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(Excerpt from Toneeke's book)

by Toneeke Henderson

Stranded for a brief eternity, we embraced the silence that would soon balance our souls in time, a completion of a notch of time that would be felt forever.

There we were, sitting on the beautiful white sand listening to the waves come in, a soothing sound as if it were counting music's rhythm. A soft continuous breeze flowing with the smell of freshness like cleansing the soul.

Music filled the air from afar so as not to disturb that serene atmosphere we were now in. This is a moment of splendor and no worries of any kind, no concerns from yesterday nor of the coming of tomarrow, but for the moment we call here and now.

We just sat there, knowing we could not leave this place until they returned for us. It was early in the morning, the sun was rising in the distance. Seemingly it had a soul note to it. For it is part of what reaches the earth's floor and bounces back to the Heavens.

We laughed at the little sand crabs scurrying to and fro from the waters edge as if to mimic it's taunting pull. The smell of fresh fruit danced amongst palm trees behind us. We decided to walk and find the aroma that was sending us its fragrant trail.

Toneeke Henderson

There just past the trees was an inviting pond of water like an oasis but lagoon like, bunches of fruits were all around as if perhaps Heaven had placed the altars of life in front of us, and perhaps it had. We sat like any right-minded person would have and ate of the gifts laid around the waters.

This encouraged us to go further into the hatching greenery that was inviting and persuasive in its natural yet surreal design, as if to speak to us in it's own language.

Venturing further into the jungle-esc area above the sands where we had been sitting, there were birds of wild and vibrant colors starring at us in the same awe, as we were they. Beyond them were wondrous vines making web like designs through the trees. As our eyes made past the vines we noticed a ray of sunlight beaming down as if pointing us to a cave opening.

The lurking vines gated the path there as if only to allow just us there. As we walked towards the cave's entrance we noticed we were standing on what seemed like a giant sundial. We seemingly became the timepieces sun line.

We entered the cave's opening feeling a change as if we were crossing over time's very own existence. A feeling of un-expressible joy filled our hearts and minds a sense of wonderment beyond comprehension. In the center of the cave was a hue of amber glow as if perhaps enchanted by Heaven itself. A voice came from the distance and a small frail woman arose to meet us, ushering us to sit on nearby stones. Little green and yellow spots flicked in the darkened areas of the cave as if a thousand eyes were watching us.

Photo by Rina Hatcher

Without a sound from us she said " I am Keneesh ti ya." I am the keeper of this place. I asked quickly what this place was, Keneesh ti ya replied, "It is called the thinking place." She continued to explain that when people live such busy lives and watch a big time piece that marks each moment of their days, they soon become lost and awaken in fright that they have grown old and lost their life to a world that does not care because time waits for no one.

I asked in a silent way why we were left on the island, were we suppose to find this place or are we dead and do not yet know it.
Keneesh ti ya chuckled and began to explain again, " No child you are surely not dead unless you choose to be. The big sphere that we live upon only exists while we are here to travel upon it. You are here because time is slipping away and you must now take hold of the hand that spins the sun line to slow it down for the end is only as near as you wish it."

She was making a lot of sense I continued with my questions. I wanted to know why we needed to be at The Thinking Place. Keneesh ti ya was very deep in her thoughts and wisdom, And after a moment she told us "The Thinking Place is a secret place that the heart goes when it is happy and sad. People forget what their lives are really about when they go thinking, sad things become sadder and angry things become ugly and mean, happy things become dreams.

The Thinking place is to help you see where your priorities are and which direction you think most. This my child is a place to help you understand and to choose your path that enlightens your soul and to slow the ticking of the great time piece that consumes the very breath you take."

Hours must have went by without our noticing, there was a sound outside the cave that was awakening us to the reality that we were in fact not dreaming, as we glanced towards the opening of the cave the frail little woman known only as Keneesh ti ya was now gone.

We exited the cave and walked back the path we came, we must have been in there a long time for it was now dusk the last of the sun was getting nestled ready to set. We passed back by the lagoon area and grabbed some more fruit and went to the beach area we had sat early that morning. As we sat listening to the waves we contemplated the conversation that we had had in the cave.

Songs from the evening birds danced in the air and secured the very thought that there were no worries and the misty sprays from the waters edge seem to have rinsed us with tranquil touches of the angels like the dew upon a petal refreshing it for a new day.

We looked at each other in a new light and in silence understood the changes, Together we filtered sand through our hands as if we held the hour glass of life, as we waited we spoke no words for in this silence we knew each others thoughts.

To sum this up in a strange sort of way,

There is messages in everything we say, do and think? Time is an essence that we cannot change no matter how true the fountain of youth may or may not be. If yesterday cannot be changed then why plan tomarrow when all you have is the here and now and the moment in which you exist at any given second that you think about your existence in this sundial of life. Don't contemplate your next move, just do what is happiest to do, sadness and anger only send you faster to the end of the tunnel of light, and looking back cannot take you forward. Embrace life, love the here and now, spell tomarrow like I do with an "a", dance naked under the moon because you can, just remember don't wait till tomarrow for tomarrow may be too late.

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