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MARCH  2008

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The Tennessee Mockingbird


By June Griffin

To Whom It May Concern:

I, June Griffin, an American woman, am mad at the Blacks. This morning after reading the Scriptures and thinking of all that has happened to our nation in the last 50 years, I reached the firm conclusion that of all the entities which are used by a licentious and alcohol-dealing press, that people calling themselves Blacks are the worse fools and pawns.

You have made yourself a tool of that union organizer Baptist preacher, Michael King alias Martin Luther King, who set an example before you of one who can sin openly, provoke the police by his uncomely behavior, laying in the streets, and when he reacts, use his white ACLU lawyer to sue for his legal fees to be paid out of my taxes. The ACLU take away my right to teach little children the Bible, post the Ten Commandments and every normal practice which we have had since this nation was civilized in 1620.

June Griffin

See Title 42 USC 1988 - proviso in the so-called 'civil rights act.'

You have followed after vile comedians who drew awful mental pictures of those who stood by the Bill of Rights which Almighty God who created you gave to our forefathers. You have called those who stood by the Bill of Rights and their traditional practice of historically showing their State flag - those you have called by the non-word 'racist' and made them feel guilty for doing what is normally and traditionally American.

Your music is awful, for instead of the beautiful hymns which our forefathers taught you in Methodist Sunday Schools, you have turned to the filthy and unclean authors of confusion from New Orleans and called it a good sound.

Your laws are oppressive. The Affirmative Action which has forced and
intimidated good employers into bankruptcy rather than give in to the tyranny has swelled the government bureaucracies to the breaking point, with its attendant MANDATED ECONOMY..

Your labor union organizers, including government employee unions, have
so corrupted the Democratic Party until what good people might be left want to flee in horror. Now you are looking to another union organizer whose middle name is Hussein or to a woman whose licentious husband debauched the holy name of President of the United States, while she did nothing to restrain him, neither denounced his unspeakable behavior.

Your so-called integration is nothing more than a segregated voting block and a combine of collectivists.

Your leaders have brought no salvation by the American standard. Where is the individual among you who would stand up and say: "I hold to the pillars of this Republic. I will stand by the Ten Commandments, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, so help me, God." And while public schools are now the stronghold of Darwin, Freud and Marx, and white teachers have to hide to say a simple prayer, your schools in black neighborhoods boldly pray when they want to and proclaim whatever they want to, unmolested. Where is the equality in this?

To add to all these transgressions, you have now joined yourselves with
the clarion cry of the Bolshevik: "Minority Rule" which includes the lawless invader, the alien from Mexico who breaks down our immigration walls, helps himself to your socialistic food stamps, hospital care and we are to 'push one for Spanish.'!.

All these things you have liberty to do and we have taken them. You are free to do whatever you please.

Why didn't you listen to the Julia Browns in the 1960's who tried to warn you about your polluted leadership and Bolshevik leaders?

The licentious press is saying that it was women who voted for Hillary Clinton. HOWEVER, do not include me, an American woman, in your push to be a part of the minority-majority. I have given my life that your children may hear the Gospel and be saved from their sins. My work traveling the whole State of Tennessee against the Bolshevik ACLU for our God-given right to post the Ten Commandments cost you nothing. I did not sap off the IRS and their jaded tax-exemptions. The work was done out of pure love for the God of our Fathers and Godly people paid for this out of their own pockets.

I have sought to do business with the Black people and have suffered long with them, often enduring their late payments, accepting their excuses and praying with them to be prospered to pay their mortgage. I have been tolerated in their shops because I wanted them to prosper as private owners. A church of black people welcomed me to their pulpit when I urged them to beware of the sodomite laws which will bring upon them the worst diseases. And going from one black church to another warning them about the evils of voting for lottery.

Furthermore, I have traveled with other godly American women as far away
as Buffalo, New York and Atlanta, Georgia to bring testimony before the Pew Foundation that all of us may enjoy a Social Security rebate of full payment with interest, and make this system voluntary. Did your partial press ever publish one word of this potential windfall and liberty? When I rescinded my so-called 'social security number' in order to give liberty to untold millions who are slaves of this system and to show them the power of God to take care of us in our old age, what was my reward? Title 42 USC 666 took away my right to drive, work, fish or hunt
without giving a social security number, all at the hands of your jaded benefactor, so-called "Health and Human Services."!!!!! And my privately-funded lawsuit in Chancery Court brought down the wrath of the entire Department of Safety on my head. Why, why, I say? Why should good people live in jeopardy of their God-given liberties? You are not exempt from these liberties? Where were you? I have not done these things in a corner.

Enough is enough. If you are going to join another mob to out-vote the traditional majority, don't include me in your Diversity Club of blacks,  Hispanics, sodomites, Orientals and whatever collectivists want the groupie coverage. Leave the women out of it and particularly leave me out of it.

I am a woman. An American Christian and a woman. I want to be prospered in my business. I want to run my home and drive my car without your forced safety devices and mandated economy. I refuse to be promoted or  favored because God made me a woman. To do so would demean my own abilities and skills and destroy my incentive. I will not be destroyed by your unholy collective. To do so would be to fly in the face of what the Lord gave me, Bible Rights, the Bill of Rights, and liberty unheard of in the history of the world.

What will I do with my anger? I am not going to speak to you except as a
group. There is an old true saying:: the exception proves the rule. If you want to come out from the collective of deluded women and stand for what is good and right, and leave me out of your minority-majority, then we will be friends and fight evil together.

As for the rest of you, I am mad at you and I am going to tell my Heavenly Father on you. I will do as the woman in the eighteenth chapter of the Gospel according to Luke. I will go before Jesus Christ the Righteous Judge and ask Him to avenge me of my adversary. And to sanctify Godly women to the place of honor and holiness which such Christian women deserve. And I will continue to preach and teach Americanism.

Will not the Judge of the Whole Earth do Right?