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JUNE  2008

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The Tennessee Mockingbird

Operation Backbone

By June Griffin

Tennessee MinuteWomen, an elite corps of women from the Volunteer State who want to live up to their name, recently launched their inaugural project, Operation Backbone. The MinuteWomen emblem contains an outline of the State of Tennessee and features a likeness of Molly Pitcher. (For public school graduates, she was the lady who when her husband was killed in the Revolutionary War, took his place and fired away with his cannon. Courage was then a virtue and she was memorialized for her fearless work.)

Operation Backbone was provoked by the valiant Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri's actions against illegals in ordering them out of his State. How virtuous he may be in any other case or whether his virtue emanated from fear of bankruptcy or outright starvation of their budget is something we can only conjecture. It seems the freebie philosophy was being drained by those who came in the house by the wrong way - by merely walking in and claiming they had a right to help themselves to the goodies.

June Griffin

This effrontery should ire your citizenship bones but unfortunately so many have no bones left, rather their bones have turned to jelly. Those of us who have looked in vain for 'somebody to do something' about this hideous invasion look every day for leadership with strength. Hence this move to search for backbone.

Governors were contacted three times with press releases sent directly to their offices beginning April 8. The deadline was May 1. Here then is the final tally and report which has been circulated throughout the United States by the internet.
Final Tally and Report:
May 5, 2008.

Forty-eight states were sent fax's (Hawaii and Alaska were considered irrelevant to this survey) to determine whether their attitudes towards illegals was normal and whether legislation had ensued to end this hideous and bold invasion by those who chose to break down the doors and claim that they have "rights."

Responses and commentaries are tallied according to the order of their response. Some are noteworthy in their impudence and refusal to deal with the situation. Others told that they did not respond to out-of-state requests since they were overwhelmed with as high as 500 e-mails a day! (This is in itself a commentary that the people have no redress of grievances with their representatives or courts and are turning to the Governors for help!)

The Tennessee MinuteWomen are happy to report that our Governor Phil Bredesen responded within 48 hours of our fax and listed the laws that he had signed.

The work that went into this endeavor included the fax's sent to these 48 Governors, plus two additional phone calls to all who had not responded. If there are mistakes, it is our fault and we will be glad to follow up with corrections. We did the best we could.

Citizens should also factor in the incompetence or carelessness of many staffers whose only criteria is their own judgment in light of faulty and unpatriotic education in centers of higher learning. Years of experience in dealing with staffers at both state and federal levels has shown that, should one find a staffer who is devotedly patriotic or doesn't look down on the individual citizen's actions as irrelevant or backward, that staffer is rare and precious.

States with Gubernatorial Backbone:

Rhode Island, Tennessee, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas, West Virginia.

Those requesting more information, with no further response:

Illinois, Indiana, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Iowa, Oregon.

Contacts with California were lost in a phone bank. Impossible to contact.

Definitely Negative:

Connecticut, Nebraska, North Carolina, Arizona*, Idaho**, Nevada,.

*The staffer answering the phone in Arizona was proud and impudent.

**The staffer taking the call from Idaho stated emphatically that Idaho would not respond.

A few days, after the report circulated, word came from the Governor of Wyoming to redeem his good name. His report from the staffer included the mechanisms in place in Wyoming which would clear the place of home invasions. Good for Wyoming.

And while thieves may be "just trying to make a better life for themselves," in my house they are illegal.