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JUNE  2011






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June - The Month of Music

by Ashley Murphy

Those who live in the Tennessee Valley definitely can't complain about being bored during the month of June. From Chattanooga to Nashville alone, we have 3 different music and arts festivals lined up. All with different set-ups, artists, events and vendors that should meet anyone's preferences. Music ranges from country to rock to hip-hop to bluegrass. However, one in particular is very close to home and only a few miles drive south.

The Riverbend Festival is held in Chattanooga, TN and stretches along the Tennessee River around Riverfront Parkway. This festival has been a tradition since 1982, and has only grown larger every year since. It's a 9 day festival that will start on Friday, June 10th and end on Saturday, June 18th.

Over 100 bands are lined up this year to play throughout the festival duration on 5 separate stages set up in different areas of the festival grounds. Many well known artists have been penned this year to headline each night.

On June 10th, bring back the 80s style with your some kind of wonderful and a little bit of the power of love with Huey Lewis and the News.

On June 11th, check out the Beach Boys. I would say bring out your beach and water wear, but personally, I don't want to see, or feel, a bunch of half-naked sweaty people bumping, shoving and rubbing all over me, so for everyone else's sake keep the shirts on. I don't really care if you got a body to die for. Please, spare us.

On June 12th, leave the drugs at home, but enjoy the psychedelic show The Machine is guaranteed to put on. This band covers Pink Floyd in the best of ways possible. I've seen them just about every time they've come to the Chattanooga area and they blow me away with dead-on vocals and instruments. A must see for all of the Pink Floyd fans. You can bet your "Money" on it.

On June 13th, the Bessie Smith strut will take place along Martin Luther King Boulevard.

On June 15th, come give my favorite country girl a loud Chattanooga welcome or face the gun powder and lead. Miranda Lambert is one girl with some vocals to kill and knows how to put on a show. I'm sure she's going to draw a crowd, so my advice...get there early!!!

Ashley Murphy
People News Media Assistant

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June 16th is for all those R&B fans out there. Brian McKnight lights up the stage for a little soul searching.

June 17th, We're takin' it back old country style. Alan Jackson heads up Riverbend and I dare say that you'll be lucky to find a seating area that isn't taken come evening. If you're a big Alan fan, or just a country fan in general, make sure you get there early for the best seats. Just take into account where you're sitting, because trust me, if you're in the middle people don't care to climb over you and put their butt in your face or drop all of their ketchup and mustard from that corn dog all over you. Just take my word on that.

June 18th is the final night of the festival and they decided to have Kellie Pickler close out the week. Ladies, leave your red high heels at home, please. People have a hard enough time trying to maneuver the crowd without your sky highs making you stumble even worse over the packed out walkways. Thank you.

These listed are just the main headliners and will be performing at 9:30 each evening on the Coca-Cola stage just inside the main entrance (besides the Bessie Smith Strut). Each gate opens at 4:30 each afternoon and will be open until everyone clears out after the last performances, which are usually at 11.

Pins are still on sale at local Kangaroo Marts for $30. These will be available until midnight on June 9th. After that, tickets can only be purchased at the festival gates and will be increased to $40. One night admission bands are also available for $24 at the gate.

for a complete artist line-up list and any other information you might be curious about.

And if Riverbend isn't your thing, check out the CMA Music Festival held in Nashville at
or the Bonnaroo Festival held in Manchester, TN at, both also being held during the first couple of weeks in June.