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Another Boring Theological Article

by Jennifer Martin

Because my spiritual gift is discernment, I often feel called to write theologically-based articles. They may seem a little blunt (perhaps the slant of this columnist) but I believe this is what God has told me to say. I don't mean to offend, but, uh, if you are a Christian, and you are offended, maybe you ought to actually listen. I've recently made a re-commitment to God, and this is important to me.

There are two types of Christian theologies that I positively cannot stand and that I loathe with a fiery fury. I'm writing this note to dissuade all of you from ever adopting these theologies and to immediately stop if you are currently practicing them.

The first theology that I hate is the "anything goes" theology. You know, people who don't believe (or at least, won't admit it) in things like Creation, hell, the Pentecost, or you know, Biblically-based morals. I've said it once, and I'll say it a hundred times. If you can't believe that an omnipotent God is completely responsible for beginning of the universe, how can you believe something as ridiculous as a virgin birth, the Trinity, or the Resurrection? I'm sure you believe in forgiveness through the blood of Jesus Christ, right? Of course, that's the goody part of Christianity that everyone enjoys! How dare you not trust God enough to believe that truth will not ultimately come through the Holy Word?

These are the types of people who don't want to offend their friends by actually having Christian beliefs. This politically correct society has turned us into people of meek faith, quietly whispering "Happy Holidays" and saying things like "Oh, I like Jesus but not religion… I never go to church or anything, I don't believe in [insert commonly hated Christian belief here] or anything…" and trying their best to keep people from being mad at them. They are not passionate about Jesus and they are not passionate in their faith.

Well, let me assure you all of something. Atheists and people of other religions are just as passionate about their beliefs (or lack thereof) as anyone. While you're sitting there convinced that "every religion is right," they are expressing themselves in a fiery way and enacting laws to take every inch of God out of this country. If they're passionate, why can't you be?! Do you know why companies are starting to take Christ out of Christmas? Because we allowed it to happen. Christians apparently make up something like 70% of the country, so why isn't our voice as strong as theirs?

The second type of theology that I loathe is that of the modern-day Pharisee. This one is a bit more personal to me, because I had never experienced it until recently. These are the sorts of people who harp on to others about how "spiritually dead" everyone is, and wear Christian t-shirts and join Christian dating websites and talk about their faith 24-7… and doing only that exactly. Talking.  These are the sorts of people you hear about in the news for letting their kids die of curable diseases because they are convinced that taking medicine somehow means you don't have faith in God's ability to heal.

They use their faith as a crutch and an excuse for their pretentiousness and general cult-like behavior, all while isolating the non-believer and even other Christians. They think -their- version of freaky, occult-like Christianity is the only route, and they go around trying to be everyone's personal spiritual adviser, whether they ask for it or not.

They belittle other people for their beliefs without any sort of Biblical back-up, and they walk around thinking they are better than everyone. They pray all the time, in an obvious, obnoxious way - while they could actually be out accomplishing something. They are hypocrites in the eyes of God!

I was always taught that prayer was kind of a last resort. When I say that, I mean, sure, you can pray (by yourself, in your quiet place, when it's just you and God) in order to get closer to Him. But if you see a problem, you fix it. If someone is hurting, you help them. If someone can't afford to get anything for Christmas, you give them money, even if you say you don't really have much. Is it really that difficult?

God hasn't placed us on earth to just sit around and do nothing. God has called us to be men and women of action! What are you doing just sitting there wasting your precious time when there are people who need help and things that need to be done?!

Anyone can pray! The important thing is that you act! There are so many Pharisee Christians out there doing nothing other than sitting on their bums acting high and mighty in faith.

Both of these types of theology have something in common - they are passive! It's beyond me how people can be so passive for something they claim to have devoted their entire life. If you're going to be a Christian, try to make it applicable to non-believers, but not to the extent that you end up giving up your faith. There's a balance between these two evil theologies, and I hope I get close to it.

But I think, with this article especially, I'm finally learning to deal with the gifts God has given me - passion, discernment, writing, and an especially strong will - and use it for his abilities. Recent hard times have brought me back to God, and while I have a really long road ahead of me, I am truly, wholly blessed for all that I have been given. Will you stand up for God?

I just ask God for one thing - make me live up to the standards I have discussed here! Hold me accountable!


Jennifer Martin

-Jennifer Martin is a twenty-year-old in Cleveland, Tennessee.  Her dad is fellow columnist JC Bowman.