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A Look at Eyesight

by B.J. Armstrong

Vision  according to the dictionary, is the act of seeing. As we go into 2007, what is your vision for this year?

Vision is the sense by which light and color is perceived. We all need good vision, but sometimes life deals us a blow with eye problems. Let's talk about some of them.

Blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, or grey eyes. With contacts you can have any color you wish. Our eyes are very important to us. So important that anything that goes wrong with them is quite frightening and upsetting. Some people have "bags" under their eyes. The skin under the eye is thin. Therefore, when fluid accumulates there, it pulls the skin into a sag pattern. Thus, "baggy eyes."

Bags develop from:-
(1) lack of sleep
(2) allergies

B J Armstrong

(3) sleep position
(4) heredity, and
(5) age.

Before you call the doctor, try to correct some of the above. Make-up can hide bags, plus you can opt for plastic surgery.

If you have blurry, distorted and double vision, it could be caused from glaucoma, cataracts or macular degeneration.

Glaucoma is one of the causes of blindness. It's caused by increased fluid pressure in the eye. I use eye drops to help control mine; once in the morning and once at bedtime. Glaucoma tends to run in families, so I guess I inherited this little eye problem. Some doctors claim that high blood pressure is the

major cause of glaucoma. So watch your blood pressure. Glaucoma cannot be cured, but upon detection, further vision loss can be prevented.

Cataracts cause blurring, double vision, and sometimes blindness. Aging causes most cataracts but other possibilities are:

(1) eye injuries
(2) radiation exposure and
(3) diabetes.

Of course, my family has a history of being diabetic later in life. Treatment for cataracts include eye drops or surgery.

Macular degeneration is also a leading cause of blindness brought on by age. Symptoms include:

(1) distortion of vision
(2) blind spots, and
(3) wavy lines.

If treated early enough, laser surgery may be helpful.

Research for the blind has made great strides. Lucentis for macular degeneration was just approved by the FDA this summer of 2006. It has proved very effective.

Our eyes are very important to us. I can't imagine not being able to see. I wear contacts and glasses but, at least I can still see some. I don't know which would be worse; being born blind, or to go blind after seeing our beautiful, wonderful world.

Consult your doctor immediately if you should have any of the following problems:

(1) Sudden loss of vision, even if it returns quickly
(2) any vision problem with eye pain
(3) flashing lights or
(4) black spots appear
(5) development of vision problems after taking medication.

To be safe and for eye problems, see your optician regularly. In doing so, he will know your history and can be aware of up-coming problems before they occur.

Aside from your doctor, you might want to contact the National Society to Prevent Blindness, 500 E. Remington Road, Schaumburg, IL 60173 (708) 843-2020. They publish and distribute information on eye care and prevention of eye diseases.

This is the time of year to reflect on the year gone by and also on the year ahead.
Celebrate all that life has given you thus far in your journey and what is yet to come.