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MAY 2009

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The Tennessee Mockingbird

A Case Worth Pondering

By June Griffin

This month's column will chronicle momentous events which have a contemporary effect. Out of the archives of pro se attorneys, we present this news article. One of the most important cases in Tennessee history, yet it received little attention. Only three preachers, after reading the Chattanooga News Free Press article of November 25, 1995, called to give thanks to God for the resistance to this onslaught of corruption. One of these, a good Negro minister from Chattanooga, invited the Defender of God and the Bible, the true friend of the Court, to address the people at his church. He is now deceased. May his memory be blessed; he was one of a kind. Court costs and other fees were funded by God-fearing Americans.

June Griffin Defends State's Sodomy Statute by Jim Ashley

Dayton, Tenn.- Preacher and morals activist June Griffin was disappointed last week in Nashville when no other Christians in the Volunteer State showed up in Appeals Court to help her fight a legal suit that she says will "decriminalize sodomy in Tennessee and allow lesbians and homosexuals to teach their deviate lifestyles in our public schools."

Filed originally as Penny Campbell et. al. vs. Ned McWherter, the suit was won by the plaintiffs in February when Davidson County Circuit Judge Walter Kurtz declared as unconstitutional a state law categorizing same-sex acts as criminal.

Mrs. Griffin has filed a motion to intervene before the hearing, which was held in January, but Judge Kurtz denied her motion and instead designated her "a friend of the court."

After the hearing, Mrs. Griffin paid a $1,000 appeal fee to attempt to have Judge Kurtz's decision overturned, based on a violation of "Tennessee Code Rule 24," which states that a person whose cause is not represented has a right to intervene.

Mrs. Griffin said the grounds for her case were that "there was no defender of God and the Bible and good Tennessee law" in the January hearing.

The state of Tennessee filed an appeal "to defend the state statute against sodomy," but Jerry Smith, deputy attorney general, stated that the "state would not defend morality," she said.

At the Nov. 17 Appeals Court hearing, Mrs. Griffin was given five minutes to "argue why Judge Kurtz's decision should be overturned based upon 'Rule 24.' "

She told the three Appeals Court judges that during her defense in January, she told Judge Kurtz that he was "technically in error" in making her a "friend of the court, rather than introducing me as an intervenor, because 'Rule 24' is plain."

Mrs. Griffin said she also told the judge that the purpose of Penny Campbell et. al. vs. Ned McWherter is "to move us from our foundation of law, the Bible" and that she warned him about God's making "Sodom and Gomorrah an example to those who should after live ungodly."

Mrs. Griffin said she then pointed out to the three Appeals Court judges that "hanging over your head is a chandalier with the 'Ten Commandments' written on it and that you want to kill our law with new definitions and alter the source of guilt."

Sodomites, she charged, "have a tax scheme of funding of their schools, hospitals, and insurance. They want to soften the rod of God's wrath against sin."

A final victory for Penny Campbell et. al. vs. Ned McWherter, "would force the state to decriminalize sodomy. Criminals can't get on TennCare, Tennessee's version of Medicare," Mrs. Griffin said.

Overturning the state statute against sodomy, she continued, "would be like someone committing all forms of sin and thievery, and adultery and then asking the state to change the law so he wouldn't be criminal anymore."

If they're successful in their suit, "the sodomites will then qualify for TennCare!" Mrs. Griffin fumed.

It would also mean, she continued, "they will have access to public funds. The lesbians and sodomites will come into our public schools and teach our children how to perform their filthy (homosexual) acts as an alternative lifestyle. It's awful!"

It was also awful, she said, that no churches in Tennessee were there on Jan. 13 or Nov. 17 to defend "God and the Bible and good Tennessee law."

The only people there to defend these "were my good friends who flew down from Pennsylvania," Mrs. Griffin bemoaned, adding that God's wrath of Ezekiel 9 "will come upon these churches."

"Anybody with a Bible could do what I did," she declared. "The lord has made us (Christians) kings and priests unto our God. And our God is mightier than all the other gods.

A ruling on the Appeals Court case will be forthcoming.


June Griffin