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MAY  2004

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Forever Young   

Staying young has never been easier.

by Alexandra Edwards

Even though the aging process begins the moment we are born, it does not become a concern to most people until they reach the age of thirty.. Anyone who has passed this magical milestone is sure to remember the emotions of dread they felt of suddenly becoming "old." It seems on reaching the dreaded 3-0, most people become more aware of what they eat, they start taking vitamin and mineral supplements and take up more serious forms of routine exercise to help keep physically fit and fight off the aging process.

No matter how well we take care of our bodies, the clock of aging ticks on whether we like it or not. Fortunately though, in the US today, the availability of good nutrition education, and the help of new cosmetic science technologies, people in their thirties, forties and fifties are looking younger than they did in previous generations. This generation of baby-boomers and their now aging children are refusing to get old  passively and will do all it takes to stay young looking. Both men and women alike have so many more options today to keep them from looking over-the-hill.

Several years ago it seemed only Hollywood stars and the wealthy elite  could

Alexandra Edwards

afford to indulge  themselves with luxuries like manicures, pedicures, tanning beds, make-overs, facials, therapeutic massages, and face lifts but those days are behind us. Today, pampering oneself is much more affordable. Services once reserved for upscale neighborhoods are now available in most towns and cities and are becoming as common as supermarkets and Laundromats.
As well as the body pampering services, cosmetic surgery is also more readily available to the average person. Lasik eye surgery has enabled many to see better without eyeglasses. It is easy for cosmetic dentistry to make a whiter, brighter smile. Even tummy tucks and plastic surgery are becoming much more

Before and after the treatment of frown lines with Botox injections.                 
Photos courtesy of Berywood Aesthetics

universally popular in the quest for a younger appearance.

"Looking good on the outside usually promotes a better feeling on the inside and looking after your skin is an important first step," says Rose Stanbery of Berywood Aesthetics Medical Spa, on Berywood Trail in Cleveland. She warns that studies have proven that direct sunlight is a major cause of premature wrinkling. "Even if you like to work or relax outside as I do, you should always protect your face from the sun with a good sun block,"she said.

Stanbery, who is a SRN, explained that there are now many ways to delay the aging process but unfortunately, as of yet, nothing will prevent it entirely but most procedures are effective with periodic maintenance.

Botox is an example of a non-surgical procedure that can dramatically reduce wrinkles, crows feet, smoker's lips, forehead lines, and frown lines. The procedure consists of painless injections that paralyze the muscle under the skin and can remain effective for several months. Botox injections are also used as treatment for excessive perspiration.

A less drastic and even more affordable treatment for reducing the fine lines associated with wrinkles and giving the skin a youthful healthy glow is a facial peel. A facial peel removes the  dead and discolored layers on the surface of the skin to reveal the fresh and smooth undersurface. "There are two levels of peel depending on how much skin needs to be exfoliated." Rose said. A Level 1 peel is a good exfolient which can take as little as 20-30 minutes and consists of a fruit acid lotion applied to the skin, left for several minutes, then neutralized, exposing the new soft skin underneath. A level 2 peel also takes 20-30 minutes. The treatment is applied in much the

same way but there is no immediate change in appearance. In about two days, the old skin begins to peel off, kind of like a bad sunburn. After the initial peeling, a slower exfoliation begins and lasts for about a week, leaving a much younger, healthier looking complexion. A peel can also be applied to other parts of the body such as the neck, chest, back, and hands. Those too young for wrinkles but who suffer from Acne, are also said to benefit from a facial peel.

To enhance the skin's vigor there are various Cosmeceuticals, which are cosmetics with prescription strength ingredients like Retin-A and Retinol. Cosmeceuticals are readily available and are often used for enhancing the youthful appearance of the skin.

A laser center in Virginia and Skin Concepts Ltd. made national news recently with breakthrough research on anti-aging, which included a procedure called "Gentle Waves." Casey Bushy, Vice President of Development and Education at Skin Concepts Ltd. says "It's the age of the Jetsons, where you can just walk in front of a light for 30 seconds and you're rejuvenated. We refer to it as LED

photomodulation because we are modulating the cells." He says that just as a plant needs light to flourish, adding the right amount of light to the skin produces more collagen, which means fewer wrinkles. Bushy said, "Cloning in skin care is also just around the corner, where literally your own skin would be

used as spare parts for anti-aging."

Although Spring is an ideal time to get your skin and body looking great and younger looking for Summer, it is recommended that treatment for removal of spider veins and varicose veins be done in the fall or winter due to the slight bruising it may leave on the legs.

With all the treatments and procedures available to men and women today, we are all able to turn back the clock if we wish. It will make us feel and look better and it is not going to cause the harm that attempts at halting the march of time did to our predecessors... This really is a good time to consider its benefits for

the inner and outer you.