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The Tennessee Mockingbird

Tennesse Kicks the Devil in the Face

by June Griffin

This Mockingbird usually does not relate personal testimonies, but this one is of such phenomenal importance, we publish it with gratitude to the God of our Fathers.

To the Good People:

Yesterday, I received in the mail a beautiful copy of the Senate Proclamation identical to the HR 107 adopted unanimously by the House of Representatives in Tennessee urging all Counties to post the Ten Commandments. This Proclamation was signed by the Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey and Senator Ken Yager. Both passed in May of this year.

This work for the Commandments only took 14 years to accomplish, the first six of which was spent addressing 91 of the 95 Tennessee counties on the right to post God's Law. My Resolution was enjoined by 88 of the 95 Tennessee counties, four already had taken their stand for their Right. Only one County, Williamson, voted against it. The rest tabled it. (Shame!)

The Head of the ACLU, Hedy Weinberg, in Tennessee (horrors that should a thing exist in Tennessee) told me plainly that she didn't always honor the 9th and 10th Articles to the Bill of Rights, a practice which violates her whole case. You can't steal the first one, Hedy, and ignore the rest. They are an interlocking Right, and they all are forever inviolable.

And when you spend your own time and your own money, and have no tax deduction or non-profit status, but merely answer to the Lord of Hosts Who gave us this country - when you can go unheralded from one County to the other, sometimes alone, sometimes accompanied by my friend, Ruth Ann Wilson, and rarely my husband who was able to leave his work and go with me - when you, Hedy, will do for your god what I have done for Mine, just to bring Him glory, then you can say you have done something. Until then, shut up and get back in line with the tyrants of history who oppressed entire peoples by their unreasonable and despotic regulations.

What I did was out of pure love as I was sent across the State by Divine Ordination and Charge. It was hugely successful.

"She dipped her pen in

June Griffin

Here is the body and text of HR 107 in its entirety.

WHEREAS, in order to preserve domestic tranquility and protect the blessings of liberty, the foundation of any government must rest upon both law and morality; and

WHEREAS, the underpinnings of our system of government are rooted in a steadfast belief in Almighty God and the conviction that all morality, justice and unalienable rights derive from his gracious hand; and

WHEREAS, most of the political theorists embraced by our Founding Fathers, from Locke to Blackstone, espoused the Natural Law Theory, and as John Quincy Adams explained, "the laws of nature and of nature's God of course presupposes the existence of a God, the moral ruler of the universe and a rule of right and wrong, or just and unjust, binding upon man, preceding all institutions of human society and of government"; and

WHEREAS, the Founders' desire to publicly acknowledge God as the source of America's strength and direction is reflected in many of our founding documents and practices, from the Mayflower Compact and the Declaration of Independence to the National Motto and Thanksgiving Day celebrations; and

WHEREAS, since our nation's birth, federal, state and local governing bodies have continued to invoke Divine guidance and celebrate the role religion has played in American life by issuing faith-based proclamations and opening each legislative session with prayer and supplication, a practice instituted by the First United States Congress and which has continued unbroken for more than two centuries; and

WHEREAS, throughout America's rich history, both the citizenry and their elected officials alike have deeply respected the Ten Commandments, its profound influence on the formation of American legal thought, and its fundamental place in the history of law and government as a whole; and

WHEREAS, the Supreme Court has repeatedly recognized the historical importance of these sacred texts and even upheld Sunday closing laws, which originated in the Fourth Commandment's exhortation to remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy; and
WHEREAS, countless depictions of Moses and the Ten Commandments can be found throughout our nation's capital as a testament to the Decalogue's undeniable role in our country's legal tradition, including the magnificent displays adorning the Supreme Court Building, the Library of Congress's Jefferson Building, the National Archives, the Department of Justice, the Ronald Reagan Building, the federal courthouse that is home to both the Court of Appeals and the District Court for the District of Columbia and the Chamber of the United States House of Representatives; and

WHEREAS, 88 Tennessee counties have already adopted resolutions acknowledging the historical significance of the Ten Commandments and pledging to defend their right to display them; and

WHEREAS, it is imperative that these revered tablets continue to grace our public buildings, as reminders to this generation and the next of the vital role the Ten Commandments and its Author have played in shaping our great republic; now, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the 107th General Assembly of the state of Tennessee, that this body hereby urges all Tennessee counties to allow the Ten Commandments to be posted in their respective courthouses."

Following this move, Senator Ken Yager and Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, signed a companion Proclamation with the same text, showing the support of the Senate for this monumental accord.

As a personal witness and evangelist for common Americanism, I will testify that I have spoken with untold numbers of the people who have a common assessment: "The trouble all started when they took prayer and Bible reading out of the public schools." These are the people who were brought up with the acknowledgemnt of God and surety of His Blessings and Curses on this chosen nation. Yet these people virtually have no voice. Therefore in an effort to alert the public that their wishes have been granted, in spite of an all-out assault by the left-wing legal organizations, we further erected a billboard  on Highway 27 bypass in Dayton. It is fitting that this victory take place where we whipped the ACLU in 1925 over the matter of Creation and the Bible. We won. It is also fitting that this victory take place this year - at the 400th anniversary of the 1611 King James Version of the Scriptures - a printing which has been of monumental comfort and hope to the people of the United States.

To the left-wing lawyers, I say: You have oppressed the entire State of Tennessee, and the Lord God of our Fathers sees our plight. Psalm 109 stands as a testimony to those who wield the rod of tyranny, especially in the United States. What pleasure is it to put your foot on the neck of the common people of tyranny and overthrow their God-given Rights? That we have been oppressed since your cruel reign is a matter of record. What pleasure is it to trample on those who have no elected Defender? I say to you and all others like you, "Our Redeemer is Strong. Truly, we have often neglected and broken God's Commandments, but we are here dealing with our Right to honor God publicly. And without jeopardy of being sued by a collective of vested-interest lawyers who are either ignorant of our history or too mean to quit doing wrong.

"We are looking for the unconditional surrender of the ACLU and other left-wing nuisances. You are beat again."