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JUNE  2003

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I know all of you reading this article had to have experienced that really kewl Lunar Eclipse with the Earth's shadows resting silently on its surface for about an hour on Thursday the 15th of May. You surely wouldn't have missed something so astounding as the beautiful wonder that took place right before the worlds eyes. Did you see me on there too, that strange little twisted thing to the edge of the warm essential glow was me.

Yep That's right I was finally caught dancing naked under the moon. (Laughing out Loud) Seriously that was an awesome experience. I was in my night gown and flip flops in my yard dancing with mosquitos while the Fairies and Gnomes helped me carry a 40 pound telescope across the wet grass. Laughing as I tried catching the moon as it shifted slowly behind the trees making me have to carry that telescope to the back porch. Our six Siberian Huskies had a good laugh at me fussing at the trees because they wanted to block my view.

I could hear the Huskies snickering to themselves as they said " yeah lets invite her out here with us to look at that moon, you two grab that strange machine and the rest of us will run her around the yard a few times that should give her something to write about".  Now I tell you those animals are smart. They seen us unlatch a gate and they unlatched it. Next thing you know they'll be taking over the bar-b-que grill and cooking the steaks and hot-dogs for us. Hmmm  Maybe that won't be so bad at all.

Some friends of mine said when they were watching the Eclipse of the Moon they thought about me. Now I think that was really nice. It is awesome to think how people will remember you. That is nice to know while I am alive. That means they won't ever forget me. Because the moon will outlast us all. What you leave behind after your soul goes to rest, is a beautiful gift to those who knew you, but even more beautiful to those who knew you best.

What I am about to describe is how I feel about life and what people leave behind. It is  what I want all my family and friends to feel, if it is I that should leave this world before them.

I sit silently  amongst the swaying grasses of the fields in admiration of the breeze that gently crosses over head to give life to the grass that chose to sway in front of me. I feel the breeze's grace whispering around my ears to make sure that I hear the silence of the whispers that dance among my soul space. I am coated in a veil of warmth, passionately cascading down from the Heavens. Beyond the description of a golden glow that streams beyond my very existence allowing me to feel the depth of such sweetness that even the palate could not exclaim. There is a freedom to my soul, that words themselves cannot take the place of my inner depth it's self, an openness that flies at will, accepting all energies that tranquilize the angelic touches sent from the Heavens allowing me to be the free spirit that I am.

I smile.  I sit silently as the day turns to night, the symphony begins with the smallest of songs from the special creatures that wrap their simple

by Toneeke Henderson

lives around my soul space. Crickets and bull frogs sing to the moon as she reaches high upon the night skies illuminating the web harps spun by the sweet spider who works endlessly to create her art into a masterpiece. Moon smiles as she kisses each star welcoming them into her world once more. Moon radiates light from the faces that smile up to her. My soul it is like the ocean, a never ending source of cleansing, for their is not a grain of sand or shell that passes by without a touch from my inner being. Ocean sings to the moon only to have the moon sing back, echoing in twilight the softness of my soul itself. I find life. I find love. I find peace, I find understanding. I find myself. I find my soul. I find that when I go I leave you with these thoughts, but most of all I leave you with my "Smile".


Wow are you still there I got a little far out there didn't I. Actually I think it's not too far really, you see if I were really a genius I would have been the

Toneeke Henderson

person who invented diapers for mops. Yes that's right diapers. I think everyone has seen them by now.

The swifter or something like that. You take a sheet like a pamper diaper looks but with out those strange tabs, smells good and is already wet. Now all you do is poke the corners into a slot at each edge and there ya have it - a diapered mop. Then you run around the house like a kid shaking your head. I mean who would have ever thought we'd be moping floors with a diaper. (do not try this with your children's or anyone else's). I would have to admit I use them, they are quick clean ups. (not the kids, the mops.)  I don't like squeezing those sponges or the ringer mops. Do you think they are anything like those Depends?  Or Does it depend?

I was even told by a friend of ours that they have a vacuum cleaner that can clean your floor while you aren't home. I did that, yeah, I took the two horsepower lawnmower motor and put it on my broom, man that broom can sure fly. Geeze the things we are making.  A lot of us who read this paper are the very ones who used to watch "The Jetson's" on TV as kids. It won't be long and we will have all the gadgets they did, or do we already. I just hope the world doesn't get too lazy and forget what reality is. It seems to have a fine line between it sometimes. 

You know sometimes I really miss those days when we didn't have any real needs, and I believe that I am not sure if I really have any right now. I am who I am and I like me that way. My life is full and content. I can express myself and know that it is my freedom to do so. I only have an answering machine because I can't be everywhere at one time unless they make an international coffee with my name. Hmmm now that's a thought.

OK time to save the editor. I am sure he is shaking his head saying how nuts I am. You want to know the funny part of that, he knows I'm right. (so I laugh).

In summing up my intuitive energy wave, we must all find that one thing, that tells the world we were once here. Something that can emanate our essence of existence, something knowledgeable, touching, and inspirational like that of a simple SMILE. Taste life, touch life, be life and then give something back to the world. Grace it with the twinkle in your eyes as you share that contagious thing called a smile.

Remember all the gadgets in the world from diapering a simple household tool, to sweeping your house without being there, Reality has to check in now and then. Don't lose sight of your dreams and even on a bad day, remember someone else is having a worse one than you. Keep a smile in your pocket just in case you find someone else who forgot where they put theirs.