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Revisionist History says Prohibition Failed.
Really Now!

by June Griffin

The nation's No. 1 drug problem lies within the manufacturing, distribution and sale of alcohol. Whether it is imbibing legislators tippling with lobbyists who feel so good spending other people's money or classy cocktail parties which hide the effect of the "spirits" they drank, it still is the head of all kinds of trouble. Often  warnings about alcohol are neglected by the negative reaction to the imagined and crafted stigma of the Prohibition Amendment. Everybody knows Prohibition was a failure, of course, a laughing stock. Or was it?

In a conversation with Elizabeth Williams, former President of the Women's Christian Temperance Union in Tennessee, she testified to me that in this State crime went nearly to zero, and it was common for folks to leave their doors unlocked, for they had no fear of anyone breaking into their home. Would you do that now? It was obvious the movement was blessed of the God of our Fathers, but unscrupulous dealers hated the restraint; movies and theatre always depicted the hero and stars pouring alcohol drinks and the cocktail glass or beer mug was a status symbol. What nation in the world today, steeped in socialism, does not have a populace where their only life is alcohol? Loss of liberty is stifled by numbing the mind with alcohol. It is the only life there is with liberty gone.

Submitted below is a scholarly entry by William Bledsoe, a member of today's Prohibition Party and a long-time supporter of abstinence from alcohol. The Scripture states that the fruit of the Spirit of God is Temperance: the fruit of their 'spirits' is Intemperance.


Remember the President inviting the Black homeowner and the cop to the White House to talk about their problem over a beer? Nothing solved. Just fuzzy heads!

While the A.P. news across America reported on the 37th Quadrennial National Convention of the Prohibition Party (June 20-22, 2011), American people displayed their abject ignorance in their blog comments. Just what the liquor industry wanted.

1. "Prohibition failed" is the most common lie perpetrated, out of ignorance.

2. "Prohibition gave us Al Capone, crime, etc."

3. "Prohibition forced their morals on us."

4. "Prohibition denied me my right to drink."

I could cite many more grossly ignorant statements, but let's take a look at these four.

ONE: National prohibition (18th Amendment) did not fail. It was sabotaged; train-wrecked. Volumes have been published about the collusion of the powerful liquor industry with the news media, crooked law enforcement officials, corrupt politicians, and gullible citizens who never bother to verify anything.

TWO: Al Capone began his criminal career at the early age of 14, a decade before the 18th Amendment began. Crime syndicates were already operating. The criminals would have taken advantage of a ban on ice cream if it had been made illegal. In this case, it just happened to be prohibition.

THREE: There was no such thing as the 18th Amendment "forcing morals" on anyone! It was not a "moral" law. It had everything to do with safety, health, and family-economics. True, some religious people carried the prohibition banner. But, was that a sin?

FOUR: At no place in the Volstead Act or the 18th Amendment was a person told "You have no right to drink." This was, and is, an outright lie. The truth is, an individual was allowed to make his own brew at home, and drink it at home! Which would not be a bad law for today. People were simply not allowed to commercialize it.

Public records show that families' economic/social lives improved during prohibition; more savings accounts in banks; and more families buying homes; better productivity on the job, and a host of other improvements, all documented. Fail? I don't think so.

The following are only a few reliable references, fully documented, that prove national prohibition did not fail. For those who dare to know the documented truth how it proved to be good for America and Americans, do your research! Educate yourself.

The Amazing Story of Repeal, Fletcher Dobyns, 1940, Signal Press., Evanston, IL.

The Wrecking of the 18th Amendment, Ernest Gordon, 1943, Alcohol Information Press, Francestown, N. H.

Report on Alcohol, Robert Hammond, Ed., American Businessmens' Research Fdn., Lansing, MI., Summer-1975. (Alcohol policy, health care, costs). (Costs at workplace, substance abuse).

For those needing a Biblical explanation:

The Bible and its Wines,  Charles Ewing, Specialty Pub., Denver, 1985.

Bible Wines, or Laws of Fermentation, and Wines of the Ancients; Rev. William Patton, D.D., Signal Press, Evanston, IL. 1975.

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July 8, 2011           


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June Griffin