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by Toneeke Henderson

I was logged onto the internet and was reading the headline news. It seems to me there is a sweeping misuse of enforcement or lack of training for knowledge of when to deploy a taser used in tactics by some law enforcement.

Another man was dead because of this type of "Officer Freak Out" typically the same type of reaction as being postal.

Just a couple of weeks ago a man at an airport was tasered and died. Yes, I know he was from another country and NO ONE was able to understand him. There was a movie like that called The Terminal I believe, starring Tom Hanks.

I understand we need security and everyone may have been a bit frightened, but don't you think that man was afraid too? Really, I mean was it necessary to jolt him with 50,000 volts of electricity many times? One taser would have been enough.

I am here to tell you, if that had been me, I would not be writing this story now. Too many people are dying because panic button or trigger happy newbies or officers too quick to react are deploying such methods on people and offenders because they can. I think I would rather you shoot my foot and stop me then taser me any day… Why? because it would kill me and then I would own everything you have in this world and then I would wait for you on the other side and getcha when ya get there. I am serious

Toneeke Henderson

people. Tasers are becoming a problem.

When they don't halt and keep going, well ok use it if you are threatened for your life, but don't taser someone because you think it's kewl and laugh later at how the person's body riddled with jerky motions, making quick remarks like, "did you see how fast he went down." We are talking about a human being.

I am not sticking up for the bad guys by any means, but it is being drawn to everyone's attention to what is still happening around the world or at least in America and Canada.

I am not sure what the best solution is, but we should find one to this Quick Draw McGraw game of cops and robbers. What does that teach our children, how to make a device to electrocute someone? I am wondering if this isn't some sort a presidential toy for that Shrub working in Washington.

Well here I went again talking on about something that I shouldn't but it does anger me that there is no real responsibility given or accepted in the use of a taser. It is a very cruel weapon and poor use of intelligence that handles it in an irresponsible way.

These tasers need to be rethought before some small town keystone cops get to play with them in rural America.


Now about Christmas, well you know Santa's mailbox has over run already with requests for toys and tools that will be forgotten in a month. The President gets to pardon another turkey but not himself. Grandma's and Grandpa's are getting ready for all the kids to come running around with hugs, kisses, love and presents to share. (Yah, Yah, in my case since that is what my little ones call me.)

Mom and Dad are trying to find new hiding places for gifts they have already wrapped, seems the kids get smarter each year.

The thought of home made cinnamon rolls, pies, and candies too. The best part though is family there at the dinner table, sharing what is most precious in life … one more day with a little bit of love.

I love my grandbabies as they make my world sparkle with laughter and light. Reminding me of when their Momma's and Daddy's were little and how much joy they always were.

I believe that a holiday even like Christmas is a year round day. As we give gifts for no reason on any day of the year because we can, and because everyday is a special day.
So with this article I wish to sum up and say….

There are other ways to handle new toys for law enforcement, don't let them have them till they grow up.

As for the rest of life, if your grandparents aren't around, adopt a set from someone else, it will make them feel loved. Remember that Turkeys come and go, so choose yours wisely. Eat all the holiday goodies you can so you can loose weight for New Years. And just for the heck of it, tie a bow around your head, get naked and jump into a giant Christmas stocking and give it to the one you love the most.

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