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MARCH  2006

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by Toneeke Henderson

Do you remember that children's song, one of these things are not like the other ones, one of these things just aren't the same.

So lets see what may be a bit different in my version:

A groundhog named P-Phil up north, a president who is related to the plant family, Nostrodamus, Edgar Cayce, a weatherman, a psychic, the kewl witch of the East, and a giraffe. I bet you can't get the answer. I am rolling around laughing here just knowing you can't figure it out. So I will tell ya.

You see the giraffe is the only one who doesn't predict anything. Gotcha on that one didn't I.

I find it very miraculous that people will patiently wait for a groundhog to decide if they will have more winter or not. Wait on a president who tells his country how "he" can see the future of it; hmmm I wonder what was on his salad last night.

Then you have those who can't get enough of Nostrodamus who from his grave still keeps it rolling in. Then Edgar Cayce, he has been gone awhile as well, however, he predicted the signing between Kennedy and Castro, and World War II. He could also see into the future to help heal illnesses that puzzled doctors could not. (This is all factual and recorded). Now you get to

Toneeke Henderson

the weathermen, they seem to be able to know 10 days from now how much rain or sunrays you will have or even hurricanes.

A good psychic can help you out by looking forward in your life, the kewl Witch of the East simply makes magic happen and a giraffe… well he doesn't quite fit in now does he… unless of course we just say he is our lookout tower.

I think that unique businesses and people should be a little bit different, after all if they were all the same what distinction would anyone have. We could all wear white jackets with paisley flowers on them and maybe buckles too so we could move about like robots and saturate the world with an all the same kind motion.

Just think for a

moment, look around, do you know who you are standing next to? Have you talked to them or gotten to know what they were about. What if the person next to you was just an angel sent here in human form to aid you along your path, or to keep you safe from harm, or to whisper in your ear for you to take the opposite turn in the road only to find out there would have been something bad or strange that may have occurred had you kept going the direction you were in. I know many of you have felt this strangeness. I understand.

You know I am going to give you a little premo thought pattern to use and you won't even know I have done that until the moment you realize it is happening even after you know you have read it.

Next time you are in the mall or stopped at the red light or perhaps your favorite coffee shoppe, you will feel the peculiar oddness that awakens your subconscious to the idea that people are gazing at you, their eyes are watching you, and if you are in these places or even a grocery store you can see the children look at you and watch you endlessly as they are pushed out of your sight and they continue to watch you until you are no longer visible.
You will walk by animals and they will look at you as if they know a secret about you. You will begin to notice more and more and ask yourself "what are these people looking at," yes you shall endure the moment of Angels walking beside you.

You my friends will then have walked into the future of your own spirit initiating an understanding never realized before.

So as we come to a small completion of this wonderful spring article we can surely sum up a look at reality.
When in doubt ask yourself a question in the mirror and see how your own prediction comes out and if you believe in yourself then nothing was lost. For a country who's small percentage of non believers in predicting the future I have to say this: if you don't believe in predicting the future then stop celebrating groundhogs day, after all who in there right mind would actually stand around waiting for an overgrown groundhog to predict the next six weeks of weather. Geezers guys, what are ya thinking, he may have come out of that snow dome because someone had gas.

Since the giraffe didn't belong in the song, do you think we can get it an application to work at Wally world?
For the rest of us here in this little bizarre corner of the world, we still predict that you will read my articles month after month and that I will still dance naked under the moon.

Happy Spring Everyone!

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