Donald Trump is still President.

Spontaneous Combustion              November 21  2020

What do you think?

Donald Trump is still President.

by Pete Edwards      11-21-2020

I thought I had retired from the newspaper business, had become a has-been political pundit. I thought nineteen years was enough for anyone. In 2014, little did I know Donald Trump would eventually occupy the White House taking the world and American politics by storm. Trump changed everything. Nothing in Republican politics would ever be the same again, and Democrats would change too. It took the vastly superior power of the Democrat Party four years of bitter wrangling, using every nasty trick in the book to unseat this man, yet today the president is still fighting back. The Democrats underestimated Trump's determination to succeed and miscalculated the support he had from the American people. After losing in 2016 with their candidate Hillary Clinton, the illegal votes they conjured up were not sufficient to overcome Donald Trump's popularity. In 2018 while practicing on the mid-terms to bolster the vote, they realized that to win in 2020 they would have to cheat big. The problem they faced was convincing the public that the vote count was fair when obviously even to an idiot it was not. Enter the mainstream media.

The mainstream media and social media, almost without exception politically far to the left, were happy to oblige the Democrats, even to the point of distorting the facts and refusing to publish anything positive that made President Trump look good. They thought that if they told the public continually that Trump was an inept president, those that voted for him would believe it and not vote again. The media also underestimated Trump and now are enjoying their all-time worst believability ratings ever. "Fake news" is the new byword journalists and news anchors have earned themselves. They have ruined their reputations and are scorned by their readers and viewers.

Trump's original task was to be "draining the swamp". Easier said than done. The swamp is what runs US government so it is easy to see why he would make many enemies who were also eager to help the Democrats remove Trump from office. Even if the voters did elect him to reinvent government the anti Trumpers didn't care. First there was the lack of cooperation by bureaucrats in almost every government department with some actually plotting to remove him from office. Treason? Remember Russian collusion that used the FBI to fabricate a story that tried unsuccessfully to prove guilt. Impeachment brought everyone together, Democrats, FBI and national intelligence services, and bureaucrats of all descriptions, hoping to convince the public. They failed yet again to remove Trump from office. The battle has raged unrelenting for four years and over that time the liberals have upped the anti step by step until now they are routinely violating the law.

The American people are faced with the prospect of voting in elections worthy of any third world country, where the result is guaranteed by fraud. Many in government and the media will assure the people that voter fraud is a figment of a madman's imagination but the real truth is that in the voting system we use today it is easy to add votes or move them around. The only thing that is hard is keeping the fraud from the eyes of the public. The media is charged with investigating any sign of election fraud and notifying the public, a task that it is not doing. As I said, I am a retired editor who has reported on vote fraud before. It was relatively small scale in local races but it definitely did exist. The scale at which the fraud is being perpetrated today is alarming, affecting possibly millions of votes and choosing the President of the United States by unlawful means. None of this could happen if the media were honest. The American people both liberals and conservative must force the media to be honest by what ever means necessary. All our lives depend on it. The future of the United States of America is at stake.

Everything this writer has written so far has been true but this paragraph contains some hearsay because the person mentioned is George Soros. Mr. Soros is a dark and shadowy figure of immense wealth but he seems to be an integral part of what has happened since Trump's election in 2016. All the immigration caravans to the southern boarder are said to be funded by Soros, as are the demonstrations Black Lives Matter and Antifa have staged. Indeed there is not many anti Trump activities not said to be funded by Soros. It seems that this man likes to use his money to cause mayhem. He is said to have a liking for a "one world socialist government", with him in charge of course. The US media will not mention any of this because I believe they want to be part of it.

In my home my wife and I cut off cable 3-4 years ago, now we look at Internet news sources and antenna TV news. We find TV news has so much liberal bias that it is not real news at all. So what do we do about the fake news in my home? We watch public television news and needless to say none of the programs are funded by "viewers like me". Out of the network stations, we watch NBC and ABC world news. Like PBS the network world news are so liberal biased that you only get about half the news. In their case we do not buy any product advertised during their news cycle. Most of the ads are for medication, if we have to we only buy the generic brand not the advertised brand. It is one family's way of fighting back.

One last thought. If the Democrats had failed to remove President Trump this election cycle would they have assassinated him? I think the hatred for this man runs so deep by some leading Democrats, assassination was always on the table. Treason?

That's what I think. What do you think?