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Christianity and Creation, and Why They MUST Go Together Hand in Hand

by Jennifer Bowman

I think one of the more depressing things in today's society is the odd, disappointing conversion of Christians to evolutionist Christians, which is in my mind, an oxymoron. Some people think this is one of those things that aren't that big of a deal, like whether or not there will be a rapture. But I disagree.

People say that the reference of "seven days" can't be interpreted as a literal seven days. Why? Because of the controversial and charmingly befuddled theory of evolution that so many people - even Christians - are turning to.

They want answers for how the world came to be, but not only is the creation of the world EXPLICITLY described in the Bible - it's described in the FIRST PAGES. If God -meant- "a million years" I am quite assured that He would have said "a million years." It wouldn't matter if it was a million years or seven days, but the fact that it is in the text as "seven days," stated plainly - it absolutely boggles my mind that someone who believes in the Bible would somehow purport this to be anything other than "seven days." Seven days means several million years? I can't imagine how one jumps to that conclusion. Because day and night weren't the "same thing" millions of years ago? The VERY FIRST THING that God did was "divide light from darkness." The writer refers to evening and morning. Evening and morning imply, to me, a twenty-four hour period. And for things on earth to survive and remain in correct gravitational pull, the earth had to have been on a similar elliptical plane and a similar distance from the sun throughout all time.

Jennifer Bowman

-Jennifer Bowman is an nineteen-year-old in Cleveland, Tennessee.  Her dad is fellow columnist JC Bowman.

How distorted does your thinking have to be to come up with a concocted theory that God did not have a direct hand in the creation of something as perfect as earth? How little faith must someone have in order to think that God simply "sparked" something while the rest of it just "fell into place?" The last time I ran with the theory that God merely needed to have a slight influence in my life and that everything else would fall into place, I ended up in some pretty bad situations.

No, you need direct conversation and a personal relationship with Jesus in order to grow in your own relationship with God. And if you deny the extremely simple phrases of the first chapter of Genesis, a very frank and obvious phrase like "seven days," how can you say that Jesus rose from the dead in three days?

Because if you use the same reasoning that Christians use to support the secular, worldly theory that is evolution - you can say that three days really meant three thousand years. In this case, if you for some reason blindly choose to trust the Biblical timeline in reference to Christ, but not to Creation, that would mean that right at this moment, Jesus Christ is not risen. Or perhaps Jesus Christ did not rise as a physical being in exactly three days, as described in the Bible, but as a spiritual "guide" while the body still lies in the tomb, because you know, Christ didn't need a physical resurrection in order to ensure our salvation. In fact, the resurrection doesn't matter AT all! Jesus' teachings are the only things that matter!

If the above paragraph sounded like New Age, liberal, moronic, sacrilegious horse poo, you are basically hearing what I hear every time I hear a Christian rant about the "scientific, logical" processes of evolution. People are taking secular theories that they have been taught in school and ignoring the realistic, direct, blatant book of Genesis. My grandfather used to tell me, "How can you believe in the rest of the Bible if you don't even believe in the first chapter?"

Why in the world would you dare try to twist, bend, and pervert the words of the Bible in order to fit your belief in evolution? There's nothing that angers me more than when people interpret the Bible in order to fit their own completely unbiblical beliefs. In my opinion, saying that evolution can fit with the description of creation in the Bible is like saying that pre-marital sex isn't a sin because it's not directly mentioned under the terms of adultery.

When people use this type of excuse for sin, it's obvious that they're doing it to feel less guilty about their own behavior. The depressing part is that the Bible -does- directly, blatantly, completely describe the story of Creation with very little leeway for bizarre interpretations such as evolution, and people STILL manage to find some way to ignore God's word.

Oh, was it misinterpreted? Has it been rewritten by Catholic organizations? Was it another version of a fake creation story from another religion that existed before Judaism or Christianity? Okay, let's go with that. The Bible isn't supposed to be like the one I pick up by my bedside table. It's merely a jumble of old, misinterpreted texts that people have abused over the years in order to control the masses. But somehow, you still manage to call yourself a Christian.

