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MARCH  2006

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The Tennessee Mockingbird


By June Griffin

In 1969, Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation, put out a little piece of publishing dynamite called "Children of Change," dealing with the rebellion against authority through music, drugs, and styles. The Antiwar movement made its mark by adopting Change as its ramrod.  It is extremely interesting to see how hair styles on men became a source of arguments and fiery wars between fathers and their sons.

Recently I was asked why the Vietnam veterans are often shunned by WW II and Korean soldiers. Forced to give an honest answer, and 'dipping my pen in controversy' submit to the slings and arrows of those who dislike the facts. Older veterans don't like pigtails, sideburns, women in combat, and now, of all things, earrings!!! Where on earth did this creature come from?

June Griffin

And why would the Veteran want to look like the ones who spit upon him when he came home from the war? Obviously this piece excludes those Vietnam veterans who didn't take up with these changes. And certainly all the Vietnam veterans were not allowed to fight, which responsibility falls upon their leadership who for whatever reason wanted to control the whole situation. The blood of our Vietnam veterans who had to ask permission to do what was expected of them. Who were killed, maimed and certainly destroyed in their souls - this carnage lies squarely on the Command who refused to let them win!!! Who ever heard of such a thing? Refusing to let a man fight? Were they afraid of turning these brave American soldiers loose so they could win and certainly would have conquered all the communists?

What happened to the spirited military themes that inspired aggressive marching in the "Spirit of Liberty?" Where the vehemence becoming the soldier who is indignant against internationalism and loss of our national sovereignty? Where, indeed!

The contemporary French Revolution, those followers of the atheists and infidels of France certainly had their day in the '60's. Voltaire, who died the horrible death of the infidel, Rousseau, the darling of the Russian Communists, and other admired philosophers of hell sent their images throughout the universities, with their corruptions, rebellions and styles of self-expression, decrying the God of the Fathers, and parroting the treasonous lures of their university professors and Darwin-Freud and Marx.

Horrified America! Stunned America! What happened to us?

When these Children of Change were confronted with resistance, these rebels fly to the pictures of the founding fathers, as if they were worthy of walking in the footsteps of these noble warriors and statesmen.
As for the styles of the founding fathers, they brought with them from England the customs of the judges and preachers. It is interesting that in Oliver Cromwell's army, his soldiers were forbidden to wear the long hair and curls of the effeminate, thus they were called The Roundheads. Out of the Roundheads came the Puritans who were his choice men, temperate and sober. Cromwell said that you can't fight a war with bartenders, so with his Puritans, he took the whole of Europe and never lost a battle. The Lord of Hosts was with him.

If these long-haired Vietnam veterans are trying to look like the founders (which I don't believe), they will also have to adopt the Sabbath of the founders, wear the whole costume with silk stockings and knee-length britches and join together in a Bible-believing militia to overthrow the modern-day Tories who rob us of our incomes and rights to operate our businesses without government interference.

As for their women, what can I say? They managed to fight the Indians and keep their homesteads, garden, build fires and rear children - all in long dresses! Amazing! Where are the bustles and layers of fabric and  long dresses and head coverings so we can be a match for the men in their long hair who are 'trying to look like the founding fathers.' The founders' ladies rode side-saddle, and wouldn't think of taking up male posture, straddling the animal.

I have read many actual accounts of the Early American women having to watch while the savages scalped and dashed to pieces their children. The inhumanities are too horrible to describe. Jenny Riley State Park in Kentucky is dedicated to one such woman whose child was killed before her eyes. Her story is enough to modify the thought patterns of those who wish to rewrite our history. Read the 1822 History of the United States by Rev. Charles Goodrich or other histories written before 1900.

When Columbus surveyed the Americas, he noted (documented in Harvard's Classics) that the "aborigines (Indians) there had long hair like women." He thought it horrible so there must have been a great difference between his hair and that of the Indians.  Paul said that long hair on men was a shame, and he was basing this truth on the fact that the Nazarite had to bear the reproach by letting his 'locks grow long.' At the end of the Nazarite vow, he was to cut it off again so he would be normal.

The query stands: Why do some of the Vietnam veterans want to look like their enemies!  I say, some, because not all follow those styles. Why not?

The judges and preachers of England often bore a reproach and shame. John Wesley's mother, Susannah, was very grieved because John Wesley kept his hair long but he wanted to bear a shame and humility before the public as a mark of sanctification to the ministry. But when he spoke, he was like George Washington, whose nickname was Blood 'n Thunder and who was mocked by the British as a 'backwoods, Bible-thumpin' preacher.' This our George Washington was First in War, First in Peace, First in the Heart of his Countrymen.

But one thing is absolutely clear:  The Sabbath is Sunday, our American Holy day, and none dare go forth except to publicly worship God. Their first act was to set up houses of worship so there would be public acknowledgment of Almighty God of the Scriptures. These holy men and women - we are not able to stand in the shadow of their footprints. There is no way we could endure the hardships which they endured, so they could civilize this continent. As late as the Civil War, there were great considerations between Grant and Lee whether to wage war on the Sabbath. Where will this loose and licentious age stand in the Great Day when they hold that "every man does what is right in his own eyes."

I might add that the 60's Revolt was ultimately against the creature called An American Lady. She was assaulted, mocked, cast out of her lovely abode, with her crystal glasses, silver and temperance and prayer meetings. She was remolded into a very liberated half-man, half-woman called Ms. Her gentleman was a veteran who lived up to his name. I have seen under the veneer of many Vietnam veterans the remnant of this gentleman. He wouldn't have his Lady in the trenches; he would die for her. He is like Jesus, the Master of Battles, Lord of Hosts and the Husband of the Lady.

All our wars, from 1620 have been against oppression, exercising the right to run a business and keep what you earn,  without government interference, under Almighty God, Jehovah!!! This is why free men fight, which is the whole purpose of all our wars, from the pilgrims who refused Holland because they were forced into the crafts and lodges, right up to the world wars which we have waged against the religious cults who refuse our right to keep what we earn under jail penalty and confiscation of goods, running our own livelihoods, enjoying the fruits of our labors without the treachery of leechcraft, oppressive taxation, zoning or eminent domain.

The Lord will bring this country through the horrors of the Vietnam hangover, its treasonous leaders, its treacherous singers in high places, and the French influence of philosophical Communists who infiltrated the universities and are making us pay for it.
As for the Ms, the half-man, half-woman beast which was the true product of controlled opposition, what will become of it?