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The Tennessee Mockingbird

George Washington - The Other Joshua

By June Griffin

Two men in the history of the world have carved out a country from nothing: Joshua, Captain of the Armies of Israel, and George Washington, Commander of the Continental Army of the United States.

Other countries emanate from a formerly existing kingdom or government - but these men stand alone in establishing by war in a waste, howling wilderness, a civilization based upon the ancient principles of righteousness and truth from the God of Sinai and the scriptures. Both were generals in the leadership of war that brought the victories enabling the country to be established. Both became the chief leaders of that country.

That the word of God is fulfilled in this: "...the captain of our salvation was made perfect through sufferings that he might bring many sons into glory..." who can, who dare to deny that Washington fulfilled this great charge which provoked Methodist circuit preacher and early American bishop Francis Asbury to proclaim him the "temporal saviour of his country." His volunteer service, endurance, disappointments, prevailing prayers, persecutions, compassion for his soldiers as they fought, many barefoot in the harshest winter, leaving a bloody trail at the Brandywine and Valley Forge...oh, who is so hard-hearted among us as to not be moved at that Valley Forge winter? Today's idle and bored populace find it hard to get out of the bed, much less have their limbs amputated so they could fight on for liberty!

At the very sight of Washington, the Revolutionary War soldier was heartened to renew that spirit of liberty in the face of certain defeat, they fought because Washington was there! Only ignorant or hateful historians can deny these truths!

June Griffin

Their wives and daughters, made of the same mettle, took up their places fighting savages, tories and starvation at home, yet never demanding surrender! What kind of people was this! "...A people terrible from their beginning..."

Small wonder that today's limp-wristed politicians and university professors refuse to acknowledge his greatness or dares to dig up some obscure flaw in such a man! Like a pygmy criticizing a giant, these filthy dreamers critique those with whom they can't compare.

Solomon said: "Who can stand before envy? Where is their sacrifice for freedom from political tyranny and such infractions as were carved in blood in the Declaration of Independence?"

Kings bowed before him. "In London, King George III had asked the official court history painter, Benjamin West of Philadelphia, what he thought the general would do after the formal independence of the United States. West replied that the general, who was nearly fifty-two, would return to his plantation in Virginia and live out his remaining years as a gentleman farmer. The king, who could not believe that anyone would voluntarily relinquish such power, exclaimed that, if he did, he would be the greatest man in the world!"

Washington's Resignation Address to the Continental Congress Annapolis, Maryland 23 December 1783

Mr. President: The great events on which my resignation depended having at length taken place; I have now the honor of offering my sincere congratulations to Congress and of presenting myself before them to surrender into their hands the trust committed to me, and to claim the indulgence of retiring from the service of my country.

Happy in the confirmation of our independence and sovereignty, and pleased with the opportunity afforded the United States of becoming a respectable nation, I resign with satisfaction the appointment I accepted with diffidence. A diffidence in my abilities to accomplish so arduous a task, which however was superseded by a confidence in the rectitude of our cause, the support of the supreme power of the Union, and the patronage of Heaven.

The successful termination of the war has verified the most sanguine expectations, and my gratitude for the interposition of providence, and the assistance I have received from my countrymen, increases with every review of the momentous contest.

While I repeat my obligations to the army in general, I should do injustice to my own feelings not to acknowledge in this place the peculiar services and distinguished merits of the gentlemen who have been attached to my person during the war. It was impossible the choice of confidential officers to compose my family should have been more fortunate. Permit me sir, to recommend in particular those, who have continued in service to the present moment, as worthy of the favorable notice and patronage of Congress.

I consider it an indispensable duty to close this last solemn act of my official life, by commending the interests of our dearest country to the protection of almighty God, and those who have the superintendence of them, to his holy keeping.

Having now finished the work assigned me, I retire from the great theatre of action; and bidding an affectionate farewell to this August body under whose orders I have so long acted, I here offer my commission, and take my leave of all the employments of public life."

How unworthy I am to even dare to write about such greatness? Yeah, how can this Mockingbird praise Washington and acclaim greatness to a generation whose highest standard is whether their elected glamour boy looks good in the pictures? But be assured that this readership is also made up of those who wish and long for patriotism in leadership, those who wouldn't sell out the nation for a mess of press pottage or fear of being called a name. Let me assure these latter that there is coming the Sun of Righteousness who will fulfill your long desire and wipe away your tears for you shall tread upon your enemies as ashes under your feet. But he will not be found among big lights and theatrical shenanigans, rather our king cometh upon a colt,,... maybe a Colt 45.