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Warts, Veins and Dry Eye! Oh My!

by BJ Armstrong

October. A fall month and number ten.
Colors or orange and black can be seen.
The 31st will have strange sights to behold.
Oh my, so many costumes will be sold.
Beware of the ghosts and goblins, and the black cat.
Everyone dressed up to scare you, and that's a fact.
Repeatedly, a pumpkin becomes a jack-o-lantern, matter-o-fact.

October, the month for Halloween (witches and warts; they go together). Do you get warts from a toad? No! Warts are spread by viruses and are so common, that one in ten people have at least one wart in their lifetime. Let's discuss some tried and true remedies for wart treatments. For warts on the hands and fingers, get out the duct tape and wrap around and/or under the fingernails. Wrap the duct tape around the fingernail 2 times and leave on for 6 and a half days. If its not gone by then, wrap it again 4 times and leave on for another 6 and a half days. If this doesn't work, try a crushed aspirin applied to the wart with cellophane tape.

A daily application of the from a Vitamin A capsule should show some improvement in several days. A paste made from a crushed Vitamin C tablet can bring some relief. The theory is that both vitamins may kill the wart producing virus.

Did you know that warts can be "visualized" away? This is according to studies by Dr. Nicholas Spanos, Ph.D, a professor of psychology. A person is supposed to "imagine" that the wart is shrinking and you should be able to feel the tingling as the warts are dissolving. Results: Warts disappear in about one of three people this way.

If you believe any of the above, try this: Take a used dish cloth, name it a good preacher's name, then bury the dish cloth and the wart will leave you and get on the preacher.

If you have warts, go to the doctor. Warts can easily spread to other parts of the body, even if you have a small cut on the finger. But witches look good with warts. Let them keep them. Right!

Anyone have "spider" veins anytime other than in October? Varicose, or spider, veins affect more than 20 million American. They are reddish or blue bulges that appear on the legs and thighs, and are ugly. Sometimes they can be painful, but usually are not serious and do not lead to other problems in the legs or circulatory system. One of the easiest ways to get relief from pain is to take half an aspirin in the morning and at night. The aspirin will increase blood mobility and help with the pain.

B J Armstrong

A simple yoga breathing practice can help relieve varicose vein pain. Lie flat on your back and prop your feet on a chair. Breathe slowly through your nose. this position helps get the blood flowing in your legs into the trunk area of the body. Another exercise while you are lying on your back is to raise your legs high in the air and rest them against a wall for two minutes. Any exercise that helps strengthen the legs can help varicose veins.

A few simple things to is: Don't smoke; watch the salt intake, watch the weight; and avoid constriction. Girdles can keep the blood pooled in the legs. Support stockings resist the blood's tendency to pool in the small blood vessels closest to the skin. the down-side is that stocking with higher compression are less comfortable to wear. Seek medical advice if varicose veins are very painful and you see red lumps in the veins and they do not decrease in size.

If you see a dry-eyed, red-eyed purple people eater this month, it's a Halloween creature. But, if you have a dry, red-eye disorder, it cannot be cured, but it can be treated. Dry eyes occur when the eye doesn't produce the necessary quantity of tears, or produces tears that are lacking in the proper composition. Sometimes redness of the eyes or a burning sensation is experienced.

As with most eye disorders, dry eye is normally the result of aging and can affect people over 50. Left untreated, it can cause serious damage to the tissue with possible scarring of the eye. This can result in loss of vision.

Dry eyes cannot be permanently cured, but there is effective treatment. Most likely, the doctor will recommend eye drops. They have been formulated to stimulate natural tears. There is also a soothing ointment that may be applied at bedtime. In severe cases, the doctor may put in tiny plugs in the corner of each eye. This is simple and painless. The purpose of the plugs is to slow down the drainage of tears and provide more natural lubrication. Ironically, excessive watering is one symptom of dry eyes. Other symptoms include scratchy, dry, irritated or generally uncomfortable eyes.

People who live in a dry climate might benefit from the use of a humidifier in the home.

Other serious eye problems include: Glaucoma; cataracts, macular degeneration, retinal detachment, and flashers and floaters. I have had all of these problems. Praise the Lord, I am not totally blind and can still see enough to get around fairly well. Early detection through regular examinations can and will result in effective treatment. Please keep your eye appointments.

Readers, it's only two months until Christmas. Let's begin NOW and be a truly loving person to others. Beginning with myself first...

Let's be the kind of person
People like to be around.
Let us make others feel
Important and special.
In November, be thankful.
In December, be caring.
Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Have a safe Halloween!