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JUNE  2006

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by Toneeke Henderson

Now this is a story that should "make ya feet want to shuffle" . Yeah just go grubin. Now a lot of folks know that grubs are for various uses in the planetary existence of life. Some countries find them a delicacy or staple for food and others find them a nuisance. Now, I don't really have much use for something that will become a bug later and eat my garden alive.

Since it was nearing flea and tick season we decided to have the garden sprayed. Along with the rest of the acreage. So we called Pestaway Corp located on Highway 11 in Riceville. They sure know their job.

The ticks showed no resistance and I haven't seen a flea yet. Those old

grubs,  they started poppin right out of the ground like they were on their way to the moon. Now that's what I call pest control.

As the grubs left the garden for new destinations in grub heaven, my garden seemed to bloom with more enthusiasm than before. My lilac bush had not bloomed in two years and here it was smelling better than roses and all decked out in its lavender colored beauty.

The holes in the ground left by the exiting grubs seemed to have aerated the ground. That could only be a plus. Not to mention how healthy and comfortable our animals must feel. I highly recommend the ground treatment

Toneeke Henderson

for everyone with lots of wooded areas and pets alike.

The only thing I can think is the Grubs must have had partnership with the long treacherous Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac families. You see, I have now been treated three times for this mess in the last two months, I truly believe as the grubs were packing their suitcases that they told all the trees and bushes who were contributors to the skin irritations in which a lot of us are susceptible, to attack me as soon as I went out to the garden. I have never had the stuff so bad. It's as if I had literally laid down and rolled over and over in it and you know I am not going to do that for sure.

I am not sure that the effects of the overwhelming amount of itchy red bubbling crustatious mutating rash will have on anyone in particular. For me I think it was a secret attack launched by the lil' grubs from the garden because I made them go away, so now my brain is probably infected by the thought of telling myself I cannot scratch all the itchy places my body is yelling at me about.

I can't wear much clothing which help to contain heat because that makes me want to scratch even more. If you do you will swell up like a balloon and your face will look like the

moon crossed with a chipmunk with a full mouth of stuffing because of the steroids you are on to get rid of the nasty inflammations of  the skin. Then you start to look like the lil' grubs from the garden in a big fashion. Geesza peas, I think I am going to get the herbal remedy and immune my body from the ability to contact such an annoying event now that I know where to get it at.

The more our systems become use to the attack of and treatment of such rashes the less immunity we will have against them. Then we go back to, what is the long term side effects that will occur after so much usage. Lord knows I would rather be my normal size than being a bloated float replica.

I guess I better hurry the grubs along this article and onto the printing press as I was behind due to uncontrollable circumstances like being so exhausted from the mind over matter of not scratching what is itching.

So with this I shall sum just a short note into the editor's hands.

If you love gardening make sure you are in charge of who or what lives within, never make a grub mad or he'll call upon his poisonous friends to taunt your sanity.

And never ever dance naked under the moon in the midst of the poison family in the trees.

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