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JULY  2004

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by Toneeke Henderson

There is something to be said for having nine lives. Who else but me would know except a cat. My dear sweet cat named Gypsy had four babies. I wonder if that means I will have cats all over my head while I try to sleep, geeze I hope not. They are so lovable and yes they will be fixed to not reproduce, and so will Gypsy.

We seemingly inherited a few more creatures around here as well. Our daughter had decided to move back to the area from the city of Memphis. On her trip home as she rounded the back winding road, she saw something move, you know kinda like a piece of paper that blows in the wind.

She had a strange feeling that the paper looking thing had eyes, so she stopped. She walked around the car and out from the side of the road was the tiniest, boniest long haired kitten she had ever seen. As it walked towards her, It's faint cry to her was please take me with you. She scooped up the puff ball and placed it into a container she had in the car.

The first thing she did when she pulled up in the driveway was to exclaim her find and with a worried look said " Mom can you help this kitten" and of course I did what Mom's do, I helped it. It's fur was matted with unsightly fly larvae and debris. I had feared the worst for the little guy.

Toneeke Henderson

Our daughter ran into the house and clicked on the internet to see what would kill the fly larvae and not hurt the kitten. That kitten spent the next three and a half hours being groomed and washed and groomed and

washed until all that mess was gone. He was all bones and fur, no injuries were apparent just starvation.

It was so tuckered out I was afraid it wouldn't eat. We warmed some milk and a little soaked cat food and he only ate a minute amount, he was thirsty mostly. There is no telling how long that kitten had to survive on his own before his rescuer found him. We decided to name him OMEN as if he were an omen of good luck in bringing our daughter safely here.

The next few days he was quiet and ate bits here and there and drank milk. Then he began to interact a bit with the other kittens. We knew he would be OK then. He has been quite a joy for us to watch, he has gained a good healthy amount of weight back and now looks like a kitten and feels like one. Now they are all eating kitten food and drinking milk and soon will be on their way to cathood..... oh joy joy.

Meanwhile we are temporarily adding to the collection our daughters two Yorkies and her two cats. Geeza peas guys... that makes us a final circus count of too many. They will be going to their new home shortly.

Our daughter and son decided to do a make over for us with my extra bedrooms. They have been a great help to get the projects done in a quick fashion, transforming a cluttered room into a kewl computer room and the old computer room into a walk in closet... now who needs that many clothes?... Eeek, I have that many and then some. I have enough clothes to wear something different for each day of the year - twice. Our daughter takes the cake on shoes. She has more shoes than my feet will ever care to visit with.

My latest addition to my walls is a really kewl cuckoo clock I bought at a yard sale. Yes it works and it actually cuckoos, (yeah ... like I needed anything else that was cuckoo.)  It is really a feature to my eclectic flare of our home. If my husband goes cuckoo from it then I will frame him as well and place him on the wall too.

It is nice to be different, at least I think so. I may decide to dance naked under the moon again if it stops being so humid and rainy. I wonder if what would happen if I were in someone's watermelon patch and decided to take a magic marker and make a smiley face on all the watermelons. Do you think they would mind, not the watermelons the people who owned them. Do you think they would smile too?  I saw some the other day at Thompson's produce market in Charleston - no not with smiley faces but with big and small yellow spots all over them. I asked what was with the polkadots. They said they were called moon and stars watermelons that means, they were also yellow meated.

Do you know the difference between the red watermelons and the yellow ones.... simply cut a few pieces and stand in a dark closet or become blindfolded and taste away. You will find there really isn't a difference except to the perception of the eyes. Now I say lets get a honey dew to go along with it, then we will have a traffic light, hey that's an idea, the costs are low and they are brightly colored.

The last watermelon we had shared with our kids and their spouses and our granddaughter, we all had a great time spitting the seeds at each other. Yeah OK, so some of you may think it's gross but you better watch out, you never know who may be waiting outside your door with a mouth full of seeds.

I think for the fourth of July that everyone should get one of each and take just the ends and make water ski's out of them. or take some small ones and make a hole in them like a shoe and have a watermelon race, since everyone already knows how to do the crawl. Let's make this a champion seed spitting holiday.

Don't you just love it when I jump from one subject to the next. Yeah, me too. It drives me crazy. This way I am not the only one going crazy, I am taking all of you with me. I know my editor is laughing at this very moment and saying how nuts I am. That's OK because he had to read this and decipher what I wrote before the spell check gets it.

So, as I slowly sign out of this article, I will simply say, that not everything we see blowing in the wind is a piece of paper. It could be the soft gleam of a friendly furry smile saying thanks for caring enough to stop and rescue me. Sometimes kids have the exact idea that really works and they are as tickled about you liking it, as you are about getting it done. Watermelons are a feast of their own kind and a weapon in the silliest of events. Cuckoo clocks are a "tickle my brain" thing as you try to catch that little bird jumping out it's window and knowing it will never say Cuckoo for Coco Puffs.

So basically keep your heart as soft as a kittens purr, share your ideas and listen to others, spit as many seeds as you want because you never know which one may grow, and never ever try to catch a cuckoo bird.