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Entering 2010

by B.J. Armstrong

Leaving 2009 and entering 2010 could be called a transition, or a passage, from one time to another time. Mid-life transition is a stage of development that happens to all of us. It happens to most people around the age of 40. But, it can happen in the mid-30's, 50's, or even late to mid-60's. It happened to many this past year. It will happen to many this coming new year.

Since this is January 2010, a new year's beginning, let us just compare mid-life and the new year. A lot of people make a "New Year's Resolution" and then forget them soon after.

A resolution is to change something for the better. Mid-life is a change, also. Dr. Eva Stubits, a psychologist for 20 years says, "to look at these changes so you can make improvements."

We have all heard of the mid-life crisis. This refers to a time when adults realize how much time they have left in their life. This transition is a process of looking at your life to date and making choices for the future. It will become a crisis only when a person makes a rash judgement, such as quitting a job, leaving their spouse, etc. The consequences of making impulsive actions can be detrimental and having you ask yourself years later, "Why did I do that?"

For most people, the mid-life phase is a time for much soul-searching. It is a time for change for everyone. Children are leaving home for college, jobs, or marriage. Parents are getting old and need care and help. This transition is a process of evaluating your life in order to make wise decisions and choices for the future.

For most people that make a "resolution, " it's a process of reassessing something that you wish to change, then making a resolution to do it in the future. The consequences to "lose weight" will be "still fat" if you do not carry out your resolution.

It seems to me then, that mid-life and the new year are a change. This being the case, we need to look at the change in our life and the coming year and make improvement if necessary. Would my readers be willing to make resolution for this new year and stick to it? Let's make a commitment to embrace wellness with "an attitude of gratitude." You've probably heard that expression before. But an "attitude of gratitude" can make a huge difference in your daily life and over-all emotional well-being.

You might feel grateful for your blessings everyday, but do you express that gratitude? If not, you're missing a chance to relieve stress, feel calmer, and help others feel uplifted by your gratitude. Through expression of gratitude you will definitely gain a healthier perspective on life. For some people, it will take practice. The following questions might help you practice gratitude.

What made me smile today? Why was today a good day? What happened today that was fun? What did I eat that I just loved? Who was the nicest person that I met today? Who was the prettiest person that I met today?

Try answering a couple of the questions each day to help you practice gratitude. It will take practice, especially on the days that we do not feel too friendly toward a grumpy or complaining person.

We can find ways to be grateful through practice if we: feel grateful for what we do have, appreciate the ordinary, express gratitude for the hard times (after all, hard times are supposed to make us stronger.) Remember, there's someone out there worse off than we are.

Gratitude truly has a way of brightening up the day. When we spend time looking for the positive things in life, there's less time to dwell on the negative. It means taking time to 'slow down and smell the roses,' as the saying goes. It means taking a moment to pay attention to the people and the world around us.

Have you ever heard an orchestra playing a symphony? Every instrument has a sound of its own. The conductor brings out the best in each musician.

This masterpiece is an accurate description of the way we harmonize with our world during a time of change. From the instant of conception, the cells are a symphony of activity.

This harmony continues throughout our lives, year in and year out, ever changing to meet new and varied circumstances.

During 2010 we will participate in this symphony, along with the individual members of the orchestra in our society. It will be a transitional period of time. Let us hope that we take the time to make improvements in our lives and in our world.

Volunteer. Lending a hand can make our community stronger. It can also change and improve your own life.

"Be at war with you vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man." - Benjamin Franklin


B J Armstrong