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The Tennessee Mockingbird

A Declaration from the Church Militant
and Notice of Intent

by June Griffin

Rumors and news coming out of Washington about 'hate crimes' is in the wind. Such 'criminal activity' is targeted to put to silence opposition to the French libertarians who promote sodomy, all in the name of equality.

Part of this purported legislation is aimed at silencing the Bible pulpit which plainly denounces sodomy as a sin that God punished by fire and brimstone, and currently punished by Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome (emphasis on the word "Acquired").

Of special interest is the threat and jeopardy to be placed on those who preach Bible doctrines. The Bible is plain that murder or assault is forbidden. "Hate crimes" forbid murder or assault against special classes, which of course creates more government grants and mandates, government jobs, counselors, lawyers and other leechcraft which increase your taxes, and swell the bureaucracy, thus buying votes of these employees and their families. (Who would vote themselves out of a job?)

In the Providence, Rhode Island case, Justice Shea termed it "the heinous, abominable crime of sodomy." That denouncing term by Justice Shea was entered into the 1994 Campbell v. Sundquist Tennessee case where God and the Bible were represented by a certain Rhea County Christian taxpayer.

The real kicker in this case was to decriminalize this 'heinous, abominable crime' so that the practicers of said crime could get on TennCare. Public benefits draw flies.

Back to the Declaration. Since the Dark Ages of the 1960's, hypocrisy has had a heyday, ending in multicultural double-standards and toleration of all religions except the true one of the Bible. Abortion is kosher while our military was denounced as "baby-killers." This diverse beast allows all manner of spiritual celebrations such as Halloween, Cupid's Day, Earth Day, and Santa's Day.

Just recently the Tennessee and North Carolina Governors and other dignitaries celebrated "75 years of Rocky Top," which commemorated the snatching of private farms and businesses by force and establishing a public park, all for the public good, of course. At this high-powered celebration, "Cherokee tribal Elder Jerry Wolfe prayed: "Mother Earth, we honor you," he said after getting the assembly to face the four directions of the compass. "We praise you." (Chattanooga Times Free Press)

And no one objected.

In another piece of hypocrisy: a certain legislative Aide in our State Capital sent around an e-mail which offended these diversifiers. As a result, the entire legislative staff were forced to take 'diversity training,' to tender their conscience into a mode of toleration for those who were 'different' and to alter their cultural bent. All submitted and no one objected!

At the entrance to the Oak Ridge Y12 Plant every August 6, members of the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance and their sympathizers, nuns (Sisters of Charity) and priests beat their religious drums, set up their Buddhist god and pray and chant prayers, denouncing our victory of WW II and the salvation of thousands of our WW II military. This is on federal property. And no one objected. Protesters are ordered to "be civil."

Prayers to "Mother Earth and to the Sun" are the fare of "Earth Day," another political concoction of the Dark Ages of the 1960's, whose "going green" theme is forcing the public to pay for a lot of funny-looking light bulbs and other hardware. And no one objected.

Very Religious, these celebrations! This column is too short to catalog all the religious hypocrisy while at the same time, cheerleaders at Lakeview High School are ordered by the cowardly school superintendent to end their long practice of Scripture banners at the football games, adding to a long list of depletion of Godly practices and attacks on our Christian heritage.

Thus, it is hereby published that all true Bible preachers will join in this Declaration. "We, being true to the commandments of almighty God to preach the Gospel to every creature, to rebuke sin, correct error, to bless the righteous and curse the wicked, according to our American Covenant of Deuteronomy 28 and the Ten Commandments, hereby state that we have no intention of stopping the preaching, public and private, wherever the spirit of God will so order and inspire.

"We further declare that this practice has been instituted since the Mayflower Compact of 1620 which states that the Colonies were established for the "advancement of the Christian faith," which faith we intend to fervently propagate with Godspeed and His blessing.

"We further declare that we will stand on the blood of Jesus Christ, the captain of our salvation, under whose banner of love, mingled the blood of our veterans from this early date, have offered their willing sacrifice that we might have this liberty, that to abandon it because of fear will certainly bring the wrath of God and our ancient military upon our heads, in that dreadful day at God's judgment seat, before which we will give open account.

"We further declare that the American Bill of Rights, secured by vehement Protestants such as James Madison and Patrick Henry, ratified December 15, 1791, by Congress, is a formidable foe to those who would silence the preachers, regardless of threats by public or private collusions, vain jeopardy or loss of IRS blessings.

"Finally, we will not stop preaching or allow the State or intimidation's of any kind to stop our open proclaiming God's truth. Those who do so are not true to their charge or to Americanism."

"I, for one, sign this Declaration with a glad heart."


June Griffin