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by Toneeke Henderson

Have you ever wondered how to make an adobe brick? That's a mud brick used by the Adobe Indians. My friend Pat C. and I and her daughter Denise all went to Cherokee Days at Red Clay State Park. We couldn't go on Saturday so we chose to arrive on Sunday.

This was in July in case you didn't go. Anyway the nice Police woman told us before we pulled into the parking area that we would of course be parking at our own risk. We replied with a smile and Pat C. says "no problem". We entered the parking area which looked pretty solid since there was no signs of people being stuck and there were plenty of cars around to indicate a full house.

So, we drove ever so lightly across what we assumed was the solid area. Oh Yea you guessed it. We got stuck. So Pat C. never having been in that situation before decided to gun it. Well, we didn't go anywhere except down. So I thought OK what do I remember about driving in muddy areas... Hmmm ... Oh yeah "DON'T". We both sat there and laughed.

She asked me what to do so I told her and of course she had this incredible heavy foot that just didn't know what it was to ""touch it only a little bit"". Yes we were trying to dig to China I think. She asked me if I wanted to try it and I laughed and replied with a "no thanks." You have to remember there had been several days worth of rain and now there was extreme heat.

I decided that it would make a great story to tell but I didn't attempt to get a photo, I mean it might reveal Pat C.'s Identity. She has this really nice new AKIA van and even had White Wolf placed across the windshield and I think the wolf turned to water and ran off, because we were now really stuck and mud was flying everywhere.

I decided I would jump out and attempt to solve the problem. We needed some sort of grasping material. I looked around and all I saw was grass

Toneeke Henderson

shavings. Geeza Peas guys you would think it would soak it up after awhile. I had to  lean almost spread eagled across a mud stricken, tire slidden, ewwie gewie mud hole.  Holding onto the van so as not to fall I was stuffing grass shavings by the handfuls in front of the rear tire that had buried itself compliments of the driver.

Handful after handful  and then I instructed Pat C. to slowly step on the gas well to say the least, she still thought she was mashing the foot pedal of her sewing machine. She spun out enough adobe bricks to build a small storage room. If you ever need that kind of help call me and I'll connect you to the real mud slinger.

After enough grass and mud flung from the wheels,  some festival goers were kind enough to take pity on us poor strangers and aid us in our release from mother earth and return us to father sky so we could enjoy what was left of the festival. One gentleman had a tow strap and another had a four wheel

drive vehicle. They helped us right out of that hole.  We want to thank our rescuers "BEAR" from Ringold Ga. and  "Jimmy Greene" from Cleveland TN. It's not every day people  stop to help but we are very happy that they did. Thanks Guys!


I know everyone enjoys hearing about the animal antics around our house. Our son and his wife went on vacation and elected us to watch their terrier Zoe. During the first few hours while they were gone Zoe decided to get familiar with the cats of the house. OH boy what a circus.

First she decides to see how old Miss Cat is and see if she still likes to play. Miss Cat has her own ideas of fun and I don't think she was expecting this event to take place. Zoe was already well trained for circus acrobats and wanted Miss Cat to try it too. First she taught the cat how to duck and run, kind of like hide and seek but you get to throw the other participant across the room. I've seen my very mature cat do a somersault I can't even do.

The look on her face was priceless. Where's' the camera when you need it? Next I see Zoe practicing her 600 yard dash up and down the hallway. I am standing in the kitchen and this dog comes to a complete and abrupt stop and looks my way as I see my cat Gypsy with raised hair -- black cat Halloween style fly across my doorway. This cat I am telling you was almost four foot in the springing fashion style.

Just when I thought I had seen it all, I am in the doorway of the kitchen and living room near the back of my chair when Gypsy gets into bird perching slide action onto my shoulder. Zoe flies into the chair and proceeds to stare me in the eyes as if to say  "is there room for two on that shoulder?" I looked at her in panic as she became perched like a cat on the back of that chair and all I could say was " oh no you don't " and then I ran.

Our house had now been invaded by the Henderson Whacko Circus. My birds even watched in awe as they saw this don't fly on a trapeze, then I could almost swear I saw her and the cats doing the Hokie Pokie turn yourself around game. Maybe it was the heemie jeemie game at this point who knows.

I laid in bed mostly sleepless for all the noises and running in the house, finally everyone went to sleep - except me....

I found out later that all I had to do was to tell her to lay down on her blanket and then cover her up and off to sleep she would go. When her sleep over was over and she returned home, I think she missed her new circus buddies. After all it's not everyday you get to have your own circus on your own terms now is it. She was a lot of fun.

The editor I am sure is biting at the bit by now so off we go to never never land where I sum all the nonsense up.

It is better to get stuck in the mud than to be a stick in the mud. Laugh instead of being angry you can actually think better. I mean after all, I did get out there and look helpless and probably really silly  but we got help didn't we. (laughing myself silly). If we want to create amusement in our lives then invest in the warm and tender hearts of our dear animal friends, for they will give you endless hours of wonderful laughter. Actually, they may increase your life span by getting your heart to circulate with whacko antics.

Just like making lemonade out of lemons, adding grass to mud doesn't exactly make the bricks but it can be done. Our pets may bring out the animal in us as well by being as content as they are, with so much innocence in their own little world as they share it with us. However I still think dancing naked under the moonlight is a much easier job.