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DECEMBER    2006

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by Toneeke Henderson

What if in the middle of any given time one could just find something new. Not just something new but something new within them selves, would it be a surprise?

Take the holidays or other general dates to which one would give a gift of love, or splendor, or just because.

Impulsively we find things that we feel a person would like or enjoy, or unbeknownst to us not.

Often these everyday yadas are purchased to implement the passage of gift giving, when we should have just gave them the money and said … go get what you really


Not all of us are as mundane as the standard thinking person, no, some of us are not that normal.

Just sit and think for a moment of all the people in the world who seemingly have everything. What do you buy them?

In case you have trouble with the creative side of your brain we can help.

Let's see where do we begin. I am drawn to the color blue automatically with that last sentence, I believe that is my psychic interpretation for meditative needs. This item

Toneeke Henderson

should be soft with the feeling of an airy, comfortable and expand ones horizons; yes I think a magic carpet ride is in store for that person, oh yeah!

Next, what about someone who is adventurous. I get the color brown from that, lets see, let me gaze into my magical crystal Christmas ornament. Ahhh, I see it now, a very unique gift certificate for a couple of  line dancers, yes there is two ways to present this gift.

One a nice fuzzy brown sweater nicely wrapped into a box, and a music CD accompanied by 25 nice streams of ribbon, on the end of each ribbon is a piece of Velcro. You put on the sweater then simply attach the streams of ribbon to the sweater, turn on the music,

boogie and there you have it … wala… line dancing.

The alternative is simply to create a cute picture like my daughter has here of lines dancing. How cute.

Need something more on the ordinary

side, ok what about a belly button duster, oh sure now that's a kewl gift.

For the car fanatic buy them the car of their dreams, you know find the tiniest version of it and cut out posters and wrap the car up in it.

I am sure that whatever the person you choose to buy for or gift give to will welcome anything you decide on, but take it from me the best gifts I have ever received besides my family are the ones that are home made and unique and not every person on the planet would be so open to receive.

You see in the eye of surprise lay a kewl energy that lights up the soul, energy so full of electric that one could not even think of being disappointed.

Now that you have a few suggestions, get your oatmeal in the bowl and let's get to feeding the brain so you can get creative with this season and have some fun.

To sum this all together - find what you know you haven't used in a long time, whether it be your brain or your creative energies or a simple lets go through the closet and see what's old and new again.

Find that part of you that wants to be different and be the new old side, put some magic back in to the spirit of giving, and dance in a line you never knew existed.

If you have difficulty in finding something unusual then buy them a purple frog and a box of q-tips.

Happy Holidays

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You can e-mail Toneeke at: