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AUGUST  2007

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by Toneeke Henderson

In today's society it seems like nearly everything  requires a password.

You get on the internet and everything you do requires a password or a registration, that is understandable as we want to be safe from identity theft. Private clubs require the same, although I don't belong to any but know a few who do.

I believe teaching children the password system is a good thing as I used it with my kids when they were growing up.

No one could pick them up from school or take them anywhere unless that person knew the password.

We have used passwords everyday for years and most people don't even realize it.

What are some of the things we teach our children when they begin to talk. Words like please, and thank you, yes and no. All of which are passwords in a sense.

Invitations are like passwords, they invite the receiver to be a part of something special.

The secret societies are not really so secret after all they are just separated by passwords.

There are subliminal passwords, and they can be used to utilize encouragement and

Toneeke Henderson

build self esteem, they can be used to speed up the thinking process to advance ones skills.

Now in my family of grandchildren… we use the password system.

We make up stuff just to be able to create new words. A learning tool in a sense but a kewl game too.
I was teaching the grandbabies last weekend how to say "open says a me", and "abracadabra," how appropriate from a magical grandma they call YA YA…. (little Amarina started that one at 18 months).

Why would I teach them that well... if you were around our house you could see the magical realm of life happen.

When they said the words out came a bloom of bubbles that just kept coming and floating and going everywhere… thousands of bubbles.

We all got cups and tried to catch them, running and laughing and screaming as the bubbles bombarded us… we had a wonderful time.

We like to do things that inspire the imagination and that is what happens at Ya Ya's and Grandpa's.

I love life and want the grandchildren to all love it just as much and no doubt they will. They are password protected and we will share that one word, it is called LOVE.
A quick summing up…

Play the password game of life, it can be intriguing. Make up a password just because you don't need one. Talk in code and drive others crazy. And for all intense and purposes, use the same password we do with your family and it'll let you in every time.