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JULY  2006

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by Toneeke Henderson

What a mixture in that title. I am sure you have figured out by now that I don't always talk about what the title is.

We have been trying to go to the water as much as possible the last couple of weeks. This was to allow our daughter Rina to enjoy as much swim time as possible since she would be having baby number two.

On one of our trips we encountered people playing in the sand, well ok, getting buried in the sand. Norman Binke was kind enough to smile for the camera as friends were putting the final touch on his new body décor. A new sand jacket.

I approached them in silence and chuckled at the body being buried, they didn't just lay him in the sand but they dug a hole and a deep one at that. Norman became the sand mummy getting dowsed with water from the little sprites that were jolting around and laughing loudly at the ability to splash and run.

They made him a pillow and tried to make him comfy and then the little sprites decided it was time to let their lil' feet dance upon the final model of sand, I do believe that Norman began to sink at that time and perhaps would have had to stay all night if they would have packed the sand a bit more.

Toneeke Henderson

Norman Binke and friend

It was nice to see family and friends enjoying a simple day of laughter and fun at the beach on the river. Thanks Norman for the picture that was worth every smile.

Now what about bling bling as everyone calls itů is it that bright shinny stuff that dangles and flashes through every glimmer of light, or perhaps all those jewels everyone wears that are larger than a baseball to exclaim  "hey, I am wearing a gold chain the size of a boat tire." I have to say I have seen a few of those in recent days, I just wonder if they are related to chiropractors.

The bling bling that is all the latest craze is what they call "getting a grill", and I don't mean a new chrome shiny one from the store to cook hamburgers on. We are

talking about Dental Bling. Yes that's right, it's like braces but just so full of bling bling that when they smile their mouth is bright as the gill of a 57 Chevy with new chrome.

My goodness the next thing will be EYE BLING-ING maybe in the form of contacts. When you see the first one do that; let me know, chances are they got the idea right here from me.

Last trip to the water arrived a month early for Rina as we went last Wednesday (June 21st) on my day off, she had fried chicken, with sides of squash and onions, and green beans fresh from the garden. We had the place pretty much to ourselves.

I think we all knew she probably wouldn't get a chance to swim again before having her baby. She was right, the next night in a matter of a couple of hours she gave birth to her second child and our second grandson Ezekiel Jacob. He was a month early but so welcomed into the world as Ezekiel will bring much sunshine into all our households.

Well that's it for this month, as most everyone will be retreating off to the gunpowder factory to get their fireworks and rockets. They probably won't have time to read the paper until they go camping. I now choose the time for my famous summing it up.
There is no need to bury your head in the sand when you can have more fun burying the rest of yourself with life and smiling about it. When you want to brighten your smile there is no need to add all the bling bling when you can just grin, after all grinning is free and brushing is hygienic.

There is always room for one more angel added to the earth and we are so glad this last one is a part of our circle of life. Have a safe July everyone.

In ending this I give a Special "thank you" for the team effort that the Staples Store showed in aiding me in my mysterious plight.

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