Where in the world do your beliefs derive from? Thin air? There is no background for Christianity if it is not the Holy Bible. You would have never learned about the grace of Christ if it weren't for the Scripture. And if you don't trust men and women of God to follow His will by translating as closely as possible and choosing the correct canon, which is in wide use, how can you believe anything that the Bible says? By picking and choosing what is literal, and what works with your beliefs and lifestyle? Do you not trust God Himself to lead the way as He directs writers, translators, and scribes to be the voices of His Holy, perfect Word? How vain can you be?

I highly doubt that a bunch of uptight, angry Catholic priests would have ever published a book like the Song of Solomon if it did not serve a purpose in the Biblical canon and was not inspired by God. I can imagine the Pope saying, "Um... are you sure?" No wonder they tried to keep the Scriptures hidden from the masses by reciting it only in Latin and keeping all copies to themselves.

I believe that God reveals Himself to those who are isolated and not brought up with a religious background through many means. I had a Chinese foreign exchange student describe his prayer to a higher power that he'd never heard of, and then discovered both Lee University and Jesus Christ, in that order. Jesus Christ revealed His existence before he ever knew who He was, exactly.

But as for you people who have been lucky enough to have been brought up with a real Biblical childhood, learning the love of Jesus Christ, and having been taken to church every Sunday, and who call yourselves Christians (hopefully you're not ashamed to call yourself that, but if you don't, I can understand why) and still swallow the pill of a theory that bluntly defies the word of God, you don't have an excuse.

Satan is smart, and there's no denying that. He will use methods of trickery and logic in a very precise manner in order to convert people to his bandwagon. Before the theory of evolution, how do you think people believed that they came to exist? It was a lot harder to deny the power of -some- higher being if you have no idea where everything came from.

The theory of evolution opened doors for another beautiful, Satanic reason for more people to believe in something other than Jesus Christ. Without the very simple story of Creation, the reasons to believe in God drop dramatically. The theory of evolution answers the question "Where did I come from?" with the perfect godless answer. Even though these evolutionist Christians believe that they can personally deny the first part of Genesis and accept an ungodly answer to the question of existence - people who are struggling in their faith have nothing to hold onto when you start denying entire sections of the Bible. I could not personally believe in a higher power at all if I accepted the theory of evolution.

If you deny God's omnipotence in the aspect of Creation, you have absolutely no right to say that you believe in the even more supernatural miracle of Jesus' resurrection. God is either omnipotent, or He's not. And if He's not omnipotent, He's not God. If you fancy the Bible as a random assortment of misinterpreted text and mere "literature" or "stories of inspiration" then please, go burn your Bible now, because it is USELESS to you if it is not real. Anyone can pick up Aesop's fables and tales and have their morals and values shifted for the better. Anyone can read a self-help book to enrich their lives. But unless you view the Bible as REAL, from Genesis to Revelation, you can't claim to worship God in the purest sense of the word. I can read mythology for days on end - but it is only fiction if I don't see every word of it as true. The Bible is not fiction! The only "stories" of the Bible are the parables of Luke, as spoken by Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ -never- denied the literal interpretation of creation, or of any of the Old Testament, actually. Why should you?

The other day, a person in my Christian Ethics class said, "Hey, God created the world in seven days. He can do anything." It was absolutely refreshing to know that I'm not one of the only ones left, and that said phrase could actually be used as a positive annotation for God's amazing power and love.

God can do anything.
Not "God can do anything but create the world in seven days because according to the scientific theory of evolution and carbon dating, the earth is a billion years old and that doesn't work out with the timeline of earth in the Bible, so we're going to just throw in a few extra million years somewhere wherever we feel like it - how about creation? Yeah, the writers probably meant 'millions of years' instead of 'seven days' anyway. And while we're at it, we might as well take out the section on Job, because that part sucks."

God is watching, seeing who will remain faithful to His word, and who will fall under the influence of Satan's clever little scheme, which Darwin actually denied himself on his death bed.

And I didn't even get into the disgusting, scientific mistakes with the theory of evolution and the immense, very ignored support of intelligent design, or in more godly terms, CREATION. Because this was not laid on my heart to convert atheists to Christians, but convert Christians to the -full- belief of the Word of God. I really hoped it wouldn't be necessary to convince a Christian to do something as simple as believe in the Bible as a whole, authoritative, inspired work of GOD - and not just a piece of "guiding literature."

Don't be ashamed of believing in the Bible. Be ashamed of believing a theory that denies the word of God and somehow managing to incorporate it into your framework of beliefs. Be ashamed of being lukewarm.