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by Toneeke Henderson

So here I was thinking how well I could see. Yeah you know how that goes.  I could put on my evening glasses to sit in bed and watch TV and eat popcorn.  That has been my routine for a long time. I decided to get new glasses and  accompanied my husband that day to get his as well. 

Things went pretty well until we went to leave and we were both blind from the eye goo that makes your eyes psycho. They had really confused  themselves at what was happening - we were now the blind leading the blind. We returned a week later to retrieve what was to be our new found vision. My husband could see great with his new glasses. I tried mine on and well, I am here to  tell you I should be granted the right to be legally blind according to  the glasses.

I had purposely asked for two pair of glasses one for driving and one for watching TV. That way I had my sunglasses and my in house glasses. They had really screwed things up. My watching TV wouldn't even had been at arms length  from me. Everything was way too blurry, I could have seen better in a sand storm.  I don't think there is room on my forehead for a TV monitor.

Now the pair that was suppose to give me a good bit of drivable viewing, well ummm, all I am gonna say is I know all of you out there in reader land would  not want this spirited woman to be driving behind you or anywhere in your

Toneeke Henderson

proximity - lets just say they might as well have coated my eye sockets with a thick layer of frosted glass and Neosporin, why even a dump truck would have  been muted from sight.

They were trying to convince me I couldn't read without their prescription. Ha, let me tell ya, I read that little ruler they had sitting  there at an arms length without the glasses and I couldn't even see the lady  sitting in

front of me with the glasses on. Now, how am I supposed to see a tail  light of a car. I mean really wouldn't you like for me to chauffeur you around for awhile with those glasses on, maybe around Chattanooga in the rush hour  traffic. Lets add a little rain to that as well, and after dark, oh yeah… now that's  gonna be a ride. I wouldn't even drive me!

Knowing my eyes were not as bad as those folks had wanted them to be, I  knew I needed new glasses, at my age anything updated is a plus. Glasses is as far as I go, no botox for this gal. Like who wants big eyes anyway. (Wink) So as I wondered what to do I called the eye place up and got the run around, so I  told them to put the old prescription back in and I would just be fine and of  course they were not happy because they couldn't get them right even after the  second attempt. 

I couldn't even see out of the glasses unless my eye was peeping at the rim and I mean the rim. I think the person who made those lenses should have had my glasses on while - they made them. You think?

I decided as weeks went on to get my refund and go to the other purple building in town Eye Ear Optical. Well

OK, I believed in them because they had a purple building like mine, and they have a great reputation. I explained my dilemma and that I also did not need the re-dilation of my eyes, only a real  good old fashioned eye test to set my eyes into the world of light with sight. 

I simply just wanted a single vision pair of glasses and sunglasses so I  wouldn't run anyone over in the street.

I awaited my appointment, and explained again the scenario for the eye  Dr. The great Dr. Bencho. Now this guy knows his stuff… he understood what I  needed and how to get my eyes exactly up to date. When he gave the gentleman in the lobby counter area my prescription and said " make sure these are exact",  and the guy said OK. They made them exact. 

The Dr. had said to me that he couldn't believe how sensitive my eyes were, well if he only knew that my strangeness comes from the light reflected by my soul and as my inner light beams outwards as the worlds light tries to beam inward, that helps  to understand my enlightenment on life.

Well I like their place for a few reasons… because they make the lenses there, and secondly they didn't argue with me about what I wanted. I mean hey, they are my eyes and I know better then anyone how they work. And - they are purple people like me.  (Smile)

I went to pick my glasses up, and you know I haven't seen so clearly since I began wearing glasses years ago.

Because Eye Ear Optical took the time to listen to their customer, it made a whole world of difference. So now my EYEs can see clearly now. All of the staff are great there and courteous as well. So if you are of  the purple people factor or just in need of new sight, I would highly recommend  their services entirely. Thanks guys you are my new best eyeglass place.


I Love this time of year. I enjoy the moments I can sit outside in pure silence. A simple breeze flows ever so gently, delivering leaves one by one amongst the dancing leaves  upon the ground. These are the moments of cleansing, times passing into the coming of a season that alerts us to the grandeur of recycling the very essences of mother earth. As a controller of nature she is demanding the transfiguring of her seasons and will stop at nothing to insist on her  will.

I like the changes in the seasons for they prepare us for the changing of our inner seasons  as well. We as part of this great earth change constantly and mostly without notice to ourselves except for the small uttering of the "why did I do that".  If we were like the squirrel we would be smart enough to gather our food for the winter months and enjoy the flamboyant colors mother earth paints for us across the mountain tops and fields.  For it won't be  long for the north winds to come which allows the earth to rest. This is like a new year for the earth in its own right. So enjoy the experience in full at the  Autumn equinox.

My fun part…  summing it up.

Beginning a journey is always fun, but you must complete the journey as well or you won't be able to see where you came from. When someone else insists that you see only what they see, don't be afraid to tell them you are different and no one is  really wrong. We all can't be right and we all know what we see. I know I am not blind and I'm happy to be me.

Life is like that of those pretty fall colored leaves. If you sit long  enough in the silence of the earth, you can hear each one fall into it's  destined place. Taste of the essence that grants you newness, that; perhaps you  had over looked last year. Smell the changes and embrace the earth for her gifts  of the season.
Having  two purple buildings in the same town can be pretty kewl when they are both kewl  places to visit. Best of all; Light a pumpkin for a friend, and never ever dance  naked in a whirlwind with your eyes  open.