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MAY  2011

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Women in Their 60's....
Have It Made

by Alexandra Edwards

Let's face it, none of us like getting old, especially us women. Turning 30, 40 and 50 was bad enough, but 60, that really hits hard. Often though, soon after blowing out the candles on the birthday cake, we realize 60 is just another mere number....nothing has really changed. It's all in the mind, we still are as old or young as we feel.

Over the past couple of decades, the average woman has had the opportunity to pamper herself  cosmetically in a way that was once only available to the rich and famous. Thirty years ago, beauty treatment mainly consisted of a bi-weekly trip to the local beauty salon for a cut and style. Today's woman can relax at the local Day Spa for a manicure and pedicure, get an eye brow wax or facial, as well as get her hair cut, colored or highlighted and styled.

Alexandra Edwards

Tanning beds, massage therapy, walk-in nail salons offering fancy acrylic nails, all can be easily found in the smallest of towns. Aging eye sight can now be corrected with lasik surgery or improved contact lenses. Cosmetic dental surgery can restore yellowing, decaying teeth. Teeth whitening has been made easy with over-the-counter whitening toothpaste and mouth washes. Aesthetic clinics are now much more popular offering many affordable age defying services such as; skin rejuvenation facial peels and microdermabrasion  to give the face a youthful glow, Botox injections to get rid of those aging wrinkles known as crows feet, waxing for embarrassing unwanted hair, laser treatment for  those ugly age spots and spider veins and relaxing massages for those tired old muscles.

More recently, plastic surgery clinics are appearing among local medical center complexes, offering face-lifts, tummy tucks and liposuction for when everything on a woman's once lovely body starts going south. Though these services are still quite expensive, they were almost unheard of a few years ago to the average working woman.

Education in nutrition and exercise over the past several years has also contributed to women staying younger looking. Local grocery stores are stocking the shelves with a wider variety of health related foods, many even having a designated organic food aisle. Vitamins, minerals and herbs, once only found in specialized health food stores are now easily available in most grocery stores and pharmacies. Research regarding all areas of women's health can be accessed through the Internet. Topics that were once strictly 'taboo' are openly discussed by professional physicians or by independent woman to woman blog web sites.

Comfortable shoes, frumpy dresses, twin sets and granny clothes are no longer part of the over 60's wardrobe. Today's senior women have much more access to affordable fashionable clothes and shoes because of chain superstores like Wal-Mart and Target and discount designer name brand stores like TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

Way back, in the 50's and 60's, apart from the normal every day exercise like cycling, swimming, tennis, etc; joining the community Women's Keep Fit Club was the only equivalent to a work-out at the gym for the average woman. Today there are gyms and fitness centers everywhere. Marshal Arts, Yoga and Pilates classes are easily available. Greenways and cycle paths run through many of our hometowns making outdoor exercise more enjoyable and safer for the aging woman.

Another contributing factor to women staying young at heart is the availability to the natural remedies to relieve both menopause and post-menopausal symptoms. Hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain and all the other most unwelcome symptoms of what was once known as 'the change,' can now be treated with over the counter herbal remedies or Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement pellets which are said to be a safer more natural form of hormone replacement therapy.

Not too long ago, retirement communities in Florida were considered to be quiet places where women would passively spend their remaining golden years crocheting, knitting or playing bridge.

Not any more!

Retirees have become fitness freaks. Seeing sixty, seventy and even eighty year-olds walking, cycling, playing tennis or a round of golf is not at all unusual. Many retirees, both women and men, are probably fitter and healthier looking now than they have ever been.

Some famous celebrities still looking great in their sexy sixties or older include; Sally Field, Goldie Hawn, Sophia Loren, Susan Lucci, Helen Mirren, Olivia Newton John, Dolly Parton, Jaclyn Smith, Suzanne Somers, Twiggy and Raquel Welch.

Though it is obvious that the above celebrities have much more of an advantage with cosmetic procedures over the average woman, they are an inspiration for the older woman to make the very best of herself.

Probably one of the biggest inspirations to all of us aging women comes from actress-entertainer Betty White who just recently turned 89 years old. Formerly a star of the hit T.V. show The Golden Girls and currently appearing in Hot in Cleveland, Betty has shown that even at the ripe old age of 89, a woman can still be ultra alert, witty, charming, sweet, talented and what's more... beautiful.

Some say that 60 is the new 40, which would make 80 the new 60. Maybe that is true, but even if it isn't, the statement alone sure makes getting older much more pleasurable.

This article is dedicated to my little sister Lesley who just recently proudly ordered her first Senior coffee.