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by Toneeke Henderson

Let's get a little creative. I've seen that Christmas was in July and the Thanksgiving Turkey came to visit in a costume on Halloween.

Ya just gotta love that whole concept of being Happy on New Years Day, remembering on Valentine's Day to marry July 4th to the March Leprechaun who also invited the Easter Bunny to bring Mom and Dad to attend the May Day June wedding to save on the big white sale that Summer wanted to attend during the Spring, only to prepare for the cycle to begin again on Labor Day.

What happened to life? Does any one remember when simplicity was the rule? How families used to celebrate each holiday with laughter and gathering together to

embrace how life is changing for all.

As you get older it seems that days go by faster for those who don't pay attention to life.
The preoccupation with the work world, bringing it home and extending that work during family time.

Everyone needs a break I am sure, but when there are children, they are just children

Toneeke Henderson

and don't know that life is suppose to be different from any perspective.
Children learn what they live.

And that is an exact science.

By showering them with love as opposed to yelling and screaming. Spending adequate time with them, nurturing their ever-growing minds and souls with memories they will

always have of their growing years. Those are the moments that make life what it is.

To know that you lived for your children because as children they count on you to make them feel safe, content and secure in their knowing.

Some parents can't live for their children, for they have a never-ending need to fulfill their own quests and hunger that they forget how much their children really do need them.

What is real to the parents of today is even more real for the children of that generation. If they could speak adult to tell you what they want, I am sure they definitely would.

Some people sacrifice family life to obtain financial goals for the future, but it too has a price when it comes to children. Quality of love for a child is more important than the self during their nurturing years, as this is the time children are molded.

Sometimes parents can get caught up in what they want as opposed to what is needed to construct the future of little ones.

Don't get me wrong, as I know that parents must work, and most need to work even harder for today's economy to provide a good home for their families.

I was one of those children that a lot of you can relate to.

Mom had to work to support, feed, and clothe her ten children. But she was there for us. It was pretty much a wonderful life. We were poor, lived with wood floors, an outhouse, no running water, no electricity, lots of beans, and plenty of family values. We were poor, but we were happy. I think I turned out just fine.

Even though Mom worked two jobs and did ironing on the side along with her spiritual readings for others, she always made time for us. She was at the school plays, she made our clothes, she made cookies for the parties at school, and she made holiday candies and donuts and even the turkey on Christmas Day.

Life was life and it was happy. By not having as much as the folks in town, we had to be creative in our entertainment. Boy did we have fun. No wonder I am an artist. I can only laugh at the video stuck in my head.

Well, now that I have gotten all side tracked from the point of the story, I'll just sum it up with a few words….

The true time of any event is not the date set forth by a calendar, it is in fact set forth by the moment it is created as a memory and that is the moment it happens.

Children are only children once. Make your loving impression on them and allow that to be the memory that stems their life as they branch out across the line of growth, they are never too young to understand or notice.

Living on limits is not meant to strain a parent but encourages appreciation from a child's view point for life in the future; hence a memory intact.

Let's try to keep everyday as a holiday and make it such for the children who count on us to teach them what they will know.

May all of you enjoy a wonderful season that is meant to promote Love and Happiness for the future of each other.

Special Holiday wishes to those who the world seemingly kicks to the sidelines, may you find Happiness and Love in whatever world you live in.

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