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AUGUST  2010

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Live A Piece of History

by Ashley Murphy

Imagine being able to relive a small piece of history. Holding it in your hand. Seeing it before your eyes. Stepping into a world that is now over 12,467 feet below the sea. Being part of one of the most infamous shipwrecks of the 20th Century.

The RMS Titanic was the largest passenger steamer ship when she set sail on her maiden voyage from Southampton, England on April 10, 1912. Additional stops were made to pick up a few more passengers before the Titanic finally set out for her destination, New York City, with a total of 2,223 passengers.

Titanic was known for her luxury, beauty and expensive, ornate decorations. A first-class passenger saw exquisite artwork, wood paneling and furniture, along with top-of-the-line amenities. Available only to those in first-class were a swimming pool, gymnasium, squash court, Turkish bath and a cafe. First and second-class passengers enjoyed barber shops and libraries and third-class were limited to a general room fitted with teak furniture for relaxing and socializing.

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After four days of comfortable sailing in luxury, the glamour of this majestic ship turned dark and dreary.

Nearing midnight on the evening of April 14, 1912 an iceberg was seen by lookouts in the direct path of the Titanic. All attempts to avoid the iceberg failed. The great ship was struck on her starboard (right) side. Research, after the discovery of Titanic's wreckage was found, shows that the iceberg hit in such a way that it buckled her hull and allowed water to flow into the ship.

Titanic was designed so that she could float if the front four compartments became flooded, but the iceberg damaged more than the design had planned for. As multiple compartments filled with water, the large ship began to sink. Passengers were then asked to board lifeboats. Lifeboats that would only save a handful of lives.

Considering the number of passengers, Titanic had but 20 lifeboats. Those boats combined could only hold a capacity of 1,178 people. However, in 1912, the number of lifeboats needed was based on a ship's gross registered tonnage and not the capacity of persons it held. This fact actually meant that the Titanic had more lifeboats onboard than the British Board of Trade Regulations required.

As lifeboats were boarded, a strict "women and children first" policy was enforced, leaving the men to make up the vast majority of the deceased, along with third-class passengers, many who were trapped below deck. Lifeboats were also sent out less than half full, leaving many to perish unnecessarily. Two more lifeboats were left unlaunched as the bow became totally submerged in the water. The bow eventually broke from the stern and sank. Seconds later, the stern began to sink, as well.

In the end, only 706 passengers and crew survived; 1,517 perished. Not even half on board were saved.

Just completed in April 2010 in Pigeon Forge, TN is an attraction meant to bring the Titanic back to life and giving you, the patron, a chance to see what the inside of the luxury liner might have once looked like and "living" the life of a Titanic passenger.

The RMS Titanic, deemed the World's Largest Museum Attraction and the second of its kind, opened on April 8, 2010 to a very large crowd of interested patrons. It seems like a sight to behold; granted I have yet to go, but the pictures and information I've been given makes it sound like quite a spectacular place.

Upon arriving you will be greeted by crew, dressed the part in uniforms of the era. Each member of your party will receive a "Boarding Pass" with a name listed on it. This name is that of a person who was an actual registered crew member or guest aboard the RMS Titanic on that fateful maiden voyage in 1912. You will follow their story throughout the exhibit.

Once receiving your pass in the lobby, you may then board the Titanic. After "boarding" you will go through a series of rooms, or galleries. These will consist of, in most cases, identical replicas of Third Class cabins, First Class suites, dining halls and even the much appraised Grand Staircase. There are 20 total galleries that make up the Grand Tour of the Titanic Museum. Through each one you will see period decor, such as chairs, fireplaces, desks and dinnerware. There are various artifacts and personal items strategically place and associated with the theme of the room you are in at any given time. Each artifact has a unique story that relates directly to a passenger or crew member. One such artifact is the life vest worn by Madeleine Astor.

Also included in the tour is a series of hands-on activities and interactive pieces, like the ice wall that will give you an idea of how cold the water was in which so many perished.

When you approach the Memorial Room at the end of your two hour self-guided tour, you will discover the fate of your ticketed passenger. The question stands: Will you be a survivor? Or will you perish in the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean?

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How do you pay respect to those who lost their lives on this fateful voyage? According to RMS Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge: Simply tell their stories everyday.