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AUGUST  2009

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The Persecution of Sarah Palin
Dems panic she may become president and liberal media
try to destroy her popularity.

















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by Ashley Murphy

Do you believe the liberal led mainstream media are partially to blame for Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin's recent departure from office? Were the constant attacks against her family, mainly her children, becoming overbearing for her? Is it possible the rising number of ethics complaints being leveled at her also had an affect on her decision? However you spin it, Sarah Palin and her family seem to have been unfairly targeted, criticized, and vilified by those on the left. But is she being targeted because her charismatic popularity and outspoken ideas are seen as a threat to the liberal agenda, not because of a benevolent desire for justice?

Palin told CNN in an interview, "I am not a quitter. I am a fighter." Many of her supporters have been understanding of this resignation and believing she was justified in her decision. During Palin's resignation speech she said, "Don't explain: your friends don't need it and your enemies won't believe you anyway." Palin hit the nail on the head, because it seems over the past year, that's all she has encountered - friends or enemies, no in-betweens. Her friends, and her supporters can understand it and her enemies don't want to listen, not giving themselves a chance to believe. One of the most influential news sources today is the mainstream media, which tends to lean to the left.





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This never helped Palin from the beginning. She was thrown into a media firestorm in August 2008 when John McCain chose her for his running mate in the presidential election. This immediately started drawing criticism from liberals and the left, men and women. No one could really figure out why, but many speculated that it was due to Palin's "Hollywood" looks and her five children. Maureen Dowd of The New York Times has called Palin "Caribou Barbie" and "nutty puppy," in regards to her looks and recent resignation as Governor of Alaska.

There was even a site on the internet that was found while researching for this article;
on which there is a picture of Sarah Palin, edited, with devil horns on her head. Following the pictures are several blogs, posted by who is assumed to be the creator, slandering Sarah Palin and her family. This website was insulting and  appalling. After continued research, there was no similar site name or similar web address referencing Barack Obama or Joe Biden. While a site called ihatehillaryclinton was found, it was simply an advertising site, not even in the slightest similarity to the degenerate Sarah Palin site.

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On the issue of family, Palin's youngest child, Trig, was born in April 2008 with Down's syndrome, which several news outlets spotlighted. Most of the spotlighting wasn't for the good, Paul Lewis Hackett III, on the topic of Govenor Palin being pro-life, was even heard to argue that it is irresponsible to bring a handicapped baby into the world. Not stopping there, many online "liberal" websites proposed preposterous allegations that Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy with Trig and that the baby was actually born to Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin's 17 year old (at the time) daughter. To any logical thinker the idea is inconceivable, considering Bristol gave birth to her and Levi Johnston's baby in December 2008. During the time of the Bristol Palin pregnancy announcement, a scandal was emerging that involved Democrat John Edwards.

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He admitted to having an affair with a woman on his campaign staff, and was alleged at being the father of this woman's baby, and paying her money from his campaign! Yet, the media decided to focus on the pregnancy of Sarah Palin's 17 year old daughter who has no direct involvement in politics. The mainstream media wrote off John Edwards and tried to cover up his affair, while focusing attention on Bristol Palin. President Barack Obama was quoted by ABC News to say that he believes "people's families were off limits, and people's children were especially off limits." But no one, not even his most devoted followers, seemed to question Palin's children being targeted.

There is also the issue of multiple ethics complaints that have been filed against Sarah Palin. It has been said that as Governor, Sarah Palin abused her power, used administrative monies illegally, and took per diem payments for staying in her Wasilla home rather than the Governor's mansion in Juneau.

These allegations are serious since the nation's economy is ailing and has given liberals something to throw back at Palin's supporters and the Republican Party.

Yet, when Barack Obama was running for President, several complaints and allegations were leveled in his direction, only to have the mainstream media screen the stories, not giving the public a chance to decide the truth for themselves. The first was if Barack Obama was actually a US citizen and could even run in the presidential election. The media said it was absolutely not true and then dismissed it.

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Another was the proven fact that the Obama family was a 20 year member of Reverend Jeremiah Wright's church. For those of you that don't know, Jeremiah Wright is the reverend that openly and proudly condemns the United States and all Americans that live here. William Ayers, a domestic terrorist who created the terrorist group "Weather Underground," was a very close friend of Barack Obama for many years. Even his foreign policies were highly questionable. Yet, no one seemed to care.

This is a man who, at the time, was going to potentially be President of the United States! But, the only station that decided to do any adequate reporting on the topic at all was FOX News. All others simply wrote these concerns off the map and highlighted the "changes" Obama was going to bring to America.

It is still unclear why so many proudly support Obama and his numerous flaws, but viciously attack Sarah Palin. But those who do support her find her very unique and uplifting. An article found on The Root,
, written by Sophia A. Nelson makes a very powerful statement, "Say what you like about this perky mother of five turned mayor turned governor, but she is a pioneer. And like it or not, she is the embodiment of modern feminism. Palin is the fulfillment of the dreams of my mother's generation, which encouraged their daughters to get educated, have a profession, pursue their dreams and successfully balance marriage and family life." This statement alone sums up why so many Americans adore Sarah Palin and why the dems are in panic.

Whatever the media wishes to report about Palin and however they decide to slander her name, one thing is for certain, she won't be taken off of the political scene that easy. She just needs her time to prioritize, take care of her family and Alaska, in the best way she knows how. No, Sarah Palin is definitely not a quitter. She will be fighting her way back to the top to prove to the world that she does have what it takes. The liberals may not want to hear it, but in despite of the media bias, Sarah Palin could be the first woman president.



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