuel the fires of resentment is for a government agency to restrict access to a public meeting by requiring advance reservations for an informational questions and answer forum, as they did October 24. The reason for limiting access was supposedly limited seating but with all the government buildings available, this hardly seems a valid excuse. This is an organization that knows it is walking on hot coals by offering these services to predominantly non citizens and seeks to limit criticism. I have news for them, the cauldron is about to boil over.

If there was reasonable accountability for services to be offered only to those entitled then I believe the criticism and resentment would cease. Burying the head in the sand is not a solution.

And while we are on the subject, who exactly asked for this service to be started in the first place and where is the accountability?

It may be time for the Bradley County Commission and the Cleveland City Council to set up a non biased committee to investigate the need for all government and quasi-government agencies supplying services like this and to report their findings on a regular basis. Accountability will always quell criticism while secrecy has the opposite effect.

That's what I think. What do you think?

"What do you think?" Continued