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MAY  2011






The Tennessee Mockingbird

End of Minority Reign

by June Griffin

Since the 1964 so-called Civil Rights Act, Title 42, which was in conjunction with the one-woman crusade to take God and the Bible out, our nation has been under assault by a handful of creeps called 'civil rights' lawyers. They take various names and acronyms and have built themselves a reputation of waving a piece of paper in the face of their victim and seeing the victims fall over after surrendering their Rights, particularly the Bill of Rights.

The mystery of this surrender is that these Creeps come in the name of Liberty. Like Sennacherib's army, they claim to take their supporters to a land of milk and honey and other purported glories, once they get rid of the Rightful Owners. For example, the ACLU, founded by Roger Baldwin, makes no bones about their determination to take God and the Bible out of our public places, in order to free their supporters from the nasty demands which Law and Order makes on those who like to steal, commit adultery, desecrate the Lord's Day, and other good Commandments.

Now these people don't really hate ALL religion. For example, the Parthenon in Nashville is the landing spot for the Greek goddess, Athena, one of the most prominent religious figures and other gods and goddesses which permeate children's school literature. No problem with the civil rights lawyers that there are mystical cupids and gnomes and Hallowed Eve with grotesque demon costumes, no problem with food in the school cafeterias which has been blessed by the religious rabbi, no problem with the mystical Santa Claus. Their only problem is Jesus. Hedonism acceptable; real religion forbidden.

We, who are the God-fearing people of Tennessee, demand a payday. In accordance with the God of Divine Retribution, featured throughout our history as Jehovah Whose Son is our Captain and Whose Spirit is best depicted in the famous: "Spirit of Liberty," showing Righteousness marching to war at the beat of Revolutionary War drums - we are here to demand Recompense.

On April 5 the Legislative Halls of Tennessee were the featured spot where Tennessee for the Ten Commandments hailed passersby with the fact that 88 of the 95 Tennessee County Commissions have voted for the Right to post the Ten Commandments, or actually do whatever they well please under the protections of the Ninth and Tenth Article to the Federal Bill of Rights.

We are demanding of our Legislature recognition of this massive vote and are proposing the following Resolution, preferably delivered by the persistent Mockingbird, who will not water it down, like so many Legislators are wont to do.

Suggested Resolution: This is for the purpose of recognizing the expressed will of the people of Tennessee in their vote for the Ten Commandments Resolution which has been circulated throughout the State of Tennessee and who through their County Commissions have voted to express their desire to maintain their Bill of Rights, both Federal and States, particularly under the 9th and 10th Article to the Federal Bill of Rights.

Recognizing the vast majority of the people of this State wish to exercise this Right, we, the Legislature of Tennessee, in the full authority of our Tenn. Declaration of Rights, Article 1, Sect. 2, and exercise of the 9th and 10 Article to the Federal Bill of Rights, hereby declare that the so-called "civil rights" organizations, including the ACLU, are in violation of the expressed will of the people of Tennessee by harassing and litigating against these people, with threats and confiscation of their tax dollars through such litigation, (42 USC 1988), and order the restoration of any Ten Commandments Monuments which have been unlawfully confiscated by such litigation, and that any so-called "civil rights' organization be required to restore legal fees with interest to any effected counties, and that they cease and desist to bother, harass or litigate against the Counties and public buildings of the State of Tennessee, in light of this massive vote for the exercise of their God-given Rights. As well, we recgnize that the aforementioned "civil rights" legal systems, including the ACLU are in violation of the aforementioned Articles to the Bill of Rights, and request they be stripped of their corporate recognition through the Secretary of State.

It is wrong to allow a handful of lawyers to overthrow the will of this People and we will not tolerate it any longer. These lawyers are so backward and uneducated that they do not know the difference between Congress, the State Legislatures and County Commissions. The First Amendment makes reference only to Congress, but local bodies have statutory and powers of ordinance under the 9th and 10th Article to the Bill of Rights. This power is now being restored.

Such litigation has caused untold sorrow and grief to the citizens of the State of Tennessee, not only in the jeopardy to God's Law, but as well to such ancient practices of reading the Bible and praying with our school children, which practice has brought great blessings to us formerly. Tolerating the tyrannical reign of terror which has been exercised by such organizations as the ACLU has also brought us in jeopardy of losing the favor of the God of our Fathers, which we in these dire economic circumstances, need badly.

We further recommend that this Legislature, based on the overwhelming vote, follow the lead of Mississippi's legislature which ordered the posting of copies the Ten Commandments, the words "In God We Trust," and The Beatitudes in every public building. The Author and promoter of the Resolution, Mrs. June Griffin represented Tennessee before Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck and the Mississippi legislature who applauded Tennessee for its vote for its Rights.

This project has not been the work of a sophisticated or organized group of individuals, but is rather the burden and labor of this one lady from Rhea County who stated publicly that she was spiritually sent and inspired to address Tennessee County Commissions on this matter. Funding for this six-year circuit was completely unsolicited and from private, patriotic individuals. The result has been overwhelmingly blessed with the favor of God and Tennessee County Commissions. Only one County voted against the Resolution, and six have tabled it. Mrs. Griffin has hopes these Counties will be redeemed by this acknowledgement that their peers have taken their stand for their Rights.

Eighty-eight Tennessee counties have concurred in the following Resolution:

"We, the below-sitting Commission of ____County, in consideration of our great Biblical history of Tennessee, both in our Tennessee Constitution and devotional activities in our heritage, hereby acknowledge the importance of the Ten Commandments of Almighty God and wish to go on record in support of this Magnificent Document and state that we will defend our right to its display to the limit of our ability, against all enemies, domestic and foreign, public and private.

In the enacting of this Resolution, we hereby petition the God of Heaven to preserve the peace which He has so graciously extended to us by our ancient acknowledgement of the Ten Commandments and beg His continued protection and alleviation of ills which come to those who forget Him and His Law."

God has His Day and that Day is come. Rev. 14:6-8.


"She dipped her pen in

June Griffin