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JULY  2012

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The Tennessee Mockingbird

Mommie, What is Modesty?

by June Griffin

Dear American Daughter:

We were happy that you all came to see us, although the visit was too short and things weren't as filled out as I had hoped. But I have learned through life's experiences to take all that comes to me with hope in Christ and His Righteousness.

It is my duty as your relative and as a Minister of the Gospel to speak with you about the way you dress. I would rather talk with you personally but you are hard to get in touch with.  If you will give me your phone number or what hour I can reach you, I would rather talk with you than have the message passed along by a third party but not having that, I can only depend on the telling you my message second-hand.

I had dropped a hint before your visit to be sure you had a dress to wear. You may wonder why I am so careful about dress, but I have seen the nation fall into  two bad choices: either women look like harlots and 'barbies,' or a cross between the two sexes, making women and girls into a kind of beast - neither male or female. When women started wearing britches in the 30's, the preachers were faithful to not allow this into America, though it was promoted by Hollywood. Christian women never wore them, unless they were doing some hard farm work or perhaps working in the plants during the war. And with these exceptions, if they dressed like Hollywood, they would have been turned out of church. Or arrested for 'indecent exposure.'

Now we see the worst. Particularly so since the lawless 60's which brought in what is called 'unisex,' and now open sodomy, blurring God's natural creation and their distinct differences. I have observed that the attack is on the women, since the men pretty much dress the same as they always did. And like in Russia, they all wear blue jeans to make us look like an agrarian society. This is not accidental. At an international conference years ago, prominent businessmen met together to decide what manufacturing would be doled out to what country. It was decided that Russia would manufacture the 'levis.' Whether their plan jelled, yet how many of these copy-cat styles make money for their blue-jean manufacturers? Where is the individual in all this? Tattooing themselves to express what is left of their person?

We are set for judgment. I am the one who is standing in the middle, warning American women to turn back to modesty and on the other hand begging the Lord to not destroy us. And certainly I do not want these muslim women to come to power where we would be forced by law to wear the head coverings and desert garb which these poor women are forced to wear. "Learn not the way of the heathen."

You will have to be careful to not allow women with tight clothes or suggestive apparel around your husband and children. Your husband loves you but sin is very subtle and like all good men and women, are subject to be tempted by lewd people.

Once a young girl came to visit me with her Mother who had some questions to ask me and she, wearing shorts, plopped her shapely figure down on the chair in front of me and my husband. I had an afghan nearby and I took it and covered her entire torso with this. They soon had to go.

We are ordered to keep our homes free of the serpents of this world. Had Adam and Eve done this, they wouldn't have suffered the awful fall they had.

Tank tops are too revealing; they are too naked. Tight-fitting britches are just a thin covering for nakedness and the material they are made of now often emphasize body lines which should be hidden.

I don't want my husband or son to be subject to temptation, just as you should not want your husband to be tempted. I don't want my son-in-law to be tempted or led into sin. I know the malls and public places are full of nearly nude women who have none to warn them or stop them, but you must keep your home free of invasion.

Now even the churches hold no standard but are wide open to the 'new-age so-called freedom,' but the Lord is not there.

What I say to you I say in Christian admonition to instill a good conscience and for safety's sake. I know you want to be a good Mother. God forbid that your daughter or granddaughter should take up with the styles which are out there, but it is an eternal truth that Satan hates women and children because God placed a curse on him in the garden and promised that the 'seed of the woman' would bruise his nasty head. Therefore, there is enmity between him and the woman forever, but it is her prerogative because of God's Promise that she would bruise this old devil under her feet.

The best rule is to find simple dresses or skirts and blouses that cover nakedness. I find my own daughter-in-law to be a good model of how to dress. She gave her heart to the Lord after her marriage and dedicated her life to be a good example and put forth a clean and right testimony; she will be a help  to you, too, if you want her to. I wish other girls close to me would follow my advice and stay away from male attire, which the Bible says is an abomination, but in this there has been failure and my heart has been broken more than once. The Lord has seen my tears.

I want you all to visit but when you come, I am requesting that you refrain from clothes which are revealing or suggestive. I love you and want the best for you. I would hate to ask you to leave.

In better times, my position would be natural and my advice honored, for I didn't make these things up, nor am I trying to be the boss. But I must hold a high standard for Christ's sake and, by His Grace, I will be faithful.

Please let me know how to get in touch with you and I will answer any questions. I want to be your friend, but I will hold up the standard, God being my Helper. "And he shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse." Malachi 4:6.


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June Griffin