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JULY  2014

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The Tennessee Mockingbird

Well done, Pete and Sandra

by June Griffin

On a certain day in Bradley County, a certain Rhea County Lady had been called to testify against the heinous busybody regulations called "Zoning." The large room was full of American citizens and many veterans who knew their property rights were jeopardized; they were opposed to such invasions of their Rights. These great patriotic Americans were run over by a certain busybody snippet and planner, who boldly said to these Americans, WE WILL FORCE YOU!

And they were forced, contrary to their will. God saw it.

At this certain meeting, after the Rhea County Lady had spoken vehemently for these citizens' God-given Rights, a certain Nobleman, one Pete Edwards, leaned over to his neighbor and said: Who is this?

Thus began a friendship with Pete and Sandra Edwards which culminated in The People News of Bradley County. It is difficult to express at this date the mighty Providences of God and His Justice in remembering our liberties and blood-bought freedoms. Though these Bradley County citizens were trampled and forced to surrender their property rights to a handful of high-minded "planners," yet the God of our Fathers intended for the ignorant among these planners to be better informed by a little Bradley County newspaper, The People News of Bradley County.

It is regrettable that we who know better are often clobbered by ignorant, high-minded busybodies who look so important and yet are so backward and simple-minded that they must be educated by the likes of We, the People. This same situation has often jailed good citizens for "willful failure" (what in the world is a "willful failure?") to file an income tax form. And in the process of the baneful and unholy trials of good, patriotic individuals, judges and juries listened to the testimonies of these citizens and learned their history just prior to their incarceration. Example: Robert C. Bartlett, Sixth Circuit Court, July 3, 1986, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Here is a man whose ancestry hails back to a signer of the Declaration of Independence, Josiah Bartlett, who had he been sitting on this jury, would have most likely picked up the judge and jury by the back of the neck and thrown them out of court for their ignorance. After listening to the holy testimonies of our founders and declarations of our Revolutionary War Founders, the jury deliberated 20 minutes and consigned Bob Bartlett to one of the worst prisons in the country, among hardened criminals. One of the jurors was overheard to say: I hope this gets over quick; I have to take my daughter to the pool! Bob and Claudette paid a price, but "There is a reward for the wicked; there is a God that judgeth in the earth." Someday soon...

Pete and Sandra Edwards must be recognized for their integrity and true love of liberty. Unable to tolerate the violations of their Rights as British citizens, they, like the Pilgrims, gave up their native British citizenship, said goodbye to home and job, and took the proper legal steps to become Americans, in both heart and soul. These true citizens, unlike the hordes of thieves who cross our borders illegally, or worse, hold dual citizenships, having no allegiance to one or the other, Pete and Sandra will one day stand in judgment of such invaders. They began a real business, and having seen the FORCE coming into their new Country in Bradley County, raised up to do something about it.

Consulting with this certain lady from Rhea County who was a columnist for another fledgling liberty newspaper, The Mountain Morning News, the Edwards founded The People News of Bradley County. Their expenditure of time, talent and treasure to give away hard copies, while Sandra's hours of beating the streets for advertisers has not gone unnoticed.

Among other patriotic columnists like victorious zoning opponent, Bob Lacy, may we recognize two others, J. B. and Stacy Griffin. Under the column heading, OLD SOLDIERS NEVER DIE, these two young people spurred a revival of interest and appreciation for the World War II veterans which spread all over the nation. When they began writing of their heartfelt love for our veterans, often baptized in their own tears, there was a ho-hum and toleration of these older veterans whom many considered they had merely done their duty. This milktoast character, coupled with the hideous elevation of those who hated our military and who were unworthy to wipe the boots of these great veterans, was met head on with OLD SOLDIERS NEVER DIE. God blessed this affection and many other pens began writing and at last had found heroes worth honoring. Thank you, J. B. and Stacy. Your Father says: Well, done!

Years and time have come and gone. The free hard-copy paper became an internet newspaper, read world-wide and once acclaimed to be among the top ten newspapers. And Pete says that it is time to retire; oh, Pete, sad words.

Yet, as this is the last formal edition, it is the privilege of this Tennessee Mockingbird, honored to be one of the columnists, among other sons and daughters of liberty, to say with all my heart, May God bless your adoption to be a joint heir with others like you. Rise up and rid our nation of crooks, thieves, bad politicians, lecherous and unscrupulous merchants, proud and haughty international teachers of lies, leeching ABC agencies in an out-of-bounds bureaucracy, dealers in vice and immorality, enemies of our Bill of Rights, and any others who are contrary to our holy freedoms. We are not built on sand, rather on the Rock of Ages and old Ironsides. We shall not be moved.

Let us close with a little Mockingbird melody sung to the old tune of Home on the Range.

"Oh, give me a home
Where no bureaucrats roam,
And the taxes are not very high;
Where zoning's unheard
And the law's not absurd
And the Bible is not left to die.

Let's free Tennessee
From the ways that destroy liberty.
Let us teach all our own
That the Lord's on the Throne
And gives hope just for you and for me."

Amen and thank you both. Happy Independence Day, 2014.


"She dipped her pen in

June Griffin