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NOVEMBER    2006

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by Toneeke Henderson

Standing at the edge of the mountain embracing the colors of the autumn season, the light mist gathers over the waters below, a crisp breeze gently makes it's presence and with it brings a subtle smell of pine trees mixed with old fashion campfire smoke. Ahhh, what a tribute to Mother Earth.

I pull out my beautiful Canyon Flute and begin to play an unknown melody, one that only the earth, sky, water, campfire and the spirit will recognize.

The leaves seemingly dance among us as the gentle breeze wisps in and out of the grounds around us.

The music lingers and the trees begin to sway as if perhaps they understand the unspoken words that are hidden with the notes played.

This is a time to be thankful as we are supposed to be everyday.

I remember when life was just as simple as this very moment and this article would have been typed on an old Underwood typewriter and printed in paper fashion only. Probably would have been sold for 15 cents. Revisions would have been few because of press time; yes those were some great days.

Now we have the electronic flutes on keyboards that people only turn a button to play the preprogrammed sounds, yes progress is good if you have lived by the rules and

Toneeke Henderson

learned the old fashioned way.

It is in my viewfinder that exists within my brain to contemplate progress turkeys have made through out life.

Hmmm, well I better be very careful how I compare these so please for those of you whom seem confused, you only seem that way, for those who generally read between the lines continue to do so as you might have a great laugh.

Have you looked at all the choices in the market today? Since I am not the one who prepares the bird for the great meals I just absorb the different ways to prepare them.

Lets see there is the half-baked Halst-

eart version which Foley-ied somewhere along the preparation area, then the Rumstead-alstumskin broiled version. The one I seem to see the most was the southern deep fried large stated turkey in a Georgia bush, after being caught it was put into the grease to fry and I believe that it has been in there just a

tad bit too long, why you can't even call it bark by now.

Maybe if the minimum wages had been increased that turkey could have been removed out of the pot on time after all that cooking the worker needed a break.

It's hard to have a bush hog and no field to mow, kinda like having a fence to put up, but no money to buy the fence. Makes a lot of sense to me .. Geeze.

The best turkey I have ever had, is the one my husband cooks each holiday; he always makes the dinners and the goodies to go with it. On a scale of 1 to 10 he rates a 20. Couldn't ask for a better meal.

Now that one's called The Hungry Mans Turkey.

So I bet you are wondering where my gumdrops are, so am I.

To sum this short article up is really simple.

Unless you know how to bake a great turkey you need to get out of the kitchen, and all other turkeys must exit to the right and allow the real chefs to come in.

Don't be afraid to ask for a raise, the Pillsbury doughboy did and he got one.

Most of all, play your own music, your own way, and remember the good old fashioned ways of life can still be the best, and can make the best out of life. Underwood typewriter guy, did he put the devil in a can of spreadable ham, now who would have ever known.

I found my gumdrops, someone had printed "Lou Dobbs for president" on every one of them".

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