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Now Is A Good Time To Get Involved

by Alexandra Edwards

After the historical event of the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, this country, along with the rest of the world, will be watching and waiting with anticipation to see what our new President, Barack Obama, and his administration can do about the failing economy and bringing together what he referred to in his inaugural speech as "the most prosperous and powerful nation in the world."

No matter which way we voted in November, Barack Obama had the majority vote by far and is now the President of the greatest, most envied country on the planet.

This year, more than ever, must be the toughest time for a newly elected President to have to prove to the nation that they made the right choice. Now it's up to the people to give him that chance.

Though many conservative Americans, like myself, were probably not exactly pleased with the outcome of the elections, sitting back and complaining about how many of our freedoms may now possibly be lost due to the new liberal administration will not change a thing.

Alexandra Edwards

Preserving American traditions and protecting the freedoms of the legacy left to us by our forefathers is of the utmost importance. If the need does come to defend our rights, now is the time to start getting involved by paying more attention to what is happening in our country and the world around us. Having knowledge of what is going on around the globe, especially in Europe, is often a good insight as to what could possibly soon be happening here in the United States.

Americans, whether republican, democrat, libertarian, or neither can help to preserve our valuable heritage in many ways. First, by becoming more informed - read the newspapers, watch the world news, as well as national (remember what goes around comes around). Write letters to the editor of your local newspapers. Listen to talk radio. Hearing others that feel the same way you do makes one feel much more empowered. Search the internet and get a broad variety of information from different sources.

Simply by joining local civic clubs, a citizen can voice their concerns and possibly get support from others who may wholeheartedly agree with them. Become a government watcher. Attend and be vocal at city and county meetings in your community and witness first hand how your local government is spending your tax dollars. Remember, here in Bradley County the majority of our elected officials will be up for election next year. Waiting until election day does not give the voter the opportunity to decide who should be re-elected or replaced.  The important choices are made at the primaries.

By seeing how elected officials stand on the issues that are most important to you will determine which way to vote. To obtain an agenda and times for the Bradley County Commission meetings, go to
. For City of Cleveland council meetings visit their website at

The job of an elected official is to represent we the people. When any American citizen feels that they have no voice, they have the opportunity to run for office. For candidate information for local elections, go to the office of the Bradley County Election Commission at 155 Broad Street, downtown Cleveland, (423) 728-7115.

Citizens can also voice concerns to their  State legislators who have often stated that after spending many hours in the state capitol, it is easy to become out of touch with their constituents. Take a trip to Nashville and pay a visit to the office of our elected state officials, then later maybe watch them at work while the house and senate are in session.

Representative Eric Watson can be reached at (423) 339-0939 (home) or (615) 741-7799 (Nashville) Representative Kevin Brooks at  (615) 741-1350 (Nashville) and Senator Dewayne Bunch at (423) 472-9181 (home) or (615) 741-3730 Nashville.

Attend political party meetings. Find out where the members of the party stand on the issues that concern you most. The Bradley County Republican party meet the third Tuesday of the month in the Bradley county courthouse at 6:00pm.

The Democrat party meet at the courthouse on the 3rd Monday each month at 6:30. For information on local Libertarian party meetings go to

An American that cares about preserving the unique rights and freedoms of this country should read and make a copy of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Citizens need to also be familiar with their State Constitution. By reading some of the older American history books, answers can be found as to why our founding fathers fought so hard for those rights.

For many years, attempts have been made to take the word God out of our pledges, oaths and preambles. Those that have studied this country's history and it's documents will often find the valuable tools to use to oppose such actions.

In one of his weekly newsletters, Sheriff Tim Gobble recently took a gallant stand on protecting, preserving and defending America's Christian heritage. By taking quotes from the U.S. Constitution and 45 State Constitution preambles, he made a valid case as to why he should not be prevented from opening the door of his jail to churches and ministries in the community who want to hold Bible studies for those who are incarcerated. With reference to the separation of church and state, Gobble explained, "The U.S. Constitution in the Bill of Rights does address religion, but not in the context of something that should be removed from American life; rather, as something that should be part of it.

Quoting the First Amendment, "Congress shall make no laws respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

Gobble explained, "When studying the framers' intent and records associated with the deliberations to establish the Constitution, it is clear the first half of that phrase is not to remove God from American life, but to keep one Christian religion from being elevated over another by establishing it as the official "state" religion, as had been done with the Anglican Church in England."

Cleveland Mayor Tom Rowland also took a stand to defend America's heritage when he handed out buttons at the official lighting of the Christmas tree declaring, "In Cleveland it's OK to say Merry Christmas."

Conservatives do still have a voice, but it is no good if it never gets heard. Speaking out takes courage, as it often means upsetting someone somewhere. The opposition will always attack by using 'political correctness' and name calling, but with knowledge and knowing how to use the right tools the more conservative voice of America will be heard.