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The Tennessee Mockingbird

The State as Saviour

by June Griffin

A certain Taxpayer, working late on her computer, answered the phone to hear the voice of one who identified herself as an agent of Health and Human Services. This calm, sweet-voiced Agent claimed that she had tried to reach the Taxpayer's Elderly Aunt to answer a survey which the Agent was taking.

The Taxpayer's ears perked up and the following conversation went roughly like this:

Taxpayer: "Oh, my favorite enemy, Health and Human Services!"

Agent: How so?

Taxpayer: Well, your Agency receives money from Congress, then contacts various State agencies and promises to give them money if the State will do its bidding. We call it a Bribe. They call it a Grant. With conditions, of course.

Taxpayer then elaborated on what she called The Extortion which came about under 42 USC 666, 1996, where all Depts. of Safety were promised a huge windfall if they would comply with the demands of HHS and put social security numbers on all licenses - hunting, fishing, working or driving.

Agent: I see. But consider what good we are doing. We find many incidents of Medicare fraud by our surveys to such as your Elderly Aunt.. We ask them about the dispensing of their medicine, what the doctors may have charged, and in many instances, we are able to put in prison doctors who have overcharged patients. We are great Saviours to such as your Elderly Aunt.

Taxpayer: Oh, I see. In other words, you are a sort of Mediator between the Patient and the Doctor, more or less acting as a Saviour to these poor misfortunate Elderly People.

Agent: Yes, we save much fraud and misuse of The Elderly.

Taxpayer: A few minutes ago in our conversation, you quoted from the Bible and showed a knowledge of the Scriptures. Have you ever read of Gideon and the Midianites? These Midianites were posing as such Saviours as yourself, posing as Mediators and taking away the power of the individual. Gideon was used to break up their schemes. The Midianites even had a form of gun control where everyone was required to go to them to get their weapons fixed up.

Are you familiar with the Battle of Kings' Mountain? The Overmountain Men prayed a certain prayer to have victory over the Tories and their battle cry was the same as related in the Book of Judges: "The Sword of the Lord and of Gideon." And the Lord was with them to give victory.

This old System is known in the Bible as Baal Worship - The State as Saviour. Elijah had something to say about this System.

Agent: But these Doctors take advantage of their Patients, and we are here to save the Patients from their mean Doctors.

Taxpayer: Do you realize what the Doctors are doing when they overcharge for their medications and care? They are intending to get their money back from the IRS, your Sister Agency. Such Doctors are harassed and victims of legal plunder and they reason that this is one way they may be repaid, by recycling what was taken from them in the first place. Such philosophy is practiced in every local city or county government, that philosophy of Revenue Sharing, wherein the IRS takes away the hard-earned money of the Taxpayer by government force, under threat of imprisonment. Thus the Victim of this System figures out a way to get it back. In this case, the Doctor thinks he is justified in overcharging.

Prior to Medicare, when a Patient was done wrong by his doctor, he hired a lawyer to go to a local Court where a Righteous Judge made the determination. This is Good American Law. Instead, you have made yourself the Saviour and those of us who stand by Good American Law are forced into this wrong system by having to pay for it, whether we want it or not!!!

We warned our relatives, during the Lyndon Johnson administration, that such a system as Medicare was socialized medicine and that it was wrong. But they, in their deception, believed this lie and many good doctors quit their practice at that time and retired to the Montanas of this nation or ended their careers in other sad ways.

Just out of curiosity, where do you go to church?

Agent: St. Georgio.

Taxpayer: Uh huh. That explains your philosophy.

Now, Miss Agent: I want to warn you that you need to hunt yourself another job. I have been praying that such agencies as you work for will be padlocked. In good faith and good will toward you as a person who claims to be a Christian, you must get out at once. Start yourself an accounting firm out of your own home and reckon with the massive paperwork that is laid on free enterprisers like you will be.

Agent: Do you know that you are the second person this week to give me that warning, that I should get out of this job and start my own business?

Taxpayer: Really?

Taxpayer then thought in herself, I hope she isn't lying. Such Agents have a reputation for lying.


"She dipped her pen in

June Griffin