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The Tennessee Mockingbird

The United States in the Bible

by June Griffin

Joseph Canfield, in his book, The Incredible Scofield, chronicles the errors connected with what is called 'Dispensationalism,' and the giving of anointed status to a land which Jesus Christ said would be desolate. The additions of footnotes and gaps made by Scofield's footnotes from Genesis to the Gospels have caused the Christians to suffer a long hindrance to their particular status as the "Anointed people of God." Especially those in the United States.

Along comes the resurrection of the writings of Lorenzo Dow, one of the most influential of the 18th century Methodist circuit preachers, heralded by Governors and Senators at the end of his life, the inspiration for thousands of people whose children were named Lorenzo Dow so-and-so to honor this great man. Of course, if you have been captivated by superstars and entertainers, you may never have heard of him. But with the propagation of Internet, many great men are being brought to light. Those of us who have not been so charmed still find in dusty old leather-bound books the wonderful writings and deeds of greats like Lorenzo Dow, Francis Asbury, Leonard Wood, Patrick Henry's sister Elizabeth Russell, W. G. Brownlow, Adam Clarke, John Fletcher, John and Valentine Sevier, and a host of American others whose shoes superstars are unworthy to loose.

Many of these were 'uneducated.' By that I mean, their brains hadn't been scrubbed with skepticism and veneered with the lies of Darwin, Freud & Marx, the devil's law firm. They were schooled in the Bible where is found courage, valor, truth and holy challenges, spurred by their Saviour Who inspired the Bible and poured upon them the Spirit of Righteousness.

So it was natural that the great Lorenzo Dow would elucidate in his voluminous writings on the 18th chapter of Isaiah and make accurate interpretation of this chapter to the United States whom he loved as a Patriotic Prophet. Imagine such uneducated men writing volumes of deep thought and truth while facing the elements on horseback, sleeping often on the ground in winter and summer, yet victorious in their conquering of a waste-howling wilderness and converting thousands of souls to the freedom of the Gospel. These are the foundations of Americanism - the love of liberty which began when one was freed from the shackles of sin in the heart.

Hear his expository:

"We would call attention at this time to the important prophecy in Isaiah, respecting this country, and to the effects which the principles of liberty that originated here have already produced in other countries, and are hereafter yet to produce. America is so plainly designated and described in the prophecy, that there need be no mistake in the application of it to America or more particularly to the United States, as we shall proceed to show. "

And after applying its geographical application, and the glories of American shipbuilding, states emphatically that war with the United States has been dreaded, "a nation terrible from its beginning," seeing the spirit of liberty which was demonstrated by the warlike and holy spirit of victory that God gave the men.

".... what other nation or people except those of the United States, from their beginning up to the most distant period of their existence, have been always terrible, so that a war with them has been dreaded by other nations? There are no other people in the world but have at some time since their existence as a nation, sunk under the power of their enemies, except those of the United States; and it is plainly intimated in the prophecy, that the people of this country never will as the expression hitherto denotes an unlimited period."

I would say so since every snake in the grass has tried to figure out ways to get the United States to make treaties, rather than face them in open, armed conflict. Does not our enemy fear to turn our soldiers loose and let them fight like Americans? Why such political shenanigans at the tables if not to tie our hands? Why doesn't the ACLU and their corrupt legal firms arm themselves to fight for their cause rather than sneak around in courts, subverting our God-given liberties? Because they know they would lose in a real war and be exposed as a collective of cowards whose ultimate goal is to present themselves as the saviour of rights. Indeed!

"As long, therefore, as any governments exist, the people of this country will always remain "terrible" to all other nations, and will never come under the power of their enemies. "

No wonder that Lincoln in his Gettysburg address stated that this nation would never perish. He knew Dow's teachings and other Patriotic Prophets who "preached liberty."

He states that an Ensign would lift up the "standard of liberty erected in this country, against kingly and ecclesiastical tyranny, and is destined to spread and extend its influence into other parts of the world, by means of swift messengers and reporters respecting what has been done here. The decree, therefore has been pronounced, that the principles of liberty, set up in this country, should be disseminated among other nations, and produce their consequent effects in the downfall and demolition of corrupt an arbitrary institutions, as we behold it doing at this day, and shall yet see it more fully realized hereafter.

"As if it were said--seeing the abuse, tyranny, and corruptions of kingly governments and ecclesiastical leaders, and their obstinacy and determination not to amend any of his merciful and gracious means which has long been used towards them; I will leave them, without attempting any further their amendment by such means, but will cause them to feel and experience the effect of the principles of liberty on all their established customs and usages, by which they will be prostrated and brought down by a sore and severe visitation."

Don't you think this uneducated man had something to say about Americanism and its perpetuity in victory? Don't you think it is time to give credit to whom credit is due and for the enemies of this God-given liberty to run up the white flag and quit promoting vice, which is the ultimate market of God's enemies?

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June Griffin