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JULY  2008

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Make a Difference - Go Vote

by Alexandra Edwards

When moving to a new home in Bradley County there are so many tasks to take care of that registering to vote can often be forgotten.  Maybe a teenager in your household has recently or will soon become eighteen and be eligible to vote or immigrants that have recently acquired their U.S. citizenship that may now also be eligible to vote. Choosing the people who govern us is one of the most important privileges we have but we only get the leaders we deserve if we all take part and vote our choice.

With this November being a Presidential Election year, now is a good time to make sure to register to vote or confirm your voting records are up to date.  Registered voters may need to check their registration status if they have changed their address, changed their name through marriage or otherwise, or have had full rights restored by court order or pardon.

Alexandra Edwards

The Bradley County Election Commission is located in the court house annex, 155 Broad Street, Cleveland, TN. 37311. They can be reached by phone at (423) 728-7115 between 8:30 am  - 4:30 pm.

For those citizens wishing to participate in the upcoming local elections and state primary, you have until July 8th to register or check your status.
The Bradley County, Cleveland City and Charleston City General Elections as well as the State Primary will be held on  August 7, 2008. The jurisdiction where you live will determine the offices for which you are eligible to vote.

Early voting
  will start July 18  through August 2, 2008. During the early voting period, you may vote at any three of the following convenient locations. The Election Commission Office, 155 Broad Street NW, the Bradley Square Mall Community Room (which is at the Sears end of the mall by the food court)  200 Paul Huff Parkway, or at Blythe Bower School, 604 20th Street SE, inside the small gymnasium, (use rear entrance and follow signs).

Hours for all early voting locations are 9:00 to 6:00 Monday through Saturday.  All that is required when voting is either your voter registration card or another form of identification such as your driver's license.

For those who prefer the traditional way of voting on Election Day, you may only vote at the  precinct identified on your voter registration card. 

Candidates on the ballot of the  Bradley County General Election will include:  Ginger Wilson Buchanan (D) and Mike Sharp (R) racing for the seat of Circuit Court Judge 10th Judicial District.  Stanley M. Thompson (R) is once again unopposed for Assessor of Property. The Bradley County School Board are nonpartisan candidates and include: Richard Baker and David Holloway (First District), Tommy Anderson and David Kelley (Third District), Terry McGuire (Fifth  District), and Tom Cassada and Charlie Rose (Seventh District).  Voters will be asked to vote for one school board candidate for their district.

Candidates on the ballot for The Cleveland City General Election, also nonpartisan are:  For City Council; Nicholas Lillios and George Poe, Jr. (At Large) Denis Collins and Avery Johnson (Third District), David May Fourth District, and for Fifth District; Alvin R. Howard, Jonathan C. Porter and Bill Robertson.  For the Cleveland City School Board; Milan M. Blake, Rod Davis, Steve Morgan (At-Large), Evelyn Rockholt (First District), and Murl Dirksen (Second District.) For the Cleveland City council and school board election voters will be asked to vote for one candidate for their district and one for at large.

Two seats are up for  the Charleston City election and four candidates running for the office of Charleston Commissioner. Voters will be asked to vote for two of the following nonpartisan candidates; Larry Anderson, Tracy Banta, Donna McDermott and Natalie Winningham.

The State Democratic and Republican Primaries will decide who will be on the ballot in the November 4th State General Election when some important choices will need to be made. In the Democratic

Primary; running for United States Senate on the Democratic side are: Mark E. Clayton, Gary G. Davis (no, not our mayor), Kenneth Eaton, Leonard D. Ladner, Wm. Mike Padgett and Robert D. Tuke. Running alone for U.S. House of Representative Third Congressional District is Doug Vandagriff.  There are no Democrat candidates running for the 22nd and 24th Districts of Tennessee House of Representatives.

In the Republican Primary, Lamar Alexander wishes to keep his seat on the U.S. Senate. Running with Zach Wamp for U.S. House of Representatives Third Congressional District is Teresa Sheppard. Eric Watson and Kevin D. Brooks are hoping to keep their seats as Tennessee House of Representatives for Twenty-second and Twenty-Fourth Districts.

Despite the many problems our nation now faces, it is  still unique in the world. There is no other country on earth so privileged with the rights and  freedoms inherited from the founding fathers and guaranteed in the United States Constitution.

When you hear the sound of explosives from this Fourth of July fireworks, remember those who fought and lost their lives for our independence. Remember too, that it was we, the people, that made America the greatest and most envied country in the world.  Let us at least try to keep it that way.  Go vote, you can make a difference.

For voting information call the Bradley County Election Commission  (423) 728-7115 or  on the Internet go to