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JUNE  2014

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The Tennessee Mockingbird

The State as Husband and Master

by June Griffin

Just a few days ago, my daughter-in-law and granddaughter accompanied me to Lewis County where we presented the Americanism display to Tenn. Sheriff No. 33. These displays, which contain the Keys to Americanism - the Ten Commandments, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights - are our personal free gift to Tennessee Sheriffs whom we charge to keep the Bill of Rights for their people.

A few cities also have been recipients of these gifts.

The Sheriff is the highest peace officer in his County. His powers emanate from the State Constitutions and, as I often charge these Sheriffs, he has authority over the FBI, TBI, Highway Patrol, IRS, EPA, the Social Security Administration, Dept. of Safety, Post Commission, OSHA, wildlife agencies and any of the multiplied bureaucratic, unelected agency whose busybody jobs have terrorized common sense Americans since the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

He is charged to keep the Bill of Rights. Sadly and horribly, too many foolish women have taken the State to be their Husband. As Dr. Rushdoony testified before the Internal Revenue Service in the 1978 hearings in Washington, old Baal worship is nothing more than worship of the State or making the State be The Husband.

Since these foolish women can't control their children, they threaten the children with the law enforcement to "buckle up." I told one such woman that her children should fear her more than the police - why was she using the police to do her job?

Such foolish women get laws passed to take away the driver's licenses from husbands who won't pay their child support. This utterly stupid rod of enforcement drives such men mad, for how can they work and pay their child support when they are jailed for driving to work without a license?! Words fail here at the inane idiocy of such a rod of punishment. "The tender mercies of the wicked are cruel."

The latest concoction added to the Department of Safety is to gain the blessing of a school principle in order to get a permit to drive. Young people in Tennessee must prove they have good school attendance and grades in order to drive a car! This is nothing more than use of the State to try to force young people into education compliance!

Do you think the young people don't look at these injustices and react by violent means? Do you not know that injustice can drive the helpless into distraction?  Don't ask the phD - ask the young people what school grades have to do with the Right to drive an automobile. They have more sense than the adults and can recognize the darkness of ludicrous means. Pragmatism is not a virtue. The end doesn't justify the means. "Whatever it takes" is a poor excuse for dismissing common sense. These truths are eternal.

The list goes on and on. How many members of law enforcement have had their lives endangered because women use them to interfere against their husbands or to manage their lawless children! Formerly police officers wouldn't go to a domestically violent situation because of the danger to the police. Nine times out of ten the people will get back together after the steam blows off. Interference in personal lives and families is a very dangerous situation.

The State and its unelected agencies are not your paddle or switch or means of punishment for your personal situation.

Because of the multitudes of gross violations of personal liberties, many are calling for their State to secede from the Union. With all the authority of a God-fearing citizen, I say that this is not the answer. By seceding you will take with you all the bureaucracies now interlaced within your State. Will you resist the grants which have you tied into the Federal extortion racket? We do not have to obey unConstitutional laws. It is unConstitutional to do so.

The solution is for every Sheriff to stand his ground and refuse to obey unConstitutional laws or laws which emanate from unelected agencies or give these agencies such powers. Let there be a Declaration among good Sheriffs to sanctify their Counties and stand for righteous, Constitutional principles, including the 9th and 10th Amendment to the Bill of Rights, supported by, for example, the Tennessee Declaration of Rights. "The doctrine of non-resistance to arbitrary power is abusive, slavish and absurd." Art. 1, Sect. 2. You took an oath to uphold these truths which can never be abrogated and may God punish all those who violate this sacred oath. All regulations which are contrary to these eternal truths are to be ignored. I urge the drafting of such a Declaration of Independence to free WE THE PEOPLE from all bureaucratic, unelected agencies and their punishments.

Judges, too, should memorize and use this phrase for all bureaucratic, unelected prosecutions: CASE DISMISSED. 

Reinstate the old County Judge as the arbiter of sticky situations. Such a Judge has a Bible that has more sense and right than all the millions of regulations which feed the Paper Mill and state-funded lawyers.

The State is not your husband, ladies! You have a Bill of Rights, and a Right to bear arms. Get off the government dole, stop using the State as your husband, and you will have a real marriage and family.

In closing, apply these principles to the farmer who has to put up with inane terror from land controls and EPA standards.

WE THE PEOPLE are looking to our Rightful Authorities, the County Sheriff. And such a Sheriff, upon his knees before the Ancient of Days, will be prospered and kept in safety, for his people will stand with him.


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June Griffin