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by Toneeke Henderson

What an awesome time of year, where all of life chances a change. How much does anyone really know about the process of life besides birth and death that is mandatory for the cycle.

I may be chancing my writer's rights here but I decided to write about Holistic health. My daughter accompanied me to a show in Nashville at the beginning of October. The Holistic Expo and Fair with folks from everywhere. A place of wisdom for those who seek it.

Our daughter Rina is a very professional and creative graphic designer who's expertise warrants a mention. She made sure  I was adequately prepared for the show with brochures, cards, magnetic cards and small

token give-aways. She is truly awesome, so if you are in need of expert designing, her Green Rain Graphics ad is in this paper.

Being the type of soul that I am, I love interacting with others of the same like kind minds. A place where souls gather to dance among the light of freedom, sharing astounding energy and wisdom. Holistic well-being is a way of saying I choose an alternate path of healing, living, and viewing life's strategies. The inner energy is so wonderful.

I believe that everything in this world has energy and a purpose and that energy is shared through various methods.

Toneeke Henderson

There were many crystal booths, clothing, natural soaps, and Native American products, pottery and much more at the expo. Informative seminars including handwriting analysis and Reike, a method of

healing through the energy that we all have. It is now being introduced into the medical field and hospitals as fast as Chiropractics was in the past. It is an energy-based practice as much as a hands on one. Just as crystals, and stones have energy and have been known to help heal and aid in the cleansing of toxins in a persons body.

Edgar Cayce was very famous for this knowledge. If you do not know who he is then buy a book called "The Sleeping Prophet." A lot of you read your horoscopes for fun and for any reason, but you read them. These things I talk about are very prominent with people in many communities and include doctors, other medical practitioners, lawyers, legal workers.

As an energy lightworker, I understand these practices and terminology. This show I participated in was held at the fairgrounds, and that my friends means there are a lot of people out there who see the same light.

Our booth was the talk of the expo. My life size sculpture is a hanging panel titled: "INNOCENCE OF THE SOUL" It was created in 1996 for a local art competition. It had taken two awards and then followed with ten more. I am very proud of this piece, it

was the second of nine works I have finished and what would turn out to be one of my favorites.

Our booth embraced the visitors with the serenity and Heavenly awe as they entered to the welcoming view of the sculpture and billowy surroundings of soft lights and veils of mist, with dream drops and serene music to align their thought patterns, taking away cares that burdened them moments before. 

At this state of the cycle of life, natural cures are being sought instead of chemically induced drugs. Nutrition is now being re-thought as to how we use to eat before all the chemical enhancers were placed into the chain of food.

Cleansing the mind, body and spirit is so very important and is as seriously thought out as a chemo

treatment is contemplated.

In my heritage, being a  Native American, spiritual practices have been admired and carried out and held true to their beliefs for a lifetime and to this very day. My grandfather was a very intelligent medicine worker and I am grateful for the knowledge that he passed down to me many years ago. After all, you don't get to live to be 101 years old without knowing some secrets to life.

The main vein must be that you carry no burdens and keep a happy soul, for it feeds on the essence of the spirit as it blows upon the winds and time changes not the spirit when it is free.

Out of 40 plus grandchildren I was the one chosen to receive a very special token of rites from my grandfather. When my grandfather presented me with his moccasins and blanket, a flute, a medicine bag, and his favorite medicine stones, I was so happy. And his words to me were very simple - he said, "Tread lightly young one, for the winds know not which way you go." Those words are included on one of my works of art as a reminder that we choose our directions both physically and spiritually and it is our right to do just that.

Grandfather's items are with me still today and so his spirits walk with me as well. I can hear is voice at times whispering "grand-daughter Toneeke you are wise with your old soul. Most men walk in the direction of the sun like trying to find gold but are blinded by it's snakes that bite them because they cannot see the rattles. But you child, have always walked with the sun to your back towards the place spirits dwell that do not tempt your soul. This is where your spirit dwells, embrace it." And I do exactly that.

I suppose I have driven our editor over the computer hard drive by now so I shall end this story of wisdom from my elders with a small summary:

Just because most people assume that times have changed and the only way to make yourself whole again is through mainstream medicine, it is not always so. Where my spirit dwells a suit and tie is not needed, only a smile and warm soul. Life is confusing enough without scaring everyone into being dependent upon chemicals to retrieve their lives back.  Choosing alternative medicinal needs is a great opportunity to see what you are missing.

Awaken to life, touch a star, don't stare at the sun, and I triple dare you to dance naked for fun.