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JULY  2007

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by Toneeke Henderson

The flowers are beautiful and blooming on time despite the scorching rays of the sun. As the days go by a small breeze or two make their way across the front deck as we sit and admire what is in the garden.

There are doves flirting in and out of the gardens cool shadows. Blue Jay's and Cardinals frolic in the water that flows from the waterfall along the small creek and into the pond.

Dragonflies dance with butterflies amongst the Lillies and Liatris, and Angel Blossoms that adorn the waters edge. My cats sit patiently and watch the never ending bliss in the garden.

Day after day the soil warms as the sun rises, fresh new leaves stretch upward as if to embrace the nurturing energy provided to them.

As the days linger on, so does the thirst that our garden has been waiting for. I went out to talk to the plants this morning as I often do because it helps them to grow.

The conversation they had for me was a bit bizarre to say the least. The Yarrow was insisting on sunglasses. That wasn't the half of it either. That garden of delight was sure stammering about the lack of rain.

Tomato plants were requesting sun block, the roses complained about being roasted

Toneeke Henderson

and in some cases toasted. Gladiolas refused to show their blooms until rain fell.

Even the birds were boycotting the water as it was heating up as well. We slowly watered everyone morning and night throughout the drought. The Cats picketed with tiny signs saying "we want more rain" "we want more rain."

The earthworms that circulate the grounds inner zone all had their bags packed and stated they were headed for the air conditioner drain at least it had moisture.

Next thing you know those same earthworms were seen sitting under the Japanese Snowball bush panting like there was no tomarrow. They told me the air conditioner was about to go out and it was too hot to sit there and become bird food or leather strips.

We called the repair man and of course it was time for a new unit… OHHH BOY!!!!

Who do you think we called… no it wasn't Ghost Busters, nor the Whacko Woman not even the witch that sees the June Bug.

It was none other than Mechanical Systems in

Charleston, TN. First we spoke to Carl, then to Steve Bruno. (who seemingly was born with a friendly smile and wears it all the time).

They sent us two really great guys to make our new unit feel like a giant snowflake in the midst of changing from Spring to summer. These two brave souls are Dewayne

Gruber and Ceasar Zaidman. They have been there long enough to earn their medals of metal or duct tape either way you look at it.

When the time came, they began the treacherous task of removing the unit and all the old ducts. You know it takes a really brave soul to do what they do.

You think I am going to crawl under a house and take a chance on getting stuck… no sir-ree, not me. Anyone else would simply think it was a simple job and maybe they did because that is what they do. But not to the ones who haven't a clue.

I do not hesitate to say… there are creepy crawly things that live under every house, the dust and insulation, the dark crevices and corners, and things unseen in that dark space…. eeewww doesn't that just give you chills? Ok so I'm a girl and if I were a guy I would still feel the same way.

The week went by and the temperature at least had calmed down a little bit, I think the Sun God was having mercy on us while they air guys were there. I had come to the conclusion, I should pretend we are camping, that way the heat won't effect me as much, and it worked.

We were outside and watching as the guys came into the light for fresh air. Our Pomeranian Bandit managed to run in under the house at one end and came out the other and he was full of cobwebs, now that should give you a clue how creepy it could be.

I have to say these guys were very professional, clean and quick. They never left a shred of evidence that they had even been in the yard. They mounted the new thermostat, checked the air flow and just in time for the weekend. Thanks Dewayne and Ceasar we appreciate great work. And Quality service.

***(( Looking back at the last unit we put in ten years ago, the guy from another company didn't even do a flow check, nor did he secure the outside of the house where the unit was placed. He dropped the coiled insulation all over the ground and just made a mess and it was not efficient at all. He didn't even stand behind his work. ))

So to Sum this up…

As Spring brings flowers to blossom, so does the rain. Listen to your garden and it will tell you what it needs. In the midst of a drought just remember how it was in the twenties and forties and only a few had air conditioning.

Life was simpler then and not so much of a fuss.

Know that cobwebs tell a story if you know how to read them. Have a Pomeranian be your dust mop, and get a snowflake in the spring and if you need a new heat and air unit … well you know who to call.

So in essence life is full of flowers and smiles, keep the same temperature all year long, sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy life for a while.

Happy and safe summer everyone.

